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Re: Rocky sucks

Originally Posted by rybacker View Post
yea i kinda skipped the last 5-7 years of wwe so thank god i didnt witness the "cena era"

wht i am trying to say is that rock cannot come and take titles whenever he pleases
the ratings ? that is vince's fault he should come up with better material
think about it in a business sense the rock comes for 6 months boost the ratings to 3 point whatver
after he leaves all those ratings will fall and by fall i mean sky dive into the 1 point something

vince needs to create a strong future not bring back a distant memory for a few months
in a previous post i mentioned that vince is doing a decent job of bringing back few superstars

yes he is .... all the others are good for ratings if not immediate like the rock atleast in the future 1-2 years
the ratings may improve because of them, but to think the rock is actualy helping the business is ignorance at its best

of course people will watch the rock for as long as his Highness please to be once he leaves like he always does wwe is going back to the satino BS ratings (with the exception of the returning superstars which may keep ratings to a low 2 plus
Why did you skip the last 5 to 7 years? I've been out of the loop for about the same time. FOr me the product has sucked. There just hasn't been enough talent to keep it interesting. I'm back as I see Rock and Brock. Real talent. For some of these guys now, being in the ring with Rock is more of a push than most current full timers could dream of giving them. The Rock ios giving back and I appreciate it. Do you think he needs the money and has no choice but to be here. I don't. I can't think of anyone better to end Punks streak. He ended a 400 plus day streak to a man some put in the GOAT discussion. Would it have been better to lose to Cena or some jackleg not even close to worthy? I have never been a Rock mark, but to not appreciate what he is doing is rather selfish IMO.

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Re: Rocky sucks

What's important is the title has prestige again. Even if the champion does not appear every week.

Rather have a part timer than another 400+ days of Punk borefest.
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Re: Rocky sucks

OP you have answered your own question Rock isnt a full time performer no more hes done all that and hes now a movie star. The only reason he is WWE champion is cos when hes promoting his movies he is also promoting WWE and getting people interested in that company. Him and Vince have obviously made this deal when he returned in 2011. Rock will be back on the Raw episode before the Elimination Chamber PPV
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Re: Rocky sucks

Go ahead and stick 'em man.
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Re: Rocky sucks

Originally Posted by Rocky Mark View Post

and Rock is showing up all the way to mania (all the RAWs plus two SDs and the EC PPV),
I keep hearing people say this (and I really hope you're right), but his appearance list at the time has him missing 2 RAW's in March, within a month of WM. So that is most likely to change y'all are saying? I don't know if this situation has ever come about with someone as part time as Rock being the WWE champ, so I'm unsure how likely it is appearances get added to a set schedule. But if he does miss 2 RAW's within a month of WM that is pretty ridiculous IMO. One RAW and house shows I can understand.

Oh you were not aware of this?
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Re: Rocky sucks

RESPECT OP something you havn't got. fact is the rock saved the wwe from wcw back in the day. just like dx,undertaker,kane,big show,austin, without these guys the wwe wouldnt be here today. cm punk will never be as good as the rock. ryback will never be as good as goldberg.

lets just put it this way the rock does not need the wwe, the wwe needs the rock its that simple. no legend should ever be left in the cold. he wanted to up his game and do something eles from wrestling what is wrong with that. its not selling out its doing something better. the wwe served its purpose and he worked hard and made millions for the wwe so why would vince ever turn his back on the rock.

the rock brings in millions he promotes the wwe. a hollywood star holding the belt is good for mcmahon back pocket after all its a buisness. for once the wwe title has prestige
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Re: Rocky sucks

He prints money.
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Re: Rocky sucks

I seriously don't understand how you can run RAW without a champion? And it's a joke for Rocky to call himself the people's champ when he shows up less than 10 times a year and isn't even able to stay after he wins the title. CM Punk had a tremendous title reign and it's a travesty to have ended something so monumental for a movie star.
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Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post
I would rather my champ never be on TV than my champ be Ryback.
Exactly at mo just thinking it could be wrose could be ryback as champ.

Was so gutted when cmpunk lost.

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Re: Rocky sucks

Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post
I would rather my champ never be on TV than my champ be Ryback.

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