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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

yeah i still love rey i just think its cause hes gotten old and really not as athletic as he used to be and he really hasnt been pushed since his whc run


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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

We've been overexposed to him, but there's no question, he's extremely talented and in my opinion, a highly underrated on the mic.

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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

Mysterio is one of the best wrestlers I have ever seen. Probably the wrestler I enjoying watching the most. Very few people more consistent than Mysterio. He can make some below average guys look good. Especially big men.

He's a great wrestler. I don't think he's underrated by many in that aspect.

I would consider his impact on the wrestling business and star power underrated tho. I give him a lot of credit for bringing attention to the lucha style in the states. For a guy his size to become WHC was a huge ground breaking accomplishment too. Correct me if I'm wrong but he got pretty good ratings in his run as WHC too.

Injuries have slowed him down & some family issues have forced him to take time off recently but he's still one of the better performers in WWE today. Doesn't look like he's wrestle a Mania this year but hopefully he returns to a more full-time schedule afterward and go out with a bang at WM30.

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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

Rey Mysterio is the reason why i started watching wrestling. His entire career from 1989 - 1999 is just amazing. People seem to forget that he was actually the slim little highflyer from WCW in 10 years. That's more time than for example Randy Orton has been on WWE: Equal to John Cena. He was independent from 2001-02, he had some really great matches over in Japan then also. And i also like him in WWE 2002-2007. After 07 however he has been somehow misused. I mean, giving him the WHC in 2006 was wrong, cause now he has been wrestling for 7 years more and he still has not been able to come up at that level again.

Sure he had 2 more WHC title reigns but neither of them was as good as the first. But honestly, the guy was the top luchador in the buisness from 1992 - 2007 at least.. That is 15 years.. He started his career in 1989 in the independents. 1989 - 2013 = 24 years. 24 years is about the age of the younger WWE superstars.

Come on, there is no way he could ever perform like in WCW now. Already in WCW he had 10 years of wrestling high risk behind him. Sin Cara for example has been wrestling for 10 years now, and look at him. NOT EVEN CLOSE AT ALL, to what Mysterio was after 10 years of wrestling.

Now, i think the aura around Mysterio has faded away really, he is not that Mysterious little highflyer anymore, but i still enjoy his matches, and he is VERY underrated on the mic. I think he is seriously misused. Rey Mysterio is a legend in wrestling. He should maybe show up at Raw or Smackdown once a month or something. Other than that he should just work the payperviews. He has got nothing more to prove, he already proved he is the best luchador of all time, there will never be anyone better. Mascara Dorada is the best i can think of besides Mysterio, but even Dorada has got so many pages to learn.

About him getting fat etc. Of course he can't be in top shape for 24 years in a row... That's unhuman guys. And because of his injuries, obviously his training ability is limited as well, and believe me if you are as rich as him and also a family father, there is lots of other things you wanna do when taking time of, than rehabing injuries.
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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

One the best in ring babyfaces ever. The timing of his comebacks are impeccable.
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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

He seems underrated to you because when you hear people talk about him now it's about him in his current state where, let's be honest, he's fallen apart. When people discuss his legacy though, he's rated just where he should be.
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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

He was only good in 2002.
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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

Rey has been a pillar of consistency through out the years and one of the best wrestlers to ever grace a wrestling ring. When it comes to being a face in peril and having a good match with anyone no one can touch him.

His body of work speaks for it's self. Despite his injurys and what's not he's still easily in the top five wrestlers in WWE. I'd love to see what him and Cesaro can do together.
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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

Thing about Rey is everything he does looks fake. The 619 is a huge topic for hate alone.
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Re: Rey Mysterio Jr, Underrated?

My all-time favorite wrestler, one of the most exciting ring workers ever, hardly ever puts on a bad match. He's slowing down in recent years but still entertains me.

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