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View Poll Results: Has Rock's return since 2011 improve his legacy, or worsen it?
My thoughts towards the Rock are more negative since his return 96 44.04%
My thoughts towards the Rock are more positive since his return 50 22.94%
My thoughts towards the Rock are neutral since his return 72 33.03%
Voters: 218. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I think it's fairly obvious that the problem lies in the writing/bookers. Rock has been gold in every single impromptu appearance he's had from 2003 till 2011 when he returned. And then after the return promo, it's been a whole bunch of Cena-lite stuff. That can't be coincidence that once he comes back officially, part time, he suddenly immediately starts to do low-caliber promos at the same time that there is a writing team that has been responsible for some of the worst work in ages.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

A few things that occurred to me.

Rock as an all time great. Certainly, no denying it, but every act has a shelf life. This reminds me of MJ on the Wizards, you just kind of want to bury your eyes and pretend its not happening.

Or perhaps The Rock in the Tooth Fairy, where I'm sure his natural charisma is on display, but its still the Tooth Fairy, so who's really that desperate for a Rock fix that they'd sit through that? I think some people got it right, this is Dwayne Johnson playing the Rock, not being the Rock, a sort of Rock-lite.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

I feel its improved, mainly because I wouldn't have wanted Rock's last match to have been the Mania 20 match, hopefully at the end of his current run, he can go out in a proper send off, against Brock or Taker, or someone like that. I've also enjoyed his matches and promos since he's been back.
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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

The Rock is capable of greatness, especially in AE and 2004, when he was consistently entertaining. But yes, I have found myself underwhelmed by him recently. Seems that a little spark is missing.

He spends most of his time looking at the crowd, his eyes longing for nostalgia chants, and of course he gets them. But he doesn't really say or do anything other than talk about balls, nuts, monkeypiss, asses, pies, fruity pebbles.... the repetitive nature of his child like shtick has worn thin.

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

Bettered it.

He came back for his fans, yeah he gets benefits from it also with more exposure to an audience which he may have got distant from and what not but in general he's genuinely back for his fans and that's awesome.

His return promo was straight up amazing in terms of moment and the actual promo was THE ROCK like he never lost a beat but for some unfortunate reason after the 'Kid Cena' Promo he's sort of lost a step and just isn't as quick witted or the fact the entire promo environment is now scripted doesn't benefit him when engaging with others.

His ring work is pretty bad also, he was never an amazing worker but was good and with his athleticism and crowd control with certain spots pulled of many great matches which also seems to be suffered from 10 years of rust.

Either way he's still awesome but not quite the guy I idolised as a kid but still greatly appreciate the fact he's back and adds a spark to wrestling and WWE that no one else could IMO.

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Re: Has the Rock's return tarnished or "bettered" his legacy for you?

It certainly hasn't tarnished his legacy, but what it has done is exposed me to the fact Rock would be just like any other corny-ass babyface if he had the PG limitation on him like everyone today does. I mean, his jokes and promos have been lackluster since returning 2 years ago, and that's with who he is now and the stuff he can get away with. If 1998 Rock came up in 2011, you wouldn't get the cool, serious Rock who happened to be funny... and that's just it. When Rock delivered lines back in 1998, while it was intended to be funny, the way he delivered them were serious and that's what made them not just "haha" funny but "lmao" funny. How he would say it, rarely smiling with his sunglasses on, it was all cool.

Don't get me wrong, in 2002 when he was more like The Rock we see now, he was still hilarious, but there still wasn't any PG limitation and he could run-off his opponents in a hilarious way like tomorrow without resorting to stuff like "twinkie-tits". But anyway, if Rock of 1998 had to come up in 2011... well, it would've never happened. He would've started out as a heel as he did, but extremely toned down. If he got massively over, rather than slowly transitioning him from The Rock we saw in 1998 to The Rock we saw in 2002, it would've happened right with the heel/face turn, but it wouldn't stop there. Shortly after the face turn, Rock would be slapping hands with fans, smiling all the time... he would've been like he was when he first debuted. He wouldn't have the freedoms he has now, and he wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as he is today. He would've been regarded just as corny as Cena, Sheamus, and every other top face and we would never see The Rock rise to his potential.

So anyway, Rock's return hasn't tarnished his legacy, but it makes me think he wouldn't have done much better in this era, especially when it's an era where no man is allowed to pass Cena, and Vince would do everything in his power to make sure Rock never passes Cena (kinda like what some are saying they're trying to do now, only now it's far too late).

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