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Re: Something about Sheamus

He looks like an action figure. Can't have action figures goin all Attitude n'shit, otherwise some angry moms will head on up to Stamford and tear some shit up.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

I feel the same way. Seamus isn't bad at all in the ring or on the mic... but I wouldn't say he stands out in either category as well. It doesn't help that his current character is horrid.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

Originally Posted by High_King View Post
How many times a week does Sheamus wrestle?

He is an all around talent. Some times he wrestles 3 times a week and that's just on tv. Main Event/SD/Raw.

One of the best work horses in the company in the past 25 years.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

The character just isn't for him. He shouldn't be smiling and telling jokes, just fucking look at him. He's terrifying. He'd massively benefit from more of a badass tweener gimmick.

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Talent/charisma draws. Not size.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

make him one crazy loose cannon who not tell stupid jokes and act like 5th grader then we have a great main eventer anybody can cheer for.

His 'Oscar snubs' thing were indeed 'skip'worthy. I'm not saying he should act like Orton but at least show some seriousness dammit (dont talk about his crazy 'eyes' and chest pumping )

They screw him when he fear Nexus. or WM against HHH. or when he had one of the most forgettable King Of the Ring reign. or '18 seconds'. Always love his matches against Rio, Christian, Big Show tho.

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Re: Something about Sheamus

he used to, for me at least
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Re: Something about Sheamus

Sheamus is becoming one of the more underrated wrestlers on the show, at least based on how the forum here is starting to talk about him lately.

Sheamus is definitely good in the ring. Saying otherwise just makes you look like a fool who has a terrible eye for talent and skills. Sheamus is a very good combination of brawler and power wrestler. He also wrestles with a lot of energy and makes most of his spots entertaining.

I agree that his gimmick isn't that entertaining on the mic, but that's what he's given. Not every wrestler is going to be marketed to nerds in their 20s and 30s. He's marketed towards kids, and he does a good job with his role.

My only real issue with Sheams is the heavy accent. I wish he sounded a bit more "normal", but it isn't a huge deal. When he had the "pissed off" gimmick, it wasn't a big deal. Gimmick has changed, but he's not only just as good in the ring, he's improved some too.

Sheamus is one of the top wrestlers on the show easily imo.

Originally Posted by Phillies3:16 View Post
Plus the guy looks winded 5 minutes into his matches
Why does everyone cry about this lately?

Sheamus moves around a lot quickly and does exciting spots. No shit he's going to be more winded than a "technical wrestler" who mostly stands around holding someone or laying on the ground half the time when he's not slowly walking to his next spot or just doing slow strikes that don't look realistic since they require the other guy to stand there doing nothing for 10-15 seconds straight and just eat the slow strikes.

Whereas Sheamus is doing fast, hard, clubbing blows, lifting and throwing people all over the place, and running around the ring to smash into people and be exciting.

It requires more energy.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

Like others have said his gimmick doesn't really suit him, if you remember Sheamus got really over when he was just turning from heel to face and had that feud with Henry. He was more tweener then and it suited him. Ideally he should be a badass tweener, that would suit him best. However clearly he is being marketed towards kids, which is a pity for the rest of us.

In the ring I think he's great, puts on excellent matches, had one of my favourite matches in years when he took on Jericho on Smackdown a while back. He even got good matches out of Big Show.

Would love to see Sheamus v Lesnar, think that match would be gold, let Heyman carry the brunt of the promo work. Lesnar and Sheamus just take lumps out of each other.


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Re: Something about Sheamus

Sheamus is an Irish John Cena.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
Why does everyone cry about this lately?
No clue. It would be a concern if he was having mediocre matches. But he isn't, so why complain?

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