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Re: Boring Chants

The crowd was into the Rock. Cena bored us to death, that's why we chanted boring for him.

I didn't chant boring during the Ryback part, even though I don't particularly care for him, it wasn't boring.

And the you can't wrestle chants were stupid as well. But overall, I think DC did a decent job last night of coming across as lively and invested on television. I know my section was into it...I had those folks going with my "Let's Go Cena/Kendra Lust chant!

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Re: Boring Chants

This road to wrestlemania has been boring and sucks. The fans have the right to express their displeasure. WWE has gotten lazy and are relying on part-timers as shortcuts to get those buys. WWE deserves the hate they get.

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Re: Boring Chants

I think Cena pulled a half decent promo...better than his usual smiley crap...better than Rock.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by sesshomaru View Post
A guy talking to himself.

This thread's goin places.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by Bearodactyl View Post
What I REALLY dispise is when the boring chants start 10 seconds after the start of the match. Give people a shot man....
Those people are just being jerks.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Boring Chants

Cena's face during the "boring" chants was priceless

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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by zkorejo View Post
Atleast he has not been doing the same old shit for the last 8 years.
At least he was there.

Besides Rock said the same shit when he was on top as well. Notice Rocks best promos were backstage? Its because he had cue cards. Not to mention he didn't have as many restrictions as Cena but to each there own when it comes to these two is what I've learned. Besides when the lights are on, Cena has put on alot better matches than The Rock has. Rock has been carried since his comeback by Cena and Punk.
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Re: Boring Chants

Cena's promo was god awful...he sounded like he was trying to come off a smart or almost regal. I would've given him so much hell had I been there, his promo was garbage. What are we supposed to do, sit back and take another John Cena butt fuck?? Cena needs to be booed out of the building every night.
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Re: Boring Chants

WHere they chanting "boring" during the shield promo? I hope not because the shield is one of the best things going for the WWE
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Re: Boring Chants

Paying money to slate the wrestlers is the whole point of going to events.
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