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Re: Boring Chants

They payed $$$ to be there so they can chant whatever they want at whoever they want.

The Rock is the GOAT btw.

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Re: Boring Chants

wrestling is a little too blind of an investment

with all other forms of entertainment available to the same public you better exect to get your moneys worth
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Re: Boring Chants

The "BORING" chants at Cena is one of the best moments in the past decade of Raw.

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Boring Chants

Too many part time wrestlers. Too many promos. These wrestlers should have at least worked off some ring rust prior to mania.

What happened to the big tag matches prior to the big ppvs? Could've easily been done here.
HHH Undertaker vs Lesnar Punk?
Ziggler and Punk vs Taker and Kane?
Have Cena vs Swagger or Rock vs Swagger with some kind of interference from Rio or Rock/Cena
Punk vs Del Rio with Taker coming in.

There were so many matches that could've been had so we could look forward to seeing the part timers at Mania. Instead we're just expected to believe that HHH and Taker will perform like they used to. We're expected to care about anything outside of Taker/Punk. I just don't get how half of the writing staff isn't fired.

Ziggler vs Orton needs to happen at a big 4 PPV
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Cutting a Shoot Promo To Get Over
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Re: Boring Chants

Originally Posted by Berzerker's Beard View Post
With all due respect, have you watched the guy since he's come back? I don't care how over he is. The fact is since returning, he's been awful. All style and no substance. He panders to the live crowd, makes some specific local reference, tells jokes, etc. etc. Pretty much exactly what Cena does except Rock is riding on past momentum and only shows up a few times a year which in turn gives his act a longer lifespan.

God's honest truth I believe The Rock is cornier than Cena right now and that's a bad thing because Cena is corny as FUCK. "Blah blah blah I respect you John...." please. You make fun of the guy at every turn. You rag on his clothes. You rag on his merchandise. You rag on his catchphrases. You make fun of his fans even. Don't tell us you respect the guy. Tell us you fuckin hate the guy and you wanna put your foot down. Sell the match and save the standup comedy for Twitter.
Rock's corny but not more than Cena. No way.

Clearly you didnt watch Rock last week because he was not out there pandering to the crowd and telling jokes. Rock has had a fair share of serious moments since his return. Yeah a lot of the time hes there cutting promos for the live crowd but so what? The people love it and thats what the majority of the people come to see him do these days. Like I said, when Rock turns up the heat, he strips away all of that and gets serious. We've seen it.

Hell this promo right here was on Smackdown and its one of the best hes done since his return. He came out, cut to the chase, and got in Punk's face. No long promo, no rambling, no jokes. All serious.

There isnt even anything wrong with the respect angle. Just because he says he respects him doesn't mean he hasn't sold the match or is telling jokes. He respects him but he still wants to kick his ass, will still talk trash about him, and still brag about being the best. Hes made that very clear.
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Re: Boring Chants

some of it was simply boring tho

Miss Megan Ball x
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Cutting a Shoot Promo To Get Over
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Re: Boring Chants

To be fair, Cena's promo was extremely boring. I was cringing and waiting for it to be over.

" Del Rio has experience climbing ladders, I'll just leave it at that" - Zeb Colter
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The Man
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Re: Boring Chants

I was surprised to hear Cena get boring chants, but I was laughing my ass off at them. People weren't booing him because his promo was particularly boring, they're bored with him. I hope other crowds pick up on it. If and when he goes over The Rock clean at WM, he's going to get absolutely shat on the following night.

That they gave the chants to some other parts of the show was a bit odd, yes, but this was still the hottest crowds they've had in the past few weeks. I'd rather the crowd chant boring when bored than just sit there in silence.
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How you doing?
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Re: Boring Chants

Cena deserved those boring chants, blabbing about for 12 minutes, people come to see wrestling, not a wrestler cutting a (horrible) 12 minute long promo.

"Watch NXT, Lucha Underground, ROH, NJPW, become a fan of wrestling again!"
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Re: Boring Chants

Stupid marks, just like here, in my hometown, the IWC.

Are you ready? #undisputed

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