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Re: Wade Barrett's character

His move-set doesn't align with his supposed character. Pisses me off to no end. Less mat-work and more brawling, that or tell Cole to shut the fuck up about him being a bare-knuckles fighter.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Feed him Drew McIntyre and play up their history (fake some, too). Change his in-ring style to much more aggressive. Have him retain the title by DQ a few times. Actually have the ref disqualify him for breaking the five count or closed fist punches. Make him different than all the cookie cutter heels the WWE has right now.

This is 80% bookings fault and 20% Barrett's. He hasn't been given much to work with but he could stand to do more unique things than what he has been doing.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

booking for sure. He has so much potential after the vignettes but creative totally blew it and just dropped the whole thing shortly afterwords....Ohhhh the WWE of today lolol

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

i liked those promos before he came back, they were nice and interesting and then he comes back same wtf, he should come back and fight against better superstar that that tatsu, he should wear pants it would make him unique and much more serious, and also better finisher wouldnt be bad for him...
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Re: Wade Barrett's character

They had a chance to play up the bare knuckle character and botched it. All of the vignettes made him look legit. He sucks imo but I actually thought he might be alright if that's how they were gonna play him. The look was perfect. The dusty jeans, timbs, beater and taped fists made him look badass. He wouldn't even have to say anything. Just show up, fuck shit up, and leave. The fact that he had solid mic skills was a plus. Then he shows up.....and he's exactly the same. Same shitty music. Same lame pimp jacket. Same basic look. No fucks were given at that point.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

I'm no expert or anything but i'm pretty sure bare knuckle fighters don't wear wrestling trunks and knee/elbow pads. I mean come the fuck on its pretty easy to see what he should have wore as his attire, old jeans and taped fists thats all he needed. Instead they have him wear the shittiest damn tights i've seen with a little flag in the front and his name on the back, wow very creative wwe.

The vids hyped him up majorly as a bare knuckle fighter yet he still does mainly wrestling moves with his finisher being the only bare knuckle fighter thing about him and even thats stupid cause its an elbow and he's supposed to be a bare knuckle fighter...

WWE just don't know what the fuck they're doing with him, they could care less about him and its quite obvious.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Liked him for a while, he's sometimes too slow in the ring though. But one of my favourite recent moments was this :


What a boss. He could be awesome if the wwe had a clue what to do with him and he steps it up a bit in the ring to a faster pace.


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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Originally Posted by RetepAdam. View Post
If he kept his character, I wonder if he could get over as a face...
He could and probably will sooner or later, hopefully not too soon.

Creative and Barrett himself are equally to blame for his looking poor of late. Granted, he hasn't been booked very well at all (hopefully that will change starting last Monday) but I also think he lacks a certain something in the promo department. He's supposed to be a badass but a lot of the time he comes across as a parody of one. Needs to stop doing that little roar after every single move as well, very annoying.
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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Wade Barrett is European. He needs to learn the European style of wrestling like William Regal and Antonio Cesaro. He'd be freaking boss with their in ring skills and his mic skills and look.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Originally Posted by Interceptor88 View Post
I said it one million times. WWE should mix the "manipulator with leadership skills" and the "bareknuckle brawler" characters to make the perfect Wade Barrett: A manipulative yet tough guy from the streets, some sort of gangster gimmick.
Totally agree. He's great with lackeys. Bring in some English thugs to be his crew and give him a gangster boss type gimmick.

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