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Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
Ziggler has zero charisma. He is drawing ratings when he is on? Nope. He has nothing other than being given the opportunities to feud with stars like Cena, and win the MITB. Ziggler is the second best worker on the roster? Right. Where did you come up with that?
And the shield have charisma? What the fuck?

Where do you come up with the fact that Ziggler isn't the second best guy on the roster? His work ethic is second to none, and can go with the best. He's overrated because he lost a feud with Cena? Get the fuck out of here. I hate Cena, and admire the job he's done in putting Ziggler over during their feud.

How are the shield better workers? How can you make such an ignorant statement and think it's true? Shield have worked EXACTLY one fucking match. What are you basing your opinion off of?

I would also like a list of who you think is above Ziggler right now. My bet is that your list provides many laughs.

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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Put it this way... you put ziggler in any "David vs Goliath" match up against any (and i mean ANY) past or present established main-eventer where he just barely wins and i bet you it looks waaaay more credible than a SuperCena comeback.
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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Originally Posted by y2knockout View Post
Ziggler just lacks that final bit of polish. his ring work and, mic skills and selling outshine 85% of the roster. Hes one of the very few who actually deserves a title push.
you're kidding right? his mic work is terrible it ranks up there with guys like shelton benjamin.
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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
You obviously don't know what your talking about, ziggler is full if charisma.... Wait till he turns face... He's only gonna get better

And most overrated on the roster? Absolutely not... Miz and del rio are MILES ahead of ziggler in the overrated category.
Barrett should be in the overrated category as well.

Originally Posted by TheAverageGuy View Post
by the way, Jeff Hardy's mic work as a heel was better than roughly 80% of what Ziggler has produced in his entire heel run which has been his whole career.
No Hardy's mic work was still awful during that time.

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Thank you Barrett is the definition of boring.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Originally Posted by Monterossa View Post
people said Ziggler sells better than anyone else...

seriously? the guy oversells in many spots. like when he got Codebreaker in RR and he bounce 10 feet away like an idiot and it makes him & Jericho look bad either.

good selling =/= overselling

sell too much = bad selling
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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Before I give my 2 cents I'll admit that I am a Ziggler mark. He's one of the only reasons why I still watch Raw. Anyone notice that it's usually Ziggler vs _______ in a 15 minute match to open up Raw? He's a solid worker, one hell of a bump man and yes a good seller. No charisma? What are you watching? Khali has no charisma. I wouldn't call him overrated. I'd call him undervalued. I think he's just booked all wrong. Maybe a face turn would change that, I don't really know. For me personally, whenever Dolph is on my television, I pay attention.
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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

I can't remember the last MITB winner being so meaningless other than Swagger. The only reason people even tune in to see Ziggler is because they are curious to know when he will cash it in. That's it. It was genius booking on the WWE's part. Having the MITB on a star you are "trying" to push is a solid idea. However, I don't think it's working, and it's mainly on his mic skills. Listen to the man talk, and it's very obvious he needs to go on steroids, and deepen his voice. Even Shawn Michaels had a tough voice. Ziggler sounds like a teenager. That totally kills all credibility for me. Not to mention he doesn't have his own look. They even gave him a ridiculous name thinking that would help him. It's funny how so many folks on here have just given in to that.

Dolph Ziggler, really? All I hear about Ziggler are these false comparisons to "The Nature Boy", or "The next HBK". That is complete bullshit. Listen to Flair, and HBK when they speak. Do they sound like teen age boys? No. It's because as smaller sized stars both Flair, and Michaels knew that they had to not only make up for their stature, but it had to come over the mic. Other than their expertise in the ring, both Flair, and Michaels were great at cutting promos, and sounding convincing. Ziggler is unable to do either of those. When I look at him I see Billy Gunn. Everything from the boots, the trunks, and the silly mullett.

When he starts shouting he sounds awful, and hardly intimidating. If there is any one star he should remotely try to mold his career as, it would have to be Bret Hart. Get rid of the Billy Gunn look, and go with a Bret Hart look. Not pink, and black, but perhaps silver, and black? Stop making every promo sound like it's your last, and take the same tone that Bret Hart did when he spoke in his early IC title days. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Skip the leather coat, and glasses. Finally, take the "Sharpshooter" because no one relevant does the move other than Natalya which no one gives two shits about.

Ziggler doesn't seem to even know who Ziggler is. He can't seperate the character from who he is. Dolph has to create a character, and as a heel he just can't do that. Anyone can be cocky, or arrogant. It's how you go about that role. You just can't be yourself unless you are a character. He doesn't strike me as someone who knows how to keep to kayfabe either. I have met the man at WWE events, and it's obvious he isn't in character most of the time. That's his problem. Back in the good ole' days I remember guys like Razor Ramon, or Savage. Those guys fucking stayed in character in front of their fans outside of the ring.

In my opinion Ziggler has as much charisma right now as Shelton, Kingston, Morrison, or McIntyre for that matter. Granted Shelton didn't go around calling himself The Gold Standard, but when you met him he was never in character. Kingston is the same way, he is just this normal guy like he is on television. That's what makes these folks who are talented so boring. They can't alter their sense of who they are in the ring, and then in real life. You can't just be you, there has to be something extra. Dolph Ziggler offers nothing to that concept. Charisma is being able to show it under any role you play.

Where is the charisma folks? When I used to cover live wrestling events most of the stars, like 90% of the roster stayed in character. Meaning they spoke, and acted like the folks they were on television. That hardly happens today at all. This is something that most of you may not be aware of if you don't have a history of following the WWE, ECW, or WCW on the road to house shows. Notice how The Rock speaks in 3rd person? He used to do that when you spoke to him outside of the ring when he just breaking through as The Rock. I'm not saying wrestlers should never break character, but some of the greats hardly ever did. Ziggler can't break character because he doesn't even have one. His gimmick is his name, boring.
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