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The dreadful commentary

I know it's been said so many times, but Cole & Lawler are an abomination of a commentary duo on Raw. Without doubt the worst in the history of Raw, WWE, WWF, WWWF-- they don't even have a novelty factor. Imagine if Monsoon & Heenan (fake) laughed after everything the other said, then buried everybody. They ruin almost every part of every show, surely enough is enough and people will speak up to WWE and let them know this. Things have only got worse since Lawler returned from his heart attack, something which seemed almost impossible beforehand. The constant sucking-up to Lawler is infuriating, and you think a man who almost died would have a new lease on life to actually enjoy himself and feel fulfilled, leave a legacy. He has somehow became even less knowledgable and more irritating. Michael Cole is such a smug, arrogant stooge, and I loved his heel work, but this isn't heel work. This is just a man who, after being bullied by higher-ups for years, learnt that if he pleases Vince and makes him laugh, then everybody will lay off him. Just watch Cole's body-language during shows: he is incredibly stiff, rigid and generally uncomfortable looking: a clear reflection of the fact that he is constantly on-edge, fearing that at any minute he could go back to being the whipping boy. As a duo, they have never, from their work together in 1999, 2001 and 2008 onwards shown any sort of chemistry that appeals to viewers.

Imagine if they had a good commentary team. They could put on less-than stellar shows, but having a good commentary team to look forward to listening to would make up for many short-comings of the show. Instead, this commentary team ruin good segments and are determined to make bad segments worse. The Jericho/Miz/Barrett segment on Raw this week actually started off fine, don't let them beat it into you that it wasn't. But having the stooge and the clueless pensioner regurgitate Vince's notions that it wasn't made it seem horrific.

This has to change soon, for me it is undoubtedly one of the things in WWE that desperately needs fixed, and something that could make a huge positive improvement to their television product.
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Re: The dreadful commentary

Lawler should of left during his heart attack, and enjoy his life after that. He looks bored, and just takes wrestling as a joke and laughs at everything serious and only cares about divas matches. Michael Cole, the untalented bastard needs to leave wrestling and move on with his life, because he seriously needs to find other ventures. Him and Lawler are both puppets of the system.
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Re: The dreadful commentary

Lawler just generally needs to fuck off from the announcers booth altogether. I don't mind Cole when he's with JBL or Mathews, but Lawler is so fucking clueless that it's not even funny.

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Re: The dreadful commentary

I don't understand why the fuck Lawler talked while Maddox cutting his promo.

fucking stupid. Lawler needs to go.

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Re: The dreadful commentary

Its horrible because commentary on RAW only has two faces,One of which is a washed up has been and another who is horrible both as a heel and a face.They need to bring JBL back "perhaps with Cole" so that JBL can bitchslap whichever face is commentating next to him.Lawler needs to go,He should have left after his heart attack,It pains me to see the heel Lawler I knew and enjoyed listening to on commentary is now one of the worst guys on commentary.

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Re: The dreadful commentary

Originally Posted by Monterossa View Post
I don't understand why the fuck Lawler talked while Maddox cutting his promo.

fucking stupid. Lawler needs to go.
Yeah that pissed me off. Fuck lawler and his burying.

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Re: The dreadful commentary

I think everyone agrees, Lawler is beyond terrible. HOWEVER he did make me laugh last week when Damien Sandown was taking his shirt off as he headed back stage and Lawler was like, "He's either coming back for more...or he just want to take his clothes off."

Facepalmed last night when Fandango's dancer came out last night and he said, "Is that the Harlem Shake?" "No." "Oh! HAHA!"

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Re: The dreadful commentary

I said this on another thread but last night when they ruined the entire segment was one of the most dis respectful and annoying things I have ever seen. That's the kind if stuff that can burry a guy like Maddox. I actually couldn't hear what people were saying during the segment, that should NEVER happen. The commentators should never distract me from a segment. Only try to add to it. Complete opposite in this case. Very upset over this.
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Re: The dreadful commentary

Totally agree with OP.

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Re: The dreadful commentary

Lawler said to Cole he is fluent in 3 languages. In response to Cesaro's 5.

1- English
2- Sarcasm
3- Profanity

WTF is that.

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