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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Honestly the Shield idea makes sense.

She is known as the "anti-Diva". She wants to "change the way the diva division and the people are run", So why not use that as her gimmick.

Let AJ win the title at WM with Ziggler assisting (nice heel win) Also Big E is ringside, While they are celebrating, the music hits.

Paige comes out with huge fireworks going off in rapid succession, Staring at AJ, and doing her CROW scream.

The shield then comes out of nowhere (or the lights go out), and ATTACK Ziggler and Big E, while AJ is going nuts.

Paige then storms from the top of the stage and enters the ring, pounds on AJ and does the Paige Turner.

The shield stand there while Paige grabs the mic and says.

"This diva's division is pathetic, and it's time for a change. AJ Lee and the rest of the barbies in the locker room, It's time to #beliveintheshield" Throws the mic down. Music hits.

That would give her a huge presence already, and she can then feud with AJ lee for the next 3 months, while taking out other diva's in the lock room one at a time, Until AJ is left.

This would then start a feud also with Ziggler + big E vs two of the shield members, and have the other (reigns) have a separate feud with Ryback.

3 Separate feuds, all putting eachother over.

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Just let her sneak attack all the Divas. Rosa gets annihilated during a Primo-Epico match; Tamina gets mauled backstage; Layla gets wiped out while she's dancing in the ring, and so on. She then has a feud with Kaitlyn and wins the Divas title, which she then treats with disdain because in her own mind, she knows she is above such a worthless title.

She'd start off as a heel but over the coming months, she'll inevitably be getting cheers, and then she'd go after AJ, who at this stage may be at the peak of her obnoxiousness with her boyfriend as the World Heavyweight Champion.

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Since they love contests, have her come on Raw and to do a skin color contest with Sheamus.

(or THE MIGHTY KRANG's idea will do.)

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

taking out kaitlyn at wm


not removing until:
kelly kelly returns,john cena is world champion again,punk turns babyface,lesnar becomes a full time wrestler,rock goes back to hollywood.
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Paige should not be associated with The Shield. The only way a woman should be the leader of The Shield is if she is in fact the leader of The Shield. That means she has to be the strongest member of the group (skill wise, power wise, speed wise, intelligence wise, and mic wise).

The female leader of The Shield has to have matches with men and win 100 percent of the time until the group breaks up. She can be very attractive and sexy but it must never overpower her merit as a wrestler. She has to be the most devout person in the group when it comes to following rules and handing out discipline/justice. She must be sadistic when angered. She has to be so extremely well dressed that other women wrestlers and female fans both admire her and hate her at the same time. She has to be called "The Sword" and she must have a personal guard of two men called "The Sheath." The stable, now with 6 people, would have to be called the Discipline Committee and would work directly for the WWE Board of Directors. She also must be wealthy and the sole financial backer of the stable.

Since no such woman exists on the roster, then there is no reason The Shield should have more members added or a female leader.

Just debut Paige in a normal Diva capacity role and if she takes off then do something more with her. I see no reason why a Diva should have a better role in a WWE storyline than men who are more talented than her.

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

No involvement with The Shield and keep her off the mic as much as possible. Other than that, it really doesn't matter until they truly care about the division and get things straightened out. It's nothing but a mess right now.


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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Originally Posted by Apex Rattlesnake View Post
I like that shield idea.
I do too, they could add her to the shield so they could own the Diva's divsion too.

GIve her the womens title, then also give the shield the tag titles (Reigns and Rollins) then Ambrose can get one of the mid card titles IC or US title.
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Have her attack and beat down Trish during her HOF speech.
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Re: How would you debut Paige?

Originally Posted by Apex Rattlesnake View Post
Strip tease in the middle of the ring before squashing Kaitlyn for the divas title.
Jesus, why is this thread still open? Apex already owned it.

She gives us a boner, then takes the title. Love it.

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