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Re: 10 things I learned from Raw Vegas

I learnt that OP doesn't know how to spell "Maddox"

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Re: 10 things I learned from Raw Vegas

Originally Posted by Shadowcran View Post
10- After an entire episode with seriousness being the main thing, it's great to see WWE go back to it's comedy that was so successful at Raw 1000.(got to realize sarcasm)
9-That after over a decade, the Rock proved that hard work, discipline and staying true to wrestling are completely stupid ideas and should never be considered.
8-That Lord Tensai was better off being broke in Japan than having money in the US
7-That Khali, despite not being able to wrestle or even move for that matter, can still entertain us in other ways.(for the love of god WWE fire him. India can't be making you THAT much money)
6-That the Shield's purpose is slowly being wrecked by the WWE writers...as if we didn't expect THAT to happen.
5-That Ron Simmons should be in charge of the DAMNed writers and proceed to beat them down in true APA fashion
4- That JBL is making Jerry Lawler smaller by the week(this is a good thing)
3- That the writers can miss a huge breakthrough by writing their usual garbage. By this, I mean, If Jericho/ziggler would have become tag champions, it would have made for a very interesting storyline.
2-That a talent like Sandow should be relegated to "jobber to the stars" for no apparent reason
1-That Randy Orton can still "slay them in the aisles" and by that I mean he puts them into a coma with his boring ass.

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Re: 10 things I learned from Raw Vegas

this is one of those times when I miss Amsterdam.
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Re: 10 things I learned from Raw Vegas

Originally Posted by RKO85 View Post
lol, it wasn't THAT bad. Still, I need to work on it more.
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So, The only thing Worse than the first 2 and a half hours of RAW is this shit list in the OP

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Re: 10 things I learned from Raw Vegas

I'll admit, I genuinely, no-BS laughed my ass off at OP's #7.

I've always wondered why Punk can't rock the clothes he wore when he was a commentator for interviews/segments where he doesn't need to be in ring attire.
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Number 9 made me giggle

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Re: 10 things I learned from Raw Vegas

I liked this one!
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Re: 10 things I learned from Raw Vegas

10) I learned that between Del Rio & The Rock holding the two World Titles, it is the first time in a fucking dog's age that I actually like both babyface champions.

9) I learned that Dolph Ziggler is never allowed to look good on Raw. Ever. It isn't just a Cena thing. He will be bitched out on Raw forever and ever!

8) I learned that even John Cena agrees with me that the World Title is worthless.

7) I learned that swearing is cool.

6) Having never watched him work a match before, I can say that after this Raw, I learned that Bo Dallas sucks.

5) I learned that Jerry Lawler likes to generalize and stereotype. Tell me more about how all Irish men are drinkers and like to fight Jerry. Oh, and Be a Star.

4) I learned that putting heels in unfair situations is funny.

3) I learned that Sheamus has mutant healing like Wolverine. That's how he was able to recover from his beating at the hands of the Shield and come out for a Tables Match against Damien Sandow later in the show and be completely fine.

2) I learned that Lord Tensai has fitting lingerie on stand by.

1) I learned that managers are NOT independent agents hired by the wrestlers they represent. That is why Vince is able to fire Paul Heyman.


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1. I learned that no matter who the World Heavyweight Champion is Cena automatically has a better chance of winning that than the WWE title.

2. I learned that if someone interrupts a performance review before they are fired, they aren't fired.

3. I learned that someone always interrupts a performance review.

4. I learned that Zack Ryder is the real Superman. He not only beat cancer, but took the Taka Michinoku Royal Rumble face plant and appeared on Raw unscathed.

5. I learned that apparently Tensai gets wedgies in his trunks if he wears lingerie.

6. I learned that Miz looks more natural in the role of referee than wrestler.

7. I learned that Chad Patton looks tougher than the Miz.

8. I learned that though Roman Reigns is smart enough to kick the camera, he's not smart enough to take the footage.

9. I learned that not even the WWE's abomination of ECW ruined the fans love for it.

10. I learned that making this shit is harder than I expected, but then again I'm not creating threads about it either.

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