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World title Direction going into WrestleMania

We know the Elimination chamber match will determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania. We also know that 4 of the participants are Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton and Mark Henry while the other 2 are very likely to be Swagger and Kane. (Although its possible that Rhodes or Sandow might be one) With this being said, we can certainly rule out Mysterio, Bryan and Kane from winning this match as there is no way any of these superstars are winning, that much is obvious (Imo anyway) So I have come up with a few possible story lines or direction for the World title going into Wrestlemania and was just wondering what you guys think would be most likely and what would you most like to see? Ok in no particular order.

1. Orton wins (Turns heel) and goes on to face Delo Rio. Although interesting, I just don't see it going this way but it's deffinately a possibility.

2. Ziggler cashes in at EC and Orton wins the chamber. This leads to heel Ziggler vs face Randy. This scenario also has the possibility of Ziggler being face and Randy turning heel although I don't see it happening.

3. The same as above with Ziggler cashing in and Randy winning but with Del Rio getting his rematch and this leads to Ziggler vs Randy vs Del Rio in a triple threat match. This for me is the most likely match at Wrestlemania as I see it atm. It's just what I feel will happen.

4. Ziggler cashes in and Swagger wins chamber. I know this is very very unlikely as I doubt hardly anyone can imagine Jack Swagger in the World title match at Wrestlemania but who knows? The WWE has made stranger decisions and lets not forget these 2 deffo have history.

5. Mark Henry wins chamber and goes on to face Del Rio in a straight up match. Quite possible that we have Del Rio over come the odds again at Wrestlemania against the unstoppable monster heel that is Mark Henry. Could be a really big rub for Del Rio to go over The Worlds strongest man at Wrestlemania one on one. (Maybe Mark gets pissed after the match and destroys Del Rio leading to Ziggler cashing in on the grandest stage of them all?)

6. Ziggler cashes in and Mysterio wins chamber. Ziggler v Rey one on one for the World title at Wrestlemania. Would be a very good match imo and I know these two could put on a great 20 match. Very unlikely as for me personally I can only see Randy winning the chamber but you never know.

7. Big Show vs Del Rio vs Randy Orton. Big show gets one last shot and Randy wins chamber, writes itself. Personally I think this would be a really shitty way to go so thats probably what WWE will do.

Ok guys these are what I feel are the most likely, tell me what you think, what you would like to see, feel free to add any matches you feel are also likely but which I might of missed or forgot and which direction you think they will most likely go. Thanks for reading .

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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

I will wait to see what Sheamus is doing right after EC. To say what match will happen.
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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

Or Jericho is one of the memebers of the chamber he wins it and Ziggler cashes in on Del Rio and then we have Jericho vs Ziggler world title at WM
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Mark Henry is facing ryback at mania IMO.

So here's how I have it, ziggler cashes in at chamber after show wins, Orton wins chamber

Fatal 4 way: Dolph ziggler(c) vs Randy Orton vs big show vs Del Rio

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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

I think theres so many possible options a triple threat is likely, it's nice to be able to discuss all these possibilities, as most of the big matches at this years Mania have been written in stone since summerslam.

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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

Ziggler vs. del Rio vs. Orton would potentially be Match of the Night, seriously. I would LOVE to see that.
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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

The World Heavyweight Championship scene is so unpredictable right now. Many different possibilities. I love it.

I have to admit, although I hadn't given any thought to it before reading this thread, a Ziggler/ADR/Orton Triple Threat does sound great. I'm also good with any scenario that gives us heel Orton. I'm also good with any scenario that leaves Big Show out. I've grown quite tired of him in the WHC scene. Ziggler/ADR/Orton or just ADR/Orton or ADR/Ziggler or Ziggler/Orton would be super fresh.

Nice to see some unpredictability for this WrestleMania world title match, since the WWE Championship match has been a lock for awhile.
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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

As long as Del Rio is in the title picture I'm good. I just really want him to walk in or out mania with the title. Now with that being said the whc scene is looking good IMO. My big homie mark henry is back and Christian hopefully is on his way. Maybe he will be a surprise entrant into the chamber. That would be cool. As for your scenarios I'm going to go out on a limb and say kane bryan mysterio or swagger will NOT win the chamber. I'm leaning towards orton or henry. More so henry since i guess wwe still wants orton vs. Sheamus at mania. I think dolph will cash in at e.c. and it will be a triple threat with ziggler/Del Rio/orton or henry. I however wouldn't mind del rio against henry at mania. Del rio retains henry destroys del rio ziggler cashes in which leads to a spring/summer feud with del rio culminating at summerslam in a iron man match. I think that would be amazing.. With orton being in the chamber and sheamus involved in a six man it's interesting to see how the supposed orton/sheamus and big show/ryback feuds will play out. If that's even still what wwe is going with. Either way I'm pretty excited. Time for creative to do just that...Get creative
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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

Ziggler/ADR/Jericho would be awesome, but I see Henry winning Chamber, Del Rio beating Big Show & Ziggler vs. Jericho at WM. Then Ziggler cashes in after Del Rio beats Henry at WM
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Re: (Possible spoilers) World title Direction going into Wrestlemania.

I don't know where this idea of Ryback for the World Title comes from. There's never been any hint that he's going for that title and he's a RAW attraction at this point. He needs to properly blowoff the Shield once and for all and then win the RAW TLC match in the post-WM period.
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