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Re: Boring Chants

What would happen if a true offensive chant came back? You'd all clutch your pearls and faint like corset-wearing Victorian women.

Here is the chant that needs to make a come back. It is a two parter and I'm not sure if the current crop of preteens and their mongoloid legal
guardians that we call live crowds could pull it off but here we go...


20 minute promos of shit we've already heard 20 times this year=SHUT THE FUCK UP! WE WANT WRESTLING!
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Re: Boring Chants

I only heard them during the Cena promo; which I thought started super great, but by the time the "boring" chants kicked in I totally agreed. He was going on a paragraph rant about nothing.

I really felt bad for him when he first came out; a solid boo and like 1 cheer; but he didn't need to try and pull a Rock and tell a story about nothing.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by BrahmaBull2.0 View Post
Cena is boring that's all there is to it
Because the guy in your sig doesnt say the same shit every week?
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Re: Boring Chants

Paul Heyman is the star of Raw. He sold the match with Triple H and Brock Lesnar beautifully.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by OldschoolHero View Post
Because the guy in your sig doesnt say the same shit every week?
Atleast he has not been doing the same old shit for the last 8 years.

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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by Dr.Boo View Post
I didn't like when they started chanting "You can't wrestle." as soon as Fandango hit the ring. They stopped once he performed a move but still. This is the second week now.

As for the boring chants, they came so late in Cena's promo that they were honestly welcomed by me. All he was doing was saying the same thing he always says.

The boring chants during Cena's promo couldn't have been more appropriate. He said nothing new and then started repeating himself within the same promo. Had they switched up last week's confrontation with Rock and did that last night, I think the match sells much better. Two individual promos right before Wrestlemania makes no sense. Main eventers should ALWAYS have one final major face to face confrontation before battle if you want to sell this shit right. That's a proper cliffhanger on the last show before a PPV, not this "I'm gonna kick your monkey/candy ass" bullshit while the opponent is backstage. That shit's hollow. It's boring. Hell, hollow ass kicking threats happen all the time on the internet! Say it face to face for your last promo.

The high arc of this storyline wound up being last week and not last night and that's a shame. Last night stalled the storyline. Creative either ran out of ideas of Vince took over. So yeah, I can definitely see the "boring" chants for Cena's promo.

Plus it's the same bullshit lines when it comes to wrestlers pitching the pay per views....

"In six days..."

"At Wrestlemania..."

"In six days at Extreme Rules..."

"In two weeks at Summerslam..."

Yeah, we get it. It's not that we can't see the "In six days" message at the top of the ramp or that they couldn't intentionally camera pan to it, and it's not like it doesn't get repeated by their announcers. Having that type of advertising repeated over and over by wrestlers waters down these promos.

To chant boring every other time though, and so fast, that's just silly shit that I hope doesn't catch on.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
I still don't understand how Rock is getting all these cheers tbh. The guy comes back, takes the title off Punk (arguable the most over guy in the company) part times his ass out of it, barely showing up on RAW. Yet somehow, fans still cheer the man. Maybe it's because the fans are just happy to see The Rock in person for, what I assume is, the very first time or first time in a long while in a wrestling arena.

Not to mention, Rock's promo last night completely sucked. But hey, cheap pop is cheap.
You just answered everything right at the end. Also, because hes a face veterean/legend.

Rock still has diehard fans. The reaction he gets is second to none. No matter what he does. Pretty wild. People still want to see him. Not everyone cares about the part time thing. HHH & Taker can attest to that. Thats how it should be. Even for a part timer, a part timer juggling two things at once at that, Rock has put in a fair share of work. I dont see the problem.
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Re: Boring Chants

What you said and Cena has no where near the charisma or stage presence of The Rock. Even if Rock and Cena cut the same promo on some straight up BS, Rock will always get the better reaction because of his delivery and crowd control. People talk about Rock using catchphrases and cheap pops but most faces do. The difference is how Rock sells it to audiences.

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Re: Boring Chants

The 'boring' chants are from people who are the worst type of fans, and I use the word 'fans' loosely. And, after going through the posts in this thread, they are nowhere near as cynical and malicious as you people make out. That crowd was just braindead bottom of the barrel trash that associate wrestling with Austin coming out, hitting a stunner on him and that's that.
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Re: Boring Chants

Signs of what will happen at Mania? WWE better wake up and turn him heel.

THE ROCK: The biggest star and draw of pro-wrestling industry EVER.

1. Holds the record of drawing most arenas with 10,000+ attendance on top in one calendar year. [Broke Hogan's(1986) and Austin's(1998) record in 1999 and set a record of headlining over 100 shows with 10,000 plus people in attendance in year 2000. A box-office drawing record that is unsurpassed till date.]

2. Holds the record of main-eventing almost 17 PPVs that have got over 500k buys. Over 80% of the PPVs he main-evented drew over 400k buys. As a PPV headliner no one is even close.

3. Drew the highest cable ratings during the AE(real quartely segments not over-run). Took ratings to heights never before seen in 2000.

4. Sold more merchandise than anyone active(Austin) between mid 1999-2001.
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