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Re: Wade Barrett's character

You guys sure do like blaming everything on booking, these are grown men and they should be able to come up with things for themselves if they don't like what they're getting.

You would've thought CM Punk's rise to stardom would've given these guys some motivation to go out there and try and get themselves over.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Exactly my problem with many so-called heels in WWE. What red-blooded male wouldn't want to be like Barrett?
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Re: Wade Barrett's character

He's the perfect example of creative having no clue what to do with him, so they give him the IC belt until they find someone else who they think needs it more. I didn't get to see him during the whole Nexus angle because I had stopped watching at that time. And since he's been back he's really bored me. But his match with Miz on Monday really won me over, that might of been his best match since he's been back, and was in my opinion on of the better TV matches we've had since I started watching again a year ago.

I was always under the assumption that the Barett Barrage was going to be similar to the Hall of Pain....but I guess that was just something to put on a tee-shirt.
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It me.
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Re: Wade Barrett's character

If he kept his character, I wonder if he could get over as a face...

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

This is the problem with 90% of the mid-card, in that they lack any sense of character. Just having Michael Cole call him "the bare knuckle brawler" and mention "the Barrett barrage" is enough for WWE Creative.

Firstly, I'd have Wade swap his trunks for a pair of jeans, then have him adopt a more aggressive in-ring style. We know he can cut great promo's, because at one point he was the top heel in the company through his microphone work in the Nexus, so give him more promo time in the ring and put him in a lengthy, meaningful feud with a story that allows his character to develop.

I suggest Jericho for this. Not only do they have a history to build the feud off (Jericho was Barrett's mentor on NXT), the storyline from there writes itself, with Barrett being the Intercontinental Champion and Jericho wanting to prove he's still got it by reclaiming the Championship he's made his own. Not only can the two provide stellar promos between the two of them, Jericho's overness will give a rub to Barrett and he can carry him to some decent matches, where Barrett lacks the most.

EDIT: Just realised that Barrett is not only a 3-time IC Champion, but has held the title for almost 200 days combined. It goes to show what WWE thinks of its mid-card when you can't think of a single meaningful feud during that entire combined reign, and how little they care of their mid-card talent and titles.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Barrett had a character as some kind of master manipulator, then they took it away and gave him a title. Truth be told, he doesn't get enough mic time to show a character, which is sucks because that's one of his major strengths.

I'm guessing we have to wait until he gets a main event push to see character from him again. Anyway, at least he's a forerunner for this year's SD MiTB right now, in my opinion.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Barrett could be golden for the WWE, and easily could be a top heel, but booking is just god awful with his character.

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Re: Wade Barrett's character

His booking is awful. I don't know that his gimmick is a bare knuckle fighter until Cole mentions it. It's so forced. Remember Finlay? He was natural with that gimmick. Besides that, how can he be a tough guy when taps out to some dork like the Miz who looks like he couldn't whip cream.
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Re: Wade Barrett's character

Wade's character couldn't be any easier to book all hey have to do is let him get the odd knock out victory(to reinforce his brawler gimmick), allow him to get clean wins(again to reinforce his fighter character), don't have him lose clean unless it is for a feud(and again to reinforce character), make him a heel who refuses to cheat as he believes he can beat anyone clean(seeing a pattern?) and finally play to Wades biggest strength by giving him promo time as Wade can easily build feuds on his promos alone plus it will allow Wade's character to be fleshed out and given a direction.


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Re: Wade Barrett's character

He needs to do someone in, the same level as when he threw Orton down some stairs, before Wade got injuried. Heck have him kick Hornswoggle, have him do something heelish, simply beating faces in the ring don't cut it.

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