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Ziggler tapping... Jesus Christ.

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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

They're STILL pushing Del Rio? just cut your losses and move on already.
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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Welp, so much for Cesaros push.

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Re: Main Event + SD + SMS Spoilers

Originally Posted by The Boy Wonder View Post
One of the things I've noticed about Bryan is the rate in which he moves in the ring. He's not as quick as I thought he would be. He's a decent wrestler, but nowhere as good as he was advertised. Someone like Cesaro got little fanfare by the IWC but I've been greatly impressed with his in ring work.
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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Not a great week for the heels, save for the Shield. Ziggler did win on Raw, but he tapped on Smackdown. Cesaro went down to Kofi again, but not before tapping to Del Rio on Raw. (So much for being booked strong heading into a title match.) One of the Bellas had a win called back for cheating (that the ref didn't even see). Cody went down to Orton. Sandow went down to Orton. Henry bitched out by the Irish twat TWICE. Fandango lost a dance-off to a fuck who can't even walk.

And the Intercontinental Champion apparently got lost on a plane coming back from Europe because we haven't even seen him. Maybe he'll get some promo time on Raw to talk about his next movie.

At least let Dolph get a win against a lesser opponent or two leading into Extreme Rules. I'll be surprised if he gets to Summerslam at this rate.

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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

so Ambrose has the overdrive as a finisher? One of the worst looking moves ive ever seen, I can still remember rookie Orton doing that awful move.

Ryback gets his best match from DB of course. Amazing DB is more over and talented yet doesnt get pushed as much as Ryback. Looks like a meh smackdown especially with the Del Rio,Swagger and Ziggler stuff.

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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Dean Ambrose is treated better than the WHC. So great. 2 weeks he doesn't even appear on his own show and this week he taps out, and he loses to Jack Swagger clean on Raw the week after he wins the title. This could be the least memorable world title reign in history.

Don't like the idea of Ambrose being stuck with that move, but...whatever, I guess.

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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
They're STILL pushing Del Rio? just cut your losses and move on already.
There is a reason for that, Del Rio proved to be a draw in 2 different countries, unlike Zigler, hes a joke of a champion, he always needs a manager because he can't get enough heat on his own. He should never have touched the championship.
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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

People having a fit over Dean using this move, has anyone actually see him do it yet? The writer said it was similar to the Playmaker.

Let's wait and see before complaining about it. For all you know his variation of it might look good.

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Re: 5/3 Smackdown, 5/1 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

I don't post here often, but I read all the time (especially during RAW). I was at Smackdown in Detroit tonight and wanted to give a few thoughts, if I may:

- before the show, part of the crowd was REALLY wanting to see Taker. It wasn't a large group of people, maybe a couple of sections, but it echoed throughout the arena.

- JBL got an impressive pop when he came out. Cole, on the other hand, got almost nothing.

- I saw hundreds, if not thousands, wearing John Cena things. The kid next to me, with his father, was decked out head-to-toe in Cena stuff. It's tough to describe their reaction when they showed Cena's injury on the jumbotron...but it wasn't good. Completely deflated.

- A LOT of people were cheering for Kofi. He's extremely popular with the kids.

- The "main event" match seemed to drag at times. I didn't time it, but felt like it went for a good 30-40 minutes?

- Del Rio, Orton, and Sheamus were all over the high-fives of kids along the rails, especially after the show. A lot of guys, win or lose, walked up the ramp. These guys stuck around, though. Sheamus even posed for a few pictures. Very impressed!

- You see The Shield's entrance on TV, but in person, it flies by so much quicker. What was neat was the fans knew it was coming and security was all over it, a good couple of minutes before it happened. Anticipation is a great thing sometimes. Just too bad I was one section over from it. Seating chart was messed up online.

- After his match (not the dark match), as Orton was just about to leave on the ramp. He stopped, started dancing (back turned to the crowd), had the crowd going, then left. Not a big thing, but off-the-wall.

- It's difficult to believe 3MB is anything more than a sideshow. They were just tough to take seriously in any way.

- On the same note, Justin Gabriel went over with the fans. He made fun of Heath Slater pretty good and I like what he brings to the table.

- I have no idea what this was about, but during the Dark Match (Big Show and Henry v. Sheamus and Orton), Show went over to Cole and started yelling at him. Cole, JBL, and Matthews were sitting there just watching (no headphones or anything) and Show goes off on Cole. JBL looked like he was scolding Cole. Later in the match, Show does something and all three gave rather obligated, enthusiastic claps.

- AJ, for all she's psychotic, looks even better in person. Tiny as can be, but damn!

- Haha, Big E can't be taken seriously. He just looks goofy right now. I know he has the talent, but...

- Not even close to a sell-out. Half of the upper bowl was closed off. Disappointing. The crowd, in general, though, wasn't too bad. Lots of chants, but not sure how many you'll hear on TV.

Frustrating night without Taker, Cena, and Punk (though I realize that's more of a RAW thing). The crowd didn't seem too happy that Taker and Cena didn't come. Win some, lose some.

Night of Champions is in Detroit, BTW, on Sept 15 (or 19? whatever the Sunday is). They announced that tonight.
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