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Re: Christian

Originally Posted by Heavenly Invader View Post
He spent the past two years injured than active. He should hang his boots up and become an agent for the company. He had his 2 world title wins.
As much as I love the guy and wanna see him back, I kinda agree with this. I think it's about time he calls it a day
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Re: christian

Originally Posted by I Came To Play View Post
He's returning in 19 days.
says who?
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Re: Christian

Where the fuck is he, actually?

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Re: Christian

Christian is medically cleared so he should be returning soon. WWE just has to book him for something.

At this point, Christian has to come back as a face. His heel run was a disaster in that it never got the desired reaction. Christian is better than a one dimensional heel character that can't get a reaction from the crowd. He'll probably should be placed in a tag team since he's the biggest name currently on roster that could realistically be placed in a permanent tag team and help bring some prominence to the tag division. If Christian isn't going to get Cesaro or Barrett at WrestleMania, then throw him in a tag team and have a TLC match at WrestleMania.

And I'm not sure why he should retire unless he wants to. His two previous injuries were bad luck that could happen to anyone. That's not really the definition of injury prone. Who knows what happened with this latest injury since there hasn't been an accurate report. WWE hasn't mentioned it at all. For all we know, he could just be taking time off until WrestleMania season.

Other than bad luck, there isn't any known signs of him slowing down and he can still work very well in the ring. There's still fans who want to see him perform. He has years left at this pace and to retire would just cut his already lengthy career short.

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Re: Christian

he's probably still rehabbing his latest injury. Perhaps they're being hesistant this time to prevent him injuring himself again when he makes his return.
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Re: Christian

More likely Creative has nothing for him, since they have nothing for anyone. I'd just be like look, I'm too old for this crap, call me when you have an actual idea. I'm not coming back just to wrestle random 90 second matches on Smackdown with no storylines or promo time.
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Re: Christian

He's apparently been medically cleared since November. He had outpatient shoulder surgery on an injury that was nagging him for a few years, it wasn't anything new. I don't know what the hell is going on with him and Henry, it seems they've both been cleared for a long time and WWE just hasn't made the move to put them back on TV yet. Smackdown could benefit so much from having these two back ASAP.

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Re: Christian

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Re: Christian

He definitely needs to come back as a heel. He got a lot of mic time and was very entertaining during his feud with Orton. As a face with the IC title, he barely ever got mic time and didn't really do much in general.

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Re: Christian

Where the hell is Christian??? seriously this is getting weird now he had all that push going from winning the world heavyweight title then suddenly months later he was dropped and now hes disappeared
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