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Re: Boring Chants

Hopefully these Boring chants may serve as a wake up call to Vince and Cena.You just can't continue the same ol' shit over and over,you need to change things up to keep the excitement going.

John Cena may not be the only reason,but he is indeed a major reason why this show sucks so much.The crowd just told Cena and Vince how it is.


THE ROCK: The biggest star and draw of pro-wrestling industry EVER.

1. Holds the record of drawing most arenas with 10,000+ attendance on top in one calendar year. [Broke Hogan's(1986) and Austin's(1998) record in 1999 and set a record of headlining over 100 shows with 10,000 plus people in attendance in year 2000. A box-office drawing record that is unsurpassed till date.]

2. Holds the record of main-eventing almost 17 PPVs that have got over 500k buys. Over 80% of the PPVs he main-evented drew over 400k buys. As a PPV headliner no one is even close.

3. Drew the highest cable ratings during the AE(real quartely segments not over-run). Took ratings to heights never before seen in 2000.

4. Sold more merchandise than anyone active(Austin) between mid 1999-2001.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by WolfyGC View Post
Wrestling isn't boring. wow they sure do need to grow up.
next you'll be telling me that people who watch tv all day are jealous of those who read all day, Mr Dahl
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Re: Boring Chants

Everyone on the roster other than The Rock is boring.
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Re: Boring Chants

They're 100% merited.

The people in the crowd are paying enough to say whatever the fuck they want. Hounding on the top star as he carries on his stale 8 year old character is a good way to tell Vince this shit isn't good enough. This has been one of the most poorly booked WM's I can ever recall, mainly because there is a actually a lot of talent available. I haven't watched one Raw of the build up, I've recorded and fast forwarded through what is 95% utter shite.

Boring isn't a good enough word for it, it's downright repulsive to see Cena playing the underdog, playing the role of up and comer, with his time is now bullshit, 8 years after establishing himself as the fucking guy. It's truly sickening.
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Re: Boring Chants

Loved the boring chants at Cena. The Cena Sycks chants aren't getting the message to Vince that no wants him around anymoreor s sick of his stale act. Maybe he'll listen to boring chants. He does things on the fly maybe hell give us a heel turn thanks to the DC crowd
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Re: Boring Chants

They don't need to grow up. If anyone still buys into Cena's My Time Is Now crap is a mark. That's all that's left for the guy is his marks. Everyone I personally know that watches wrestling has turned on Cena due to the Superman character.

Against Punk the guy is at a 9.5 count and he flies, literally flies into the ring like Superman. If you buy into that act, you're a mark. Fact.
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Re: Boring Chants

That look at Cena's face when boring chants were getting louder and louder and he even had to shut the f up. Priceless.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by WrestlingforEverII View Post
Everyone says the same stuff. Everyone. Its a weak argument all around.

And sure, being better and "carrying" an older, out his prime Rock, who went almost a decade without a match and proper ring training is something special. Come on now.
He had plenty of ring training at the training facility. WWE was working around his schedule. Once again, it goes back to "how bad do you want it" and "how much does the rock really love the wwe or is it the paycheck" Ricky Steamboat went over a decade without wrestling and in his 5 minutes at Wrestlemania 25 showed more than the Rock did in his four matches since coming back.
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by MoonWalker3000 View Post
They really annoyed me tonight. Granted Raw was crap but why oh why pay money to slate the wrestlers? They don't have a say in the pathetic product we have today, they should of being chanting "Vince, this is boring" or chanted boring when HHH came out.

The boring chants at Cena annoyed me even more, the rock's promo was worse, same old crap just a different city.
FINALLY, "Boring" chants to Cena... this was 2-3, 5, 7 years overdue depends on who you ask...
I just hope this doesn't stop (and that the idiotic "Cena Sucks" chants WILL stop) - because change will happen!
The RAW after WM seemed so detached from the fans because of this! and even if children are the most moneymaking audience for the WWE - they can't create such a detached show for long... especially not with the most powerful "Boring" chnats! power to the fans...

if you don't understand what I'm speaking about - here's something I wrote a while ago:

A case to be made for chanting “Boring” to John Cena - Reclaiming the WWE back from children

Ever wondered what do fans who chant “Cena Sucks” think? What do they mean when they say those words?
I want to suggest that most might chant that without realizing it means the opposite of what they are thinking.

Consider the following:
- When do you usually hear “X Sucks” chants? When someone is a great heel. The WWE is built on crowds coming to see the basic clash of good vs. evil. Face vs. heel. It doesn’t matter if you came to cheer a face or boo a heel – Both entertain you.

- Suppose for a minute, that those who chant “Cena Sucks” think similarly to “Cena haters”, as you would call them, within the IWC. Do they “hate” him as you would “hate a great heel”?
I think not. I think they are not entertained by him. The Cena character was designed to draw children. The character is the generic superhero character, always defeating the odds time after time, and it has been the same for more than 8 years. It is no coincidence, I think, that the voices chanting “Cena Sucks” sound like they come from grown adults. It seems they are no longer the main target audience for the WWE.

- In my opinion, the WWE has un-mistakenly made a conscious choice to target children as their main target audience. Children are a great source of income, especially in this day and age of online consumerism. Stories don’t have to be
deep, unpredictable, or coherent for kids to enjoy them. There is no real need of multiple story lines or multi-layered stories, even though we know children will be able to appreciate them – they are just not a necessity.
But if children are the customer now, and not adults (as myself), than any rant against the product done by adults is irrelevant.

- Can adults reclaim the show back? Can they do anything against the declining “entertainment value” of the show for adults?
There is one chant in entertainment that doesn't mean you are enjoying yourself. There is one dreaded chant that means “I did not pay to see THIS”. This chant is “Boring”. What would happen if all those fans chanting today “Cena Sucks” would chant “Boring” to him instead?
I believe it would be the last stand for adults as WWE fans. I believe it sends a message saying “We demand better quality”. It is a viable option, available for fans who attend live shows, and it’s a very powerful message when sent to the character spearheading the PG movement in the WWE.

Either that, or a rival company will get its act together, start producing better story lines, get disappointed talent from the WWE, and history will repeat itself. But does any fan who feels as I described want to wait for this to happen? I hope not. Not while they still have some power left…
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by The People's H2O View Post
The crowd was pro Rock, that's why.

IMO, Cena's promo was better.
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