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View Poll Results: Has Rock's return since 2011 improve his legacy, or worsen it?
My thoughts towards the Rock are more negative since his return 96 44.04%
My thoughts towards the Rock are more positive since his return 50 22.94%
My thoughts towards the Rock are neutral since his return 72 33.03%
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post
I was too young to enjoy wrestling before Rock left, but from every AE episode of Raw I've watched and every Rock promo I've ever seen, this Rock is fucking horrible. He has literally lost any sort of charisma.

I'm not exaggerating this, and I'm not really a Punk mark in particular, but it is ridiculous how his current run has gone. I feel that it's like he's not a wrestler anymore, he does legitimately feel like a movie star making a cameo appearance. I can not take his current run seriously and his 2 matches with a reliable worker in Punk have been absolutely awful.

But you really can't tarnish a legacy IMO, he is what he is and he still is the 2nd most successful wrestler of all time and he is one of the most charismatic too.
This is so true. The Rock, as much as I love the guy, has lost his in-ring charisma because he's too busy breathing heavily. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it's understandable he'll be running out of breath, but he shouldn't have returned for a wrestling role. He can promote feuds and WWE all he wants, but the minute he stepped in the ring, you end up forgetting this is the same guy who just cut a promo about beating CM Punk. His promos are at a 50% what they once were. Sure, he has control over the audience like he once did, but it definitely lacks a significant amount of electricity they had, partly due to him having to play so many different roles as an actor, basically toning it down. The Rock isn't "The Rock" anymore, he's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

Well, his three matches have all been very underwhelming and dissapointing. So, I would say it had a negative impact. But, I still like him.
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I actually don't think Rocky's current run is as bad as some think. He was superb in 2011 (loved his return promo, via satellite promos, survivor series promo), not his best in 2012 but still had some gems (Promo on RAW after Mania, RAW 1000), and showed last night that he could still work the mic. I think people are too hard on him because he ended Punk's reign, you can't fault them for that I guess.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I wouldn't say he tarnished his legacy but he is showing more weakness than he used to. As I got older I soured on Rock's act because its sort of sophomoric but he's a fabulous performer because he can make stuff that's NOT funny and NOT cool and make it funny and cool. Its all in the delivery, he still delivers his lines excellently but what he actually says isn't funny.

Nostalgia is fun sometime but Rock surpassed being a nostalgia act when he decided to take the title. I give all legends some respect and I don't really criticize them because they usually are there for a short time and then they disappear for awhile so its best to just enjoy them while you can but Rock is out there like he's still got it and while its better than most he really doesn't still have it.

That's not a bad thing either, hell HHH doesn't have it anymore, neither does Undertaker, Sting, Hogan etc it happens with age. Rock is very useful as a talent, shit they All are. Older acts generate interest and people want to see them interact with the new guys but he should pick his matches and wrestle an Undertaker-ish schedule instead of trying to make a title run.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

i liked his fued with cena but after that hes just gotten annoying


not removing until:
kelly kelly returns,john cena is world champion again,punk turns babyface,lesnar becomes a full time wrestler,rock goes back to hollywood.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

It didn't tarnish his legacy. There's still plenty of casual fans who like him more than Punk and Cena but he is definitely nowhere near his prime.

The weird thing is, when The Rock return when he was revealed to be guest host, that promo is the very same The Rock from Attitude Era but once he started his feud with Cena, he become downgraded.

Why can't The Rock cut promo like he did when he was reveal as guest host? I keep getting the feeling he was pull down to let other superstars look on level with him on mic skills.

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

His return didn't tarnish anything for me. I just wish he would have returned as his original douchey character who tormented coach and Michael Cole and talked about pie and turning things sideways rather than this smiley John Cena clone he is now.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

For me personally, his involvement isn't delievering on any level (three tiers he fails at: angles, promos, work rate), so there's nothing that I can enjoy. Other people may enjoy The Rock getting by on his natural charisma, but that isn't enough for me. The third one is unforgivable for me because the WWE usually prides itself on delivering great ppv main events.

I also think more generally, Rock has gotten involved with CM Punk, and there's always going to be a vocal minority that doesn't care that wrestling is a show. They think Rock winning the title off of CM Punk is the ultimate disrespect and he/WWE/Cena/the system are doing CM Punk wrong. Therefore, he doesn't have the entire WWE Universe backing him and a super mega legend needs that wide backing to really sell that special attraction aura.

He does come off as just a transitional champion. There's are just my opinions, sorry to The Rock marks. I do think this run has been pretty much a joke. The sooner John Cena gets his win back, the better.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

cena v rock 1- ****1/4 match, very underrated match with a hot crowd
rock v punk 1- **1/2-crowd sucked balls
rock v punk 2- ***1/2-crowd finally got into it near the end

His promos have only been 2nd to punk, still better than any other superstar that currently wrestles.

Anyone who bags the rock obviously didn't actually live/watch through the attitude era.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

To simply put it; this is NOT The Rock I grew up watching and being a huge fan of as a kid.

I don't know what it is. I read an article online about how it maybe Dwayne Johnson trying to play the character of The Rock or something like that, I don't know. But The Rock just doesn't have what he used to have anymore, IMO. A lot of it is boring me, something I never thought I'd say about The Rock. I'm still a fan, but I'm disappointed.

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