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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

Not one cheer for the del Rio, door reveal???? awwwww poor bertie

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

^^^ Why would there have been? They weren't in a city with a large, Hispanic contingent this week.

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

Vickie Guererro was great as usual, her and Heyman's interactions with each other have been awesome.

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
Vickie Guererro was great as usual, her and Heyman's interactions with each other have been awesome.
she's a segment killer for me, the heyman/miz promo was intense and serious then as soon as Vickie stepped in it went downhill and became silly

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

I gotta be honest with ya, that was a pretty awesome RAW.

especially in terms of matches.

Cesaro Vs Ryback, Mysterio Vs Bryan, Jericho Vs Punk, Del Rio Vs Rhodes.

All good matches.

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

Highlights -

Punk promo

Bryan vs Ray

Henry return

Punk vs Y2J

Brock fucking up the miz.

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

Raw 2/4/2013 Thoughts

Late thoughts due to me being lazy.

* To get this out of the way, no Ziggler or AJ was disappointing for the mark in me

* Punk's beginning promo was typically great. Absolutely love the delusional character he is playing at the moment. Really entertaining stuff and keeps the intrigue for Punk/Rock II without Rock being there. This is interrupted by Booker T who ruined the entire segment almost stumbling over his words and messing up in an epic botchamania like performance. Thankfully he took a step back and got it together so it wasn't a complete disaster but man did Booker ever botch his promo. Punk's work was almost ruined.

* The amount of recaps for the voting on the Raw Active match was fucking ridiculous. Force feeding at its absolute finest and it was more than just a little annoying. Hint WWE: You can promote something without shoving it down our fucking throats! The worst part of this show was the definitely the amount of recaps this thing had and the amount of on screen time the commentators had.

* Ryback in a decent match? WTF IS THIS. Ryback vs Cesaro was decent for the time it got. Definitely Ryback's best in ring performance to date. It doesn't say much because he relied on all his power moves and he still was a little gassed. But he did well in this match. Cesaro sold for him well and did his part as always.

* Rey delivers one of his typically dull promos but that was to be expected. Rey was never a promo guy anyway.

* The Shield package was pretty fucking awesome to say the least. WWE are doing a great job with making these guys look legit but seem to be lacking a long term plan with them, booking on a week to week basis.

* Swagger is back and I could give zero fucks. He is more intense I'll give him that but he is still goofy as hell. He has the stupidest looking angry face I've ever seen, it looks so stupid . Honestly do not know what people see in this guy. Yes he is a decent/good worker but there are about 15 wrestlers in the WWE alone who are better. Plus he can't talk and has the stupidest facial expressions on the planet. He would make for a great comedy wrestler, he cannot be taken as a serious competitor in this mans eyes. Match was a glorified squash.

* Del Rio vs Cody was a good match but short. Del Rio looking great in the ring and I'm liking that he is incorporating more of a face offense now. What the heck is Cody's t-shirt? . Good match, too short.

* Del Rio's promo was bad here, I'm a fan of the Del Rio face turn but the sucking up to the crowd here was really sickly and Del Rio has never been one to have a great delivery on the stick. Show's work here saved it from being a bad segment, really good promo work here by Show. He has been playing an excellent heel recently.

* Rey Mysterio vs Bryan was a very good match. Bryan did the absolute sickest gutbuster I've ever seen . I marked out so hard for that. Rey still has it to some degree but has clearly lost a step. Bryan carried him through the match. Bryan got the clean submission victory and is in the chamber. Happy about that for sure.

* HEEL MARK HENRY Henry is back as the hall of pain gimmick and literally destroyed Bryan, Mysterio and Sin Cara. So glad to see Henry back after his epic run as a heel in 2011. I hope they use him well again and we have the big man destroying people left right and centre again. "THAT'S WHAT I DO!"

* Filler with Show ordering food? Seriously? . I mean it was humourous but come on. You know WWE are struggling for content when they do something like this.

* Sheamus vs Kane was decent enough. Nothing to write home about. Bryan costs Kane the match. Whether or not Bryan is turning heel again or if this is just a part of their antics I don't know. But WWE are definitely teasing it.

