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View Poll Results: Has Rock's return since 2011 improve his legacy, or worsen it?
My thoughts towards the Rock are more negative since his return 96 44.04%
My thoughts towards the Rock are more positive since his return 50 22.94%
My thoughts towards the Rock are neutral since his return 72 33.03%
Voters: 218. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I'm neutral. Ya'll just got way too hyped up and disappointed yourselves. Did Bret stumbling and mumbling and having shitty matches ruin his legacy??? Ric Flair? Hogan at 60 wrasslin? Hell no (maybe a little for Hogan and Flair). People calling the Rock a "one trick pony" might as well call everyone else a "one trick pony." The Rock's style is his style, and it's what made him one of the biggest and most iconic stars in the history of the game. He still controls the crowd like no other, he still gets huge pops despite barely being there. He didn't have to come back and he did.

IWC begged for the man to come back and when ya'll got em ya'll bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched until bitching wasn't cool anymore.

If the rock turned heel and dissed everyone ya'll would be loving it. He's an "old wise man" Rock now who's just enjoying his return. He's not in his prime, you can look back on youtube and clearly see why The Rock is where he is. He can't get away with "Billy Meets God" or "This is your life" or Fake John Cena Funerals, or Calling McMahon a "Silverspoon Mutha****er." Yeah he says "anus" and "penis" but he's always done that, especially since 2002. Rock in 4 (more like 3)prime years (98-2002) has a more loved legacy that outdoes everyone on the current roster, including John Cena. The 99 deep voice Rock that would tell Cena he's a Vanilla Ice thug wannabe be piece of trash and who would show his crappy music vid on the titantron and laugh about it is GONE and NEVER COMING BACK. DEAL WITH IT. lmao

People pissed that Rock beat Punk; Vince gave the title to the Rock so blame him.

The Rock's return promo was AMAZING. The biggest pop of the PG Era, and was actually even amazing for a man that wasn't on live TV for 7 friggin years. THAT's how big the Rock is/was. Legacy tarnished? Yeah, um, right. Survivor Series promo was hilarious and old school Rock.

Rock's ONLINE PROMO ON JOHN CENA IN SUMMER 2011??? Do you really think the WWE in it's PG Era would let the Rock cut a 14 minute rip your character in half promo on their full time golden boy??? come on people just stop it.

Now the feud with Cena just wasn't good, the buildup was awful but people watched. It was poorly planned, and a past his prime Rock had to dumb himself down to make Cena look worthy. Cena was embarrassed for an entire year to the point where he had to find solace in a little section at his hometown crowd chanting tooth fairy to appear to claim that "he made the crowd turn on the Rock."
The promo this week promo that week was dumb and we know Vince did that so people tuned in to the PPV. 1.2 million buyrates says it worked unfortunately. Sucks, but sorry guys. Rock's philly promo and him dissing cena's merch were HILARIOUS tho.

Rock vs Punk? First promo, awesome. Great intensity, awesome start. I didn't mind their rumble match; what's the deal with ya'll saying the rock is "gassed?" If anything I think he's just trying to put over his opponents a little TOO much. Just sayin, any rock fan knows he likes to make his opponent look good. Rock put Punk over better than Cena ever could.

I didn't see the EC match. Rock's promo before EC??? AWFUL.

It's over when he loses at mania. He'll face Brock Lesnar or Cena at mania 30 and then it's over. Deal with it and have fun bitching about it.

So the Rock is not better at all but his legacy is not in any way ruined IMO. People just need to get their expectations in check. You're wanting the Attitude Era when it's not the Attitude Era anymore.

Also, it's clear that younger fans just don't "get it." Which is fine and not a problem. It happens with generations. Like Lebron and MJ debates. Younger fans will take James or Kobe, slightly older fans will take the GOAT in MJ, and even older fans will say Magic or Bird.

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I was a huge Rock fan in the attitude era and was so excited to see him return in 2011, but his been a shadow of his former self. In ring his no where near the athlete he was and on the mic his still head and shoulders above most of the roster but I really don't enjoy his promos and find them hard to watch, no where near as good as they were in the attitude era.

