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Re: How would you debut Paige?

From the few things I saw of her I liked her.

I liked that Shield idea, it would be refreshing and she seems like she would fit in just fine with the group.

Of course she is a women so WWE wouldn't know what to do with her and she will probably be wasted in their. Shame.

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Originally Posted by J2D View Post
I know alot of people don't like the idea of adding on more to The Shield, but I always loved this idea of her being in command or something of the sort.

Like, a female leading them. I'm not saying she has to relevant to The Shield at all, but I also loved the idea of her coming in with the vest attire and attacking the divas. Possibly putting one of them through a table if that'd be possible.

The fact is, debuting her in such a normal way would most likely just kick her into the pool of the WWE Divas. I feel she needs to stand out.
She should be the leader of The Shield. Paul Heyman hired her to take over for him because hes busy managing Punk and Lesnar for there matches at mania. So she debuts and tells them what to do. She would be a total bitch and boss the hell out of them. She would have them whipped. I would love to see this happen.

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Debut in street clothes and jeans, attacking somebody.

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Debuting a diva that 99.99999999999% of the audience has no idea who they are at WRESTLEMANIA? Are you insane? The crowd would be in complete and utter dead silence. She isn't even that hot. Her debut would be st be suited for Superstars or Smackdown.
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

The only woman I would reluctantly accept coming out to suddenly have involvement with the Shield is Stephanie McMahon and even then would only be her hiring them to have her will done. The Shield are better without a leader because then they can do exactly what they want. I especially don't want anyone brought up to mess up what the Shield have going right now and seeing how ALL divas get treated I don't want one related in any way to any of the shield.
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

From behind.
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

In my bed?
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

When there is a Diva's division, they haven't had a match or segment in weeks.
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

I'd do it by pretending the Women's division is actually about wrestling. Maybe a tournament or a battle royal between the NXT women, with the prize being a match on Raw against one of the competent main-roster divas. (Sort of like the much-maligned Royal Rumble match where Bo Dallas 'won' a slot, except with a wrestler we'd actually like to see.)

So, she has her match with Natalya -- maybe she doesn't win, but Paige acquits herself well enough. The two of them recognize kindred spirits as second/third generation wrestlers and enter into a mentor/protegee relationship.

Blah blah blah, run in with AJ, feud.

And wrestling.

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Originally Posted by J2D View Post
Don't actually know how it should be done, take it how you will. Just throwing a few ideas out there.

Maybe have her mention them, saying "I'm not apart of THEM. I'm better than them.", even though it may be a stretch. Or just put her in as a female memeber of it.

Like I said, just throwing some things out there. Seeing a diva just go in and throw another one through a table would possibly get the crowd into it, just completely random.

Anyway, just trying to think up some ideas.
Why? Why do anything to something that's doing fine? A random barely legal british girl would kill the momentum. Is anyone going to believe that this tiny girl is in charge or associated with a giant Samoan, a mental patient and a train conductor? No, it's not believable. Jumping out of the confines of reality would be disastrous.

I wouldn't debut her for another year. She needs far more fine tuning. Her gimmicks is bland without a lot of realism behind. She has a lot of potential, but honestly, she could very well be the next Natalya. Talented, but not really used at all. Why rush her when she's not even ready?

Keep her in NXT for a while longer, debut Marie and Rae in about six months time, have one of them win the strap, and then debut Paige to face them. Having an actual diva or diva team to feud with would be the best way to get her over. Kaitlyn, Natalya, Layla, AJ are all pretty unique, not at all the typical image of a diva that Trish and Torrie perpetuated. Having her feud with them and being an 'anti-diva' would be stupid.

Summer Raw sucks, and she's 29, so WWE won't get a lot of milage out of her. Debut her, even if she's rather green, and use her annoying gimmick and voice and give her the divas title. Use her as a prop, as a tool to get Paige over.

Besides, I'm more excited to see Anya anyway. 6'1, legit kick-boxer background, and Russian. No that's a woman to get excited for.

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