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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

Cena CAN cut a good promo ONLY when it seems WWE have given him a chance to express himself...kinda feel for him in that sense.
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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

Originally Posted by KingOfKings View Post
Have you watched RAW lately?

That Q & A with the Hall of Famers was one of the most passionate main event promos that I've seen in quite some time, Cena's desperation that he sold through his mannerisms and his facial expressions was excellent and it turned some people who were once skeptical about the Cena-Roid program into believers that it could potentially generate a higher standard of quality.

Whenever The Roid OR Punk are involved, Cena is on his A-Game on the microphone for sure. Just look at the promo he did with Punk last year w/ BRET, excellent work yet again. He has had his fair share of awful, awful promos (STAR WARS, Skidmark 187), but I believe that at his peak he's better than pretty much everybody in the locker room on the mic bar a few guys (Punk is the only one that comes to mind at the moment).

I think it's time to show our future lord/savior/WWE Champion a little more respect.

OK first off, you need to get off of Cena's dick. He's solid on the mic sometimes, but he's not the Jesus you make him out to be. His promo 2 weeks ago and in the fall were decent, nothing more, nothing less. He still can't seem to cut a promo anymore without come across as a giant man child who thinks he's 13 and trying to get in with the popular crowd.

And honestly, shame on him if that's the way he thinks. He's on his A game when 2 guys in the company are involved. What about the numerous feuds that don't feature them? The fans are just supposed to accept it when he's in a program he doesn't feel warrants him putting in effort, and have to sit through his incredibly phoned in performances? No. He gets paid to give it his all, any less is not acceptable. He's the face of the industry, and certain obligations come with that. Don't like it? Don't accept the position.

At his peak, he's solid, no doubt. Unfortunately, his 'peak' comes by once or twice a year. For someone in his position, that's inexcusable. He should be at his peak constantly, or at the very least, at PPV time so as to sell the show. This casual, once in a while, sporadic ability he's got is certainly nothing to be praised. You've got a guy in Punk who can cut great promos every night, so why are people hailing the guy who cut great promos 7 years ago and can cut 1-2 decent ones a year now? That's not admirable, that's shocking deterioration.

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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

It isn't just you but you/they are wrong. He's pretty good.

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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

I think if booking truly reflected the fact that he was on some sort of losing streak last year then it may have been easier for fans to embrace him as an underdog.

Since 'mania the following happened. He beat Brock Lesnar ffs. He beat Big Show, who was absolutely dominating at the time and doing great work as a heel. He won his authority angle against Laurinitis, was made to look superior to Punk despite losing and then went on to make Ziggler look shite. He may have lost a PPV match here or there, but at no point did I ever get the feeling that "Man, this is a rough year for John Cena".
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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

Most of the time he's desperately pandering to the crowd, his opponent, or both. Those promos almost always will be bad no matter who is delivering them.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

I wish the guys that were the best would be on top. Not the guys booked to be the best but the guys that rise to the occasion.

Is John Cena the best at anything? He's not the best talker. He's not the best worker. What's left?

The people that get naturally over should be the people the company gets behind. Instead, they pick a name out of a hat & force them down our throats & if we don't like it, they don't give a fuck. Take it or leave it.

I feel there needs to be a lot more shuffling & a lot less complacency.
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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

Cenas a stale fuck who refuses to change or better himself in the ring. Guy overall brings a big turd to the table...


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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

He was good back in the day when his character wasn't an annoying fuckhead.
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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

Originally Posted by wrestlinggameguy View Post
You mean 6 drunk men chanting boring, yeah, MARKS.
Probably the same idiots who chant Goldberg during Ryback matches.

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Re: Is it me or Cena can't cut a decent promo?

He never could. Retards just jumped on his bandwagon and overrated him because he cut some shitty ass raps.
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