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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

Headlining PPVs doesn't matter. He was working with the WHC, and CM Punk was being pushed extremely hard within the whole timeframe of this Randy orton "depush", if that's what you want to call it.

Orton wasn't going to main event a PPV unless it was against Punk or Cena, since that's who WWE was busy ramming down everyone's throats until the past few months when they threw The Shield into that bag too.

That said, I do think his wellness policy is a huge factor in why he hasn't been getting title shots, big wins, and why he's been losing to guys he definitely shouldn't be. I can't think of a single time Orton's been booked this weak outside of his first year. And this is coming off the heels of him regaining big popularity after fueding with Cena (a lot of you probably forgot by now, but he was the "anti-Cena" guy before Punk).

Combined with Mark Henry getting his reign, and Daniel Bryan getting his MITB. . . the fact that it was Sheamus' turn too, and throwing in the complaints about Orton squashing Christian prior to Henry's run (aka Orton getting "boring"), it explains why he wasn't in the title picture before the violation. He wasn't getting killed booking-wise in that span of time, he just wasn't getting title shots.

Immediately after the wellness violation, he starts losing to guys like Wade Barret and doesn't get a relevant fued since. . .sorry, has he had a relevant fued in the past year? I can't think of one.

All I wanna know is, when is WWE done with this depush shit? I been saying this for months: WWE is really wasting Randy Orton's talents right now.
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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

Originally Posted by NoLeafClover View Post
The two wellness strikes definitely have something to do with it, but I think WWE has finally begun to realize that Orton is not a needle mover. While he has a certain level of drawing power for live events, is a great asset to the upper section of the roster and has star power to his name, he has not proven to be the draw that would be expected of a guy who has been given the amount that he has. With 9 World Title reigns, a Royal Rumble win and a Wrestlemania main event (the 25th anniversary at that) to his name, he should be a draw on the level of John Cena. But he isn't. Despite alllll of that, he still isn't, and hasn't proven his worth in the main event spot.

On the surface, Orton is everything Vince believes a the prototypical main event superstar should be. Not only is he the only 3rd generation superstar of the modern era to successfully get over (besides Rock), but he has the look of a main eventer, has the crispness and fineness in the ring to carry big matches, has the catchy theme song that the fans instantly pop for and has the signature pose and "bad ass-ness" that make a WWE superstar larger than life.

But there's something that lacks. Despite everything Orton brings to the table, there is one thing that is missing. And that is the ability to sell feuds on the mic.

People who say Orton doesn't have charisma are dead wrong. He does have charisma - a different type of charisma than that of The Rock or John Cena - but there is definitely charisma there. I think those who say he doesn't have charisma are on to something though, they are just mislabeling the missing piece of the Orton puzzle. Orton doesn't lack charisma, but rather the ability to bring a believable and real element to his acting. He seems like a robot in his promos, because he simply re-sights the lines he is given by the writers. The top draws in WWE don't just regurgitate scripted lines; they hit key bullet points and get the idea and emotion across in their own special way. Orton lacks that, and it is the key piece to what has held him back from hitting that top TOP tier of draws in today's WWE.

With that glaring flaw to the Randy Orton enigma, there is still hope for him and that lies with him as a heel character. A darker, villain persona is able to mask Orton's inability to overreact in promos, and fits his demeanor. I've always been a firm believer that your best characters in pro wrestling are those that reflect the person in real life. It's no secret that Orton isn't the nicest of guys and definitely has a bad attitude. Portraying him in that way on WWE television would only benefit him and ultimately his programs that he works in. That edge would make him interesting to watch. But this is where I believe the two wellness strikes come in to play. They don't want to put even a fresh heel version of Orton into a major role, especially holding a World Title again because they don't know if he can be trusted.

With all of that said, if I were WWE, I would have taken one last chance with Orton in a major spot, and I actually would have done it for this year's Wrestlemania. This whole thing with Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter has been interesting to say the least, but there have been some holes in it. Del Rio obviously has his problems in the whole feud selling the whole thing on the mic and over pandering to the Hispanic demographic, but the other glaring issue to the angle has been Swagger. You want to talk about a superstar who doesn't have any charisma, look no further than Jack Swagger. He lacks any sort of conviction or credibility, and Coulter has been carrying the angle 100%. But who on the current roster could have been a perfect fit for that role Swagger is playing? I believe Randy Orton would have been far better cast in this role and could have become a major heat magnet. A heel Orton who seemingly has problems with foreigners and illegal immigrants seems like a pretty accurate portrait of a guy that looks and acts like Orton. Orton just oozes the look of exactly someone who would be of the mindset of "if you don't look like me, and are different than me, I don't like you" and I think the whole angle could have given some very fresh legs to Orton's character and career.

Anyway, after that long response, I think it can be summed up by saying that Orton's brightest days are behind him and he will never again be put in the main event spotlight unless Vince had no choice. The wellness policy strikes against him are a major issue for the company as a publicly traded organization that has been very aliment about the health of their superstars. The best I can see for Orton at this point is to turn heel and be used as an enhancement talent for the younger, up and coming faces in the upper mid card.
I just disagree.
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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

It's just an excuse for jealous cunts to complain.
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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

Originally Posted by TheVenomousViper View Post
I just disagree.
Totally free to disagree, but care to elaborate?

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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

Originally Posted by CheckMate1337 View Post
The WWE brass doesn't want to push someone they're unsure about. He's dropped the ball multiple times so why give it to the butterfingers?
Pretty much this, I'd imagine. I don't know if they had big plans for him prior to the suspension, or if the plan was always to push newer guys over him, but after that second strike he became a huge risk. You push Orton as part of a huge main-event angle and he gets strike three? You're fucked. You've got to ditch the whole angle and fire him. Not saying that risk has accounted for everything that's happened to him in the past year, but it would be crazy not to think it was a big factor.
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I know, it's been a while.
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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

We all act like we know what happens backstage and why certain decisions are made.
But really.... we know f**k all.

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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

Originally Posted by Fortitude View Post
We all act like we know what happens backstage and why certain decisions are made.
But really.... we know f**k all.
You're right, we don't but it does make for a good discussion.
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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

I have been waiting for the Main Event push for him for about the past 16 months. He is the main reason I watch Raw. Well him and my boys. If they don't push him here soon, I'll only start watching SD and Main Event.
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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

Originally Posted by Phrederic View Post
The problem isn't the second strike (well, not the only problem). The problem is Orton's daughter.

He doesn't want to wrestle anymore, he's got a kid and a wife and he wants to spend time with them. Fuck the road, fuck caring about his matches, he's a guy they have that can wrestle wherever they want him and he won't give two shits about anything else.

It's for the best, honestly. If he wasn't depushed, there wouldn't have been room for Sheamus, Punk or ADR at the top of the card. Three vastly superior wrestlers.
Lol, Sheamus.

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Re: Making More Out of Randy Orton's 2 Strikes?

Originally Posted by RetepAdam. View Post
Lol, Sheamus.
Sheamus is a vastly superior pro wrestler to Randy Orton. He actually knows when to time his comebacks, as opposed to Orton who cuts heels off in every step of the match. He also tries. Something Orton stopped doing roughly four years ago.

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