* MizTV up until Vickie coming out was going at a rate that it could have been a segment of the year contender. Heyman seems to bring the best out of everyone and this was certainly true with Miz. In fact Miz was so good and believable here that it shocked the hell out of me. Great confrontation between the both, really intense. I was absolutely loving this thing until Vickie came out and almost ruined the entire thing. I get that Vickie revealing she signed Lesnar is a plot twist in the storyline and I had no problem with that but she seriously took the wind out of the sails of this segment and really effected how tense this thing was. Thankfully whenever Miz and Heyman took the lead it went right back up. Then Lesnar's music hit and we got the showdown between Lesnar and Miz in which I never thought I would want to see but after Heyman and Miz's work had me intrigued. Lesnar was an absolute beast and a monster here, throwing Miz out of the ring and throwing the chairs at him. Miz got a little comeback before Lesnar crushed him with the F5. Heyman's acting again was absolutely brilliant. Heyman right now to me is reaching GOAT status when it comes to an on screen personality/manager right now. Everything he is doing is turning into gold right now. Great segment which could have been brilliant if it weren't for Vickie's involvement.

* How many times do we have to see Orton vs Barrett? It was a good match but jesus christ give these guys some fresh match ups, it is getting old to say the least.

* Bo Dallas gave one of the worst promos I've ever heard and it was TAPED. Jesus Christ this kid is fucking AWFUL. Get him off my TV screen already, I just want to punch him in the fucking face. I hope Wade crushes him.

* Great match between Jericho and Punk. I'll have to rewatch it but I didn't think it was as awesome as some people thought it was but it definitely was one of the best TV matches of the year. Especially the final few mins which were superb and really had me on the edge of my seat. But then again, we are talking about one of the GOAT's and one of the best current talents WWE has. So I'm not surprised in the slightest. I will admit I have bias towards them though as they are two of my favourites.

* Bruno Sammartino FINALLYin the hall of fame. Great day for WWE and wrestling in general. This class is looking like the best HOF class since 2005. Foley, Backlund, Trish and Sammartino...that is one heck of a line up already. All of which deserve to be there.

* The Show/Del Rio hotel confrontation was predictable and the ending was bad. I did not find Del Rio's excuse that funny at all. In fact it was stupid and it insults people's intelligence that the people in the lift would have bought it. I would have been fine with it if it was a comical angle or even just a promo segment between these guys it wouldn't have been as bad but in a supposedly serious brawl it just did not sit well with me. This feud is turning pretty much into a rehash of Sheamus and Show which is extremely disappointing because it could have been a lot more. This was Del Rio's worst night as a face so far. Hopefully they book him better from now on and he performs as good as he was doing before RR.

* The Maddox inclusion was rather random but with his gimmick it makes sense. He wants to be famous, the centre of attention and all the spotlight. So having him come out and call the Shield to try and proclaim himself as the hero does make a lot of sense. But it did all rather come out of nowhere. I really like Maddox's gimmick and it has a lot of potential. He certainly has a degree of charisma. His promo performance was rather up and down. He was doing really well to a point and then he started doing a really poor impression of Bane which really didn't sit well with me. Still Maddox has a lot of potential, they just need to not have him booked in such a random manner like this.

* The Shield comes out and we FINALLY have LIVE MIC TIME with these guys. Ambrose was typically very good albeit he was kept a little short in terms of promo time plus it was hard to hear him at first because of the crowd. But still, Ambrose being Ambrose aka always going to be good on the mic. Rollins also did well and is now starting to really get the feel into his role, he is improving for sure. Did a good job. Reigns was kept short and sweet just how he should be booked. Beat down was what it was. The ending of the show however was so anticlimatic and disappointing. Cena comes out followed by Ryback and then Sheamus through the crowd the way the Shield does to surround the ring. Then they attack the Shield who are forced to back down and into the crowd. It wasn't bad per se but after all that build up the brawl felt really short and didn't really lead to anything other than the faces getting the upper hand on the Shield. Which I don't mind, I just think it could have been done a lot better.

* Overall, the MizTV segment, Henry's return, Jericho/Punk, mostly good match quality and Punk's opening promo bumps this up to a decent show. But there was still a lot of meh and bad stuff that needs to be addressed.

**** <3 ****

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

Does anybody know what CM Punk says to the crowd during his match with Jericho after Jericho gets out of the Anaconda Vice by grabbing the ropes? People were chanting, "This is awesome!" and Punk says, "Of course it was overrated, CM Marks!" Or something similar to that. That's what I heard at least and if he did say that then what did he mean by it? Lol

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

Thought it was OK, I didn't like the order of the segments to be honest. The ending of the show should have been switched with the Miztv Segment.

Decent Raw but the meat and potato's of RAW for a month has been Rock/Punk and that was on hold this week.

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread - 2/4/13 - HERE COMES THE PAIN

"First it was overrated, now it's awesome. Sit down marks"

Something along those lines i believe.

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