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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

You ended up putting over cars, not ADR, with that bit.

He's doing fine.
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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
I totally agree with this. One of my big wrestling booking pet peeves is that all faces have ot be friends and all heels have to be friends. That's just how it goes, but I think that is lazy and uncreative. Remember, these characters are human beings and just because the fans might cheer for the same two guys, that doesn't mean those two guys should get along and it doesn't also mean that a face can't be friends with a heel either.
This reminds me of the interaction between faces during the attitude era. The big difference was back then it seemed like a competition, though the faces were on the side of "good" they were still in competition with each other and it led to great situations. The interaction between guys like Austin and HBK, Rock and Mankind, and a ton of others was pretty much exactly what it should have been. Austin and HBK and Austin and Foley when teamed had that don't trust each other but this has to be done feel. Rocky and Foley was great.. as far as the show, rock didn't play as a friend of Mankind, Mankind worked and worked to win his approval.. It was something special, and it's something all face turns and face interactions now lack.

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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

Originally Posted by BreakTheWallsDown2 View Post
When he turned face I was pumped because we all knew his heel ran it's course. And after the backstage segment with him giving the keys to Ricardo it was off to a really good start. And then creative decides to inject their usual babyface garbage on him, and make him into another sheamus, ryback cena.

1)He doesn't drive out in cars anymore? The reason, people make the point "Oh that's for rich heels". Wealth doesn't have to be associated with evil, and the cars were cool. It added something different to his entrance. It had an epic feel to it. Now he just comes out like anyone else.

I honestly think this ha nothing to do with his turn and everything to do with the fact that those cars are reeally expensive to rent and maintain and Vince just did not want to do it anymore. I do miss them though.

2)They gave him one of those cringeworthy warmup taunts for his finisher. This seems like a new thing WWE likes to down with their babyfaces. Del Rio joins Kofi, Sheamus, HBK, Ryback and probably others I can't remember, with that turnbuckle taunting as their opponent gets up. I don't mind if one person has it, but it seems they like to stick it on every babyface and it gets old quick. I understand they are trying to get the crowd into it but at least think of something new.

Why something new? After all, if it gets the kids happy, who cares?

3)He has already been teaming with the usual bunch of ME babyfaces such as Sheamus and team hell no. He should have had a tense relationship with the other faces, and slowly overtime gains their trust. All of a sudden he shakes hands with Sheamus and he's in team babyface.

"People change". That's the be a star idea.

4)He already won the Championship, so his popularity could very well peak. Holding the WWE championship for too long is usually a heel thing because people get tired of it very quickly. However, if Del Rio drops it soon, he will look weak (ie Drops it to Ziggler via MITB). So where do they go from here with this?


5)All of a sudden he becomes this super proud cultural guy? They make him use spanish in almost all his promos. That's well and good but it comes off as pandering. Such as the smackdown where he had everyone count from 1 to 10 in spanish. It's important to know where you come from, but in the WWE apparently they have to show it in every promo and every match. How many times do we hear Sheamus is Irish? How many times are we reminded Cesaro is European? These country gimmicks can work for heels, but not faces.

He was always proud. He's just a happy proud guy now.

I really really like Del Rio, and am a huge fan. But I could feel it beginning to go down the wrong path very quickly, and see him turning into another Sheamus in a matter of months. Just being a straight up cornball.
So.....yeah...I put everything in bold. Just read from the top.

Not removing until-

- The VaudeVillains win the tag titles
- Perry Saturn returns for one night only.
- Mojo Rawley wins a title. any title.
- Emma wins the womens title.
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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio


He's been brilliant in the last few weeks and I really like his work as a face.
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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

Really enjoyed watching him last night, for the first time since his debut
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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

This thread has one less leg to stand on than Zach Gowen.

Seabs is a retrard
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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
ADR face turn is one of the worst it only works because the guy was a face for a long time so it feels natural for him it looks like hes enjoying himself, is funny Miz face turn was actually build pretty good and he even got a rub from Flair but the result is barely decent, hes so much of a natural heel to try being face I guess.
The Miz is a natural mediocrity.
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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

Del Rio is still scarred from knocking down Santa. That's why he's not using his car entrance.

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Re: They're Already Ruining Del Rio

I actually think Del Rios face Turn has worked well for him, its been great to watch.

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