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Re: Fortune can favor...

lol not really sure at this point maybe zigler,they need big show in a more serious rivalry,mark henrys prob at his last run idk wwe has really fucked up their roster it shouldnt be this hard to answer that question

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Re: Fortune can favor...

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
Are you trolling or are you serious? Cena can't draw? Yeah, you're trolling.
merchandise is not a draw..

that is why the WWE has failed so much when it comes to Cena

they do not understand people genuinely hate him but yet his merchandise are tops..

CHILDREN ASK THEIR PARENTS TO BUY IT FOR THEM.. but when it comes to ratings and ppv buys..

sinking ship

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Re: Fortune can favor...

WADE BARRETT. The guy is decent in the ring, has good look and is great on the mic. If they gave him more storylines and some fucking creds he would be major again. I don't really get the Sandow hype though.
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Re: Fortune can favor...

he hasn't buried Shield..yet. Perhaps this time they'll keep a reign on Super Cena. Shield still has a lot of credibility.

First thing they need to do is comb every independent wrestling org. and look for more future prospects.

Second, stop burying the talent to Cena or any other old timer.

There is a lot of potential there. Ziggler, Sandow, the individual members of shield when it does break up, Wade Barret, Cesaro, even Del Rio is starting to stop being a borefest.(I never would have thought this, but he's actually developing right now), Cody Rhodes if he gets a good gimmick, and others.

They need to get rid of the lurches, Big Slow and the Grating Khali.

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Re: Fortune can favor...

Bo Dallas and Fandango are the future...

Sorry, couldn't type that with a straight face (no pun intended). I think it's certainly time to start making some new stars. Even guys like Cena and Punk are in their mid 30s, and supposedly Punk wants to retire when he's 35.

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Re: Fortune can favor...

I have one bit of advice for you, OP. Don't watch WWE because you obviously don't like anything about it right now.

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Shield are a way of bringing new talent through which is what you want Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins are being built up slowly its a good use of three guys who were due to be brought up, they haven't been squashed or lost momentum since they've arrived they've decimated people, they've shown they are a force to be reckoned with and they put on a good performance against hell no n ryback.

They might be future of the WWE who knows.

Edge was good I liked him but he isn't on the same level as punk for in ring performance it's simple as that

Sandow, cesaro, Rhodes, Ziggler just to name four who will be key main eventers in years to come mark my words

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Re: Fortune can favor...

Originally Posted by Joshi View Post
I agree Ryback is bad, but I don't think you can consider his push a "mistake" cause lots of people seems to like him, or at least his catchphrase.

Cesaro is good, he can stick with his current gimmick and stay a midcarder or become less of a clichè and become easily a main eventer.

I disagree on Ziggler, I think he will be a good main eventer.

But the guy who, more than everyone else in my opinion, belongs to the main event, is Sandow, the guy really have everything, period ^^

Also I think the Shield can and will still be relevant for some time.
I have to agree with you on Sandow. That guy has IT.

WWE doesnt need to worry yet. Cena have years left in him, also Punk(Punk will leave because he wants to, not age), Orton i still very young. Many of todays stars are actually quite young and we must consider that wwe is much much safer today then its been and therefor Superstars will be around for a longer time then guys under ae and ra eras.

Also, It doesnt take that long to get a new guy over.

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Re: Fortune can favor...

Oh look, another guy who doesn't have the faintest idea what being buried actually means (nor how to spell it, apparently).
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Re: Fortune can favor...

I don't want Miz anywhere near the main event, decent on the mic but one of the worst wrestlers to have held the WWE title, I hope Cesaro destroys him in their next match.
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