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Re: Something about Sheamus

I wish Sheamus was given the same chance to put on matches like CM punk and Cena have had, maybe he will when he eventually turns Heel. I do think he can become a Stone Cold type of character and it would suit him.

Sheamus is a bit boring although I found his impressions of Booker T/Vicki and Vince entertaining on main event. Then again, what character in WWE isn't tiresome?
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Re: Something about Sheamus

As a heel was a fav, as a face sucks.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

It seems they're pushing Sheamus with every other top face's qualities rather than his own. They make him love to fight, be a goof ball, make hardcore promos, wreck heel's cars...all of this has been done and been better by others.

He is a recycled, completely artificial face. I think if he brought in more Irish stuff (his actual gimmick) he'd be original at least. He just needs to do his own thing versus canned, already done, things.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

Sheamus' character is plain and dull.

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Re: Something about Sheamus

I think he's got an interesting character and his matches are good, to be honest, the guy seems like a throw back to the 80's and early 90's body slam style of wrestling where you just see the guy do power move after power move. Really, his written promo's that the bookers tell him to recite are so bad, it hurts the character. If it wasn't for that, he'd probably be over.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

I am a semi supporter on Sheamus but his gimmick of Cena has got to end. I would rather they make him a monster character. When Sheamus goes berserk int he ring, the crowd real;ly light up but when he does those cheesy promos no one gives a damn, the guy has gotta really let loose a bit more.

He has had sokme pretty good matches though, some have been dreadful but some have been pretty good.

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Originally Posted by WashingtonD View Post
ITT: People who hate Sheamus because his current character is written to tell corny jokes every now and then, yet can look the other way when it comes to Daniel Bryan acting like an idiot and hugging Kane to say he's still the best thing in WWE
I love love love Bryan and Kane, both as separate wrestlers and as a tag team...but this! This.

I will never understand the hatred towards top faces. WWE cant have all heels, so why not just accept the damn CHARACTER and get over it.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

Originally Posted by Xdoggx View Post
Sheamus just never did it for me as a top tier face character on either brand. While I do respect his in ring work, the guy seems to be a workhorse, I really don't like his character. Del Rio, Orton, Jericho, Kane, Bryan, Mysterio, and Rock are faces I want to cheer because they are not as cartooney as Sheamus. As I watched the Sheamus/Big Show feud, I was thrilled that Big Show went over because at least Show plays a good heel role, while Sheamus just sounds way too lame on the mic its just so cringeworthy how am I supposed to get into a guy that acts like a watered down John Cena?

Does anyone else feel these sentiments? If not why not? Does Sheamus entertain you?
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Re: Something about Sheamus

I fucking hate Shameass. Corny ass mother fucker.
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Re: Something about Sheamus

They should let him be a bad ass face.. I don't wanna see him hugging Cena and smiling all the time.

Kids will still cheer for him.

Top 5.

1. Sheamus
2. Brock Lesnar
3. Cm Punk
4. Bray Wyatt
5. The Shield
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