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What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

Triple H Vs The Rock Ladder Match Summerslam
An often forgotten classic this match was one hell of a ride and well worth a watch . Brought the best out of the nation and D-X and was set at a fantastic pace from start to finish

Triple H vs Foley street fight at the rumble
BOY OH BOY . One word describes this match 'BRUTAL " This really announced to us that Trips was a big name player and here to stay . Credit where credit is due foley played his part in an instant classic that will never be forgotten .

Triple H vs Y2J Chris Jericho Last man standing match at fully loaded
Another forgotten gem and personally the best ever last man standing match I have seen a few come close cena/umaga and michaels/triple h but none have surpassed . Fantastic storytelling by the way jericho really pushed H to the absolute limit.

Triple H vs Austin 3 stages of hell No way out
Perfect end to a great feud . best 2/3 falls match I have personally ever seen ?!

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels " Unsanctioned Street Fight " at SummerSlam
For me this was Triple H's greatest ever match in my opinion from the story to the pace to the heart wrenching destruction this was a peach of a match . No faults whatsoever 5/5 stars for me and a contender for the match of the decade .

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit triple threat wrestlemania XX
An emotional finish only surpassed by one the best triple threat matches I have seen . ALL THREE MEN BRANG IT AND ALL THREE MEN DELIVERED . NUFF SAID

Triple H vs Batista ' Hell in a cell " Vengeance
Batista's best match ever . For that reason I had to include it

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels Hell in a cell
Not everyones favorite , but for me was a marathon through hell both men killed each other that night for out entertainment . Can't fault Michaels guy always steals the show

Triple H vs The Undertaker NO DQ Wrestlemania 27
For me the better match out of three mania outings opposing each other . Perfect showing by both men that highlighted a lackluster show

Triple H vs The Rock Iron Man Match
WOW how could I almost forget this , what an incredible match full of excitement , twists , turns , falls and near falls . Just loved it . Epic Taker return also adds to it's rating in my opinion .

Triple H vs The Undertaker hell in a cell Shawn Michaels as special guest referee
Probably everyones favorite a tad overrated in my opinion but hey this isn't my thread it's triple H's .

Notable mentions please state in thread
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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

The triple threat Match at WrestleMania XX with Benoit and Michaels.

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One on one: vs Foley RR 2000.

Just straight up Beating the hell out of each other back and forth.

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

I'm torn between 2/3 Falls match, the Rumble Street fight & the Unsanctioned Street fight because they were all awesome in their own way.

A great match to add in this thread would have been him vs. Benoit at No Mercy 2000. A great technical wrestling encounter, the only reason it's not mentioned nearly enough is because Kurt Angles 1st WWF Title win overshadows it.
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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

1.HHH vs HBK Summerslam
2.HHH vs Cactus Jack RR
3.HHH vs Stone Cold No way out

All these three are perfect 5 star matches from the Cerebral Assassin

When it comes to gimmick matches,nobody is better than HHH
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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

Cactus Jack at Royal Rumble 2000.

It was the match that for me cemented him as a main eventer. Damn did I think a lot differently about Triple H after that much. I grew a lot of respect for him as well as hating him the following month when he retired one of my favourite superstars.
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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

vs HBK summerslam 2002
vs HBK last man standing (2004?)
I remember those matches as being perfect

my memory is really fuzzy about this one, and Ive never gone back to look at it but I believe it was a match against cactus jack hell in a cell


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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

I'd go:

1) WM XX vs Benoit vs Michaels
2) RR vs Cactus Jack
3) SS vs Shawn Michaels

Originally Posted by Rocky Mark
it seems that some people here only know how to complain

punk wins the title at mitb, complain
triple h returns , complain
zack ryder gets a role that garuntees he'll be on tv on a weekly basis , complain
punk goes over cena AGAIN , complain
kevin nash returns , complain
jennifer aniston gives you a blow job , complain
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Re: What is Triple H's Greatest ever match

HHH vs Cactus Jack at RR (probably one of my favorite Mick Foley matches as well) or HHH vs Shawn Michaels at WM XX.
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