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All The Times Cena Could Have Gone Heel

It's a commonly accepted fact that John Cena is not going to go heel until he turns 40, at least. That is four years away so we have a while. So I thought, why the heck not just rank the times he could have gone heel.

* 2006 - the Kid from Westnewberry: Lets call this incident Fuck You Cena. When a crowd goes all off like this, thebest thing to do is turn on them and shout fuck you bitch I' don't need you. Or some Boston crap like that. This was the first good time to turn Cena heel.

* 2009 - Big Show vs Cena for the millionth time: Boom bitch said Big Show as he came and pummeled John Cena, costing him the World Heavyweight Championship to rival Edge. The good thing about this opportunity, it would be random and bizarre. WWE could have ignored Show for Cena and gotten him to go on a rant about how he lost the gold he deserved because of a big fat jackass. This would have basically given him a lot of chances to feud with and put over up and coming guys at the time. Plus, at this time Cena was only developing into the Super Cena we all came to hate in 2010. The problem with this: it never would have happened as it would have required Cena to put some people over.

* 2009 - RKO'd in a Cage/Missouri Style: Losing your championship only a month after you got it! This would be a piss off for many, especially when you lose it in your first Hell in a Cell match and it's not against piece of shit. Cena's loss here would have gotten him to go heel and gone after face characters, allowing some other face to step in the main event scene to challenge Orton. Unfortunately, John did not want to stay out of the main event scene and his victory for the title a month later signaled that Super Cena was about 80 % on his way.

* 2010 - I WALK ALONE?/Batista Bombed: Losing your title four minutes after you got it to a fourty year old steroid jacked junkie who was only in it to leave after a short run because he didn't like little kids cheering on this guy who had suddenly become unstoppable like 2003's Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado? Would piss a lot of people off. Again, it could have given somebody reasonable a shot at the limelight at WrestleMania instead of Cena again and it would have given a heel Cena a good feud and a way to become relevant again. The problem with becoming relevant again was that by this time John Cena was dead and from his ashes was borne Super Cena.

* 2010 - Your Either Nexus or Your Eating Ice Cream with Us: A whole feud that Randy Orton was stuck in the middle of provided numerous opportunities for John Cena to be heel. Instead the Miz came and CM Punk just got pissed off. I mean if CM Punk could just take over the Nexus, why couldn't John Cena. Bad storytelling erupted from good storytelling which would have stayed good with a heel Cena.

* 2012 - "Once" in a Lifetime: It was the Heat vs the Celtics! Except the Celtics did not go heel after losing the most important match in the history of their franchise. Instead they went on a horrible streak of getting their ass kicked while kissing ass in the new season to seal it off with an entrance in the Playoffs. I don't agree with going heel right away the next night, but gradually developing heel, starting with the loss and the ass kicking at the hands of Lesnar and Big Show, would have been very good storytelling.

* 2012 - AJ BOO BOO NO TITS: Being the sixth boyfriend of your girlfriends publicized television relationships and then being forced by her to be kicked in the head by a beach blonde cannot be too good for morale. Too bad instead of a vicious heel turn where he targets those who have wronged him (something that could make Twice in a Lifetime acceptable), we got I like blowup dolls at the Royal Rumble!
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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

his best chance to turn heel was the 'embrace the hate' story with Kane IMO. Perfect storyline to do it but they decided against it stupidly.
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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

Cena being behind The Shield wouldve been beautiful, hopefully it still happens.
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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

i think the best time to turn him was the nexus storyline.It was so stupid the way they did it. If i remember correctly:

If Cena lost he had to join the Nexus. If Barrett lost Nexus broke up. Barrett won so Cena had to join the Nexus. This is what they did - Cena injured Darren young and tarver and basically refused to be a proper member than some other things happened and the nexus disbanded. still the most wasted storyline in recent memory for me.

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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

You left out Kane? Wow, I thought THAT was the perfect time for him to go heel.

The nexus or you're against us was a close second though.

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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

- Definitely the "Embrace the hate" storyline with Kane
- Summer of Punk 2011 at Summerslam (he easily could have sided with HHH and together screwed Punk out of the title and turned corporate heel with Hunter)
- After losing to the Rock at Mania he could have lowblowed him and Brock could have returned as a face.

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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

For me:

Wrestlemania 28 was the only time Cena could have logically turned heel. People always talk about the Nexus storyline and the Kane storyline but I'm starting to think these people don't actually watch the show. I know WWE has history of stupid decisions as far as storylines go ( Austin/McMahon anybody?) but why would Cena join up with Nexus after them beating him up time after time? The whole story was that Cena was FORCED into joining Nexus, so he could be their bitch. I do think it could have been done a lot better with Cena wearing Nexus gear and them helping him win matches without his approval, etc. But there was no way Cena wouldn't want revenge on Barrett.

A good twist in that storyline would have been to have Cena win the Rumble in 2011 and go on to face his leader Barrett in a lumberjack match for the title, with the rest of Nexus outside. Cena could win the match and they could give Barrett a Nexus style beatdown for him treating them badly over the past few months. Nexus would then give Cena their respect as he celebrates with the title. It would be a lot better than that Miz shit, thats for sure.

Moving on, as I was saying Wrestlemania 28 was the time, if there was ever one. After Cena delivered that passionate promo about how he must win and how he has nothing if he doesn't win seemed like a heel turn was set in stone. Cena went on to lose and THIS is where he should have snapped. He should have gave Rock an Austin style beatdown, shades of WM17, but nope. All we got was a "life goes on" reaction and before we know it, we're all back to square one.

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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

- Summer of Punk
- Embrace the hate storyline with Kane
- Wrestlemania 28


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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

Money in the bank 2011 - The Chicago Screwjob, get's Punk in the STF, doesn't attack Johnny Ace going for the bell so the bell rings without Punk tapping and celebrates his title win.
Embrace the Hate - Turns on Ryder and steals Eve from him in the process, and form a Lita/Edge type of deal.
Nexus - Could've turned on Wade Barrett when he became Nexus and then took over Nexus for himself.
Wrestlemania 28 - Loses, but went into the ring to shake his hand but he lowbows him after and attacks him.
ECW One Night Stand 2006 - Forget Edge interrupting, and make Cena screw RVD out of the title and leave the builidng with alot of pissed off ECW fans. Ballsy way to turn heel

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Re: All The Times Cena Could Have gone Heel

Cena needs a heel turn and character change and there have been many good opportunities to do so, but it will never be done because Vince is completely out of touch and has no clue who his audience is anymore.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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