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Red face Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

Originally Posted by zxLegionxz View Post
People want Rock to bury the whole roster like he did back in the day thats why they have this stupid notion on their heads that this is not The Rock,fans actual fans not some kid who goes to youtube and thinks he saw Rock in his prime would understand why he had to change and why is better for the product and the credibility of the people he fights

as i see it he has made his star even bigger by entertaining a new audience and has brought back a lot of older fans by givin us a lot of memorable moments and as for the business itself well he just put 2 of the biggest Manias of all time back to back one of them being the biggest money show the industry has seen and by the looks of it hes going for the 3rd and 4th when he goes against Lesnar at 30

Originally Posted by Doublemint View Post
It didn't tarnish his legacy. There's still plenty of casual fans who like him more than Punk and Cena but he is definitely nowhere near his prime.

The weird thing is, when The Rock return when he was revealed to be guest host, that promo is the very same The Rock from Attitude Era but once he started his feud with Cena, he become downgraded.

Why can't The Rock cut promo like he did when he was reveal as guest host? I keep getting the feeling he was pull down to let other superstars look on level with him on mic skills.
All of my sentiments are summed up here, in The Rock's 2010 return promo, after WM28 on Raw, Raw 1000, a few of the taped segments about Cena, Smackdown promo's with Rhodes Scholars, etc. Those are true Rock promo's, he cuts them as if he's fully in character. People think he's been hogging the spotlight, but in reality he's working the crowd just as he's always been and putting people over his own way.

The Rock of old got over by pretty much shitting on the entire roster, making fun of them and just acting like a elitist piece of shit, yet he never took himself too seriously. He has great delivery and he seemed human then because The Rock was never really protected in his prime, he laid down and put over a shit ton of people, nobody can deny that. His universal appeal helped too.

The difference now is that The Rock can't do that, because it's counterproductive. The roster he worked with in the Attitude Era could take the abuse, because pretty much everyone, even down to some of the midcarders were over and they could eat the insults without getting their credibility reamed if your name wasn't Billy Gunn.

He's not trying to get himself over anymore, and that said, he's trying to give the illusion that the stars of today are on par with him. Look at the "promo notes" shit that they pulled with Cena, look at many of the Rock/Cena promo's last year. In many of the times that they were in promos together notice that The Rock didn't even get a word in edgewise.

If anything, they executed his entire return poorly. Because he already had that aura, they should have built upon it, let The Rock be himself, then put someone up and coming to feud against, someone credible and have them go over Rock, making them stars.

But there is no one other than Cena and to a much lesser extent Punk and Orton. And that just goes back the WWE's shitty booking. So yes, I do believe that The Rock's latest run added to his legacy because it shows how selfless one can be. If anything, when you've done something right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I'm nuetral...I feel like he is watered down...he is scared of burying these guys in promos so he lowers himself...I mean this guy relies on "Punk ass bitch!" frequently..

He says it and everybody cheers smh.

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

It's been alright. Not his best work because he isn't really trashing everybody and isn't the entertaining arrogant jerk character as before. He also cannot perform in the ring like he used to. His return speech is still the best part out of everything he has done the past two years. It doesn't change what he did in the attitude era.

He is still entertaining and it's just nice to see him back.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

Just like Bret tarnished his legacy when he faced Vince?


I liked a couple of his promos and his feud with Punk was decently good considering everything. Other than that I didn't liked anything with him and think he should quit for good already.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I've never been a big fan and I'm still not. I'd say it hasn't done much to affect his legacy, whatever that means.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?


i felt since 1998 hes been getting worse by the year

hes seriously half assing the fuck out of his promos and work

crack head. seriously? 1999 Rock would be ashamed

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I will never forget the guy with the fancy sunglasses and the 5 hundred dolla shirts. This isn't that guy. That guy is gone.

I like Dwayne, Le Rock, Johnson, and find him entertaining, but uneven. His first return promo was epic. His feud with Cena was allll over the map in terms of quality, but mostly I found him up his own ass and too addicted with twitter and 'trending' during it.

His feud with Punk on the other hand has been top notch (with the Rock Concert being my least favorite of all the back and forth between him and Punk, but even that isn't that deep of a valley), but I've enjoyed it. Well, other then him getting to debut the new belt. That is a signal of a shift to a new 'guy' and 'era' but this time we only got the 'era'. And it's not really an era change. It honestly should have been Punk at WM 1000. New intro, new belt, new guy. What a wasted moment.

Anyway, I enjoy having the Rock back, albeit briefly.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

It didnt hurt him that much, a good analog is when Jordan came back again to play for the Wizards. He wasn't the best on the court anymore (in the ring) but he still is pretty damn good compared to the lower guys in the card (or the non stars in the nba). Jordan is still the GOAT in basketball and even though the rock is a shell of his prime Rock, he is still one of the best ever in the WWE (top 5)
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