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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

When someone is over as a face, people hate him.

I fucking hate wrestling fans.

If Ryback was dominating NXT with the same gimmick it would be a different story.

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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

I'm actually a bit surprised that quite a few people are bothered by his uglines. Am I missing something here? Is the guy really that ugly?
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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

Because I can.

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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

Originally Posted by Mephis View Post
lol Ryback is a beast. Indy loving little smarks love to hate on buff guys no matter how much they deny it.
Austin Aries probably has more naturally built muscle mass than Ryback, and AJ Styles is relatively muscular, and those two are my favorite wrestlers; Ryback sucks at everything.

Originally Posted by Marv95 View Post
Ah the excuses.

"He can't talk on the mic" Neither can Brock or Goldberg or IWC favs like Benoit, Shelton or currently Tyson Kidd. His character isn't supposed to talk.

"He can't wrestle" Depends what's your definition of "wrestling". Newsflash: it ain't just about putting on 4-5 star technical/high-flying classics.

"He's overpushed" So was Brock, Sheamus, ADR, Austin Aries, etc. It's not like he's won a belt yet. Plus he hasn't won a PPV match in how long? So technically he isn't overpushed.

"He gets gassed; can't work long minutes" Tell me when guys like Kane worked "long matches" besides with Taker and Benoit. Warrior, Goldberg, Batista to an extent also.
Lol @ Benoit and Goldberg being unable to talk.

Putting on a match that looks somewhat believable and tells a story in the ring.

Austin Aries was not overpushed, he was the most over guy on the roster and took over a year to get into the main event. And LOL @ that ridiculous statement. He has yet to be made to look weaker than anybody else, he has been pushed as a dominant force, he lost one match that was 3 vs. 3, one match that was because a referee helped him, and one triple threat match WITH interference where he was not pinned.

Kane works long ass matches when he's supposed to, and so did Goldberg .

Keep on marking for Ryback, again, I'll admit it's cool to see a monster face kicking ass, but Ryan Reeves is horrible at everything. There are plenty of guys who should be in his spot.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult

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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

Ryback is a great wrestler...except for his mic work..he needs to improve that dramatically.
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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

lol @ Kane not working long matches. I guess somebody didn't watch the 2001 Royal Rumble?

Flatley my dear, I don't Riverdance.
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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

Originally Posted by Post-Modern Devil View Post
I'm actually a bit surprised that quite a few people are bothered by his uglines. Am I missing something here? Is the guy really that ugly?
Yes he is. But the problem is that he is not charismatic like Dusty Rhodes for example to cover it up and that makes things even worse.
The biggest problem is that he is generic and has nothing that makes him a valid main eventer, be it the look, charisma, presence, ring psychology, promo skills or the it factor but still WWE tries to present him as the next big thing.

At people who defend him that he is a monster, beast and a machine and therefore deserves to be in the main event. Is he built like a professional wrestler and powerhouse? Yes he is but so were thousand other big men in the past like Kurrgan, Bull Buchanan, Luke Gallows, Man Mountain Rock and Berzerker. There is a reason why Davey Boy Smith had more fans and was more accepted than Carl Ouellet despite having a similar look and that's charisma, ring presence and the it factor.

Big guys like Big Show, Kane, Vader, Mark Henry, Big Boss Man or Goldberg (LOL) would already be well received as the Ryback character simply because they are charismatic and have the superstar look. Ryan Reeves is only a generic big guy with the charisma of Bam Neely
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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

I agree with the OP entirely. Ryback is the badass character that WWE has needed for years.

He is NOT shitty like Zeke Jackson or Mason Ryan were. And Mason Ryan's push was axed immediately because he was terrible. It's a joke Ryback is being thrown into that category when he's much better than those duds. Give Ryback half a year, and we'll see what's up. Anyone who's already written him off has no eye for talent whatsoever.

Originally Posted by THE MIGHTY KRANG View