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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

Originally Posted by rockdig1228 View Post
Agreed. I really hope that Curtis can make this work though, since I'm not sure how many more chances he'll get. If it's done right and more importantly, if it's given time to develop before the plug is pulled, he could be a solid addition to the roster. It'll probably only ever be a midcard to lowcard gimmick, but that's okay as long as he can make something out of it. Like you, I'm reserving judgment until I've seen it on TV for a month or two.
They should've at least tried to debut him post-NXT Redemption on RAW/Smackdown with the Let's Get Weird/Dirty Curty gimmick he was working with. The brief transition from that to Fandago that we saw on current NXT (in his tag team match with Michael McGuillicutty where he wouldn't stop randomly dancing) was interesting, but I don't know how it will all translate when he finally wrestles as Fandango. Rooting for him either way though.

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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

so I guess they are going the Damien Sandow route and have him show up for a couple weeks without actually fighting. The only difference is Sandow actually has a pretty decent character

I was pretty annoyed with the promos but now he has actually shown up I just can't wait for his gimmick to fail so he can get fired. The way he spoke just sounded like he was trying to force that rediculously fake accsent

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Re: Fandango set to debut on 2-26 (this Smackdown)

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
I hope he acts like a perverted grabass like Lawler. About the only way to make him interesting. Have him sneak cameras into the showers while Kaitlyn is in there and blackmail her with the footage. Make him really creep on her, mistreat her, and let it last like 2-3 weeks. Then let Rhodes just go to town on the fucking guy for like 45 minutes with a steel chair backstage = instant face. If you do it right to the point fans at ringside are all "Man even I want to kick this guy's ass now!" then they'll certainly cheer the guy who finally does do it.
This would be interesting.. Do you think they would let a wrestler stalk a diva in this day in age? I personally doubt it.

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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

Maybe he'll surprise me but this gimmick looks really lame. I do like him as a razon ramon type slimy dude though.
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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

That backstage segment was a bright spot in an otherwise dull show. I guess they might hold him off until after WM, it's a long time but I wouldn't be surprised given what happened to Brodus Clay.

Originally Posted by wowjames View Post
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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

Really enjoyed his segment on SD tonight, I always liked Curtis and it should be interesting seeing this character play out
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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
Anyone else think Fandango was debuting on Raw last night when Epico & Primo's music hit?
yeah i thought so too because both fandango's promo music and epico and primo's theme sound almost alike.


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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

backstage segment boring... the same lameness as he was on nxt
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Fandango is simply a vessel for Curtis' "creepy" gimmick. Remember when Goldust debuted and Vince would always label him as "bizzare"? Same thing applies here. I'm digging the creativity. Creepy Johnny Curtis was missing something to define his character and this works just fine.

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Re: "FUN... DUN... GO"

It's awkward as hell but I love it.

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