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2 hour Raw with 3 hour content edited out

It's been several months with 3hr raws so far, and with that said,what do people think of the overall quality of Raw, if you were to take a 3hr episode of raw, and edit it out so it was only 2hours(meaning only the best parts of 3hr show made it to 2hr edit).

Would that make Raw seem better,worse,or have no impact? I think it'd be much better. We've had about same percentage of the show with ok-good stuff happening on Raw, but it's just that with 3hrs, that percentage means more minutes of good stuff.

For example, last nights Raw. Had it been only 2 hours...
What stays:
Punk-Heyman promo
Big Shows promo
Shield promo
Del Rio-Sandow
Rock promo

What goes: (all these things removed,would likely cut out 30-40 mins of Raw)
Swagger-Ryder maybe happens on SD(or it just ends up as a 1 min squash match)
Henry-Khali happens on SD(or just 1-2 min squash on Raw)
Brodus/Tensai-Primo/Epico is edited out
Barrett-Kofi edited out(but the match still advertised,and Barrett just doesn't compete after the attack from Bo Dallas)
Reading Challenge video
If that happened, I actually think the 2hr shows might actually be much better compared to how they were before Raw went 3hrs. 3hr exposes what truly is good and what is bad,so if 2hr shows happen again, hopefully WWE sees what was good and bad in 3hrs and just uses the good in 2hr shows.

If someone were to upload this episode of Raw on youtube(someone who actually likes WWE, not someone who watches just for 1 superstar who is on for 5-10 minutes) and had to cut it from 140mins(the current length of Raw without commercials) to 90 minutes(the previous length of Raw), if they removed the stupid matches and recaps, it'd easily fit the 90 min timeslot and be a much better show.

Basically,lets say you were to rate each thing on Raw out of 10. In 3hr, the average is 7 or something, and once you remove a majority of the things rated lower than 7 when converting the 3hr show to 2hrs, the average is an 8. That's basically what I'm getting at in this thread.

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Re: 2 hour Raw with 3 hour content edited out

Take out all the garbage they saturate raw with like 3 squash matches, big shows segments and his 5 minute speechless promo, brodus and tensai, rocks garbage promo, 3MJobbers vs superman, batman, and hulk. 10-15 minutes worth of recaps, and wwe promotion like wwe ap did you know shit. Oh and about 45 minutes of commercials

You're left with an hour or less of quality raw that's worth watching.

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Re: 2 hour Raw with 3 hour content edited out

Sky Sports (UK) repeat RAW on a Thursday night and that's only 2 hours. They don't really cut much out just the adverts and recaps/video packages. Much more enjoyable.
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Re: 2 hour Raw with 3 hour content edited out

I just watch Raw on DVR(45 mins after it starts,cause it starts at 8:15 in Canada,and there's shows that start at 8 I wanna watch,so useless to sit around for 15 mins and wait for Raw), and quality is so much better. It took me about 2 hours to watch Raw and it was fun to watch(I skipped tensai/brodus match,most of henry-khali,the recaps,reading challenge video,commercials). So the quality is there for a normal 2 hour show again, it's just whether or not if WWE goes back to 2 hours, if to them, that'd just mean the exact same thing on 3hr shows, just each one lasts shorter time(instead of what they should be doing,and that is to keep everything same length, but just cut out the useless stuff)

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Re: 2 hour Raw with 3 hour content edited out

RAW would be pretty good if it was 2 hours right now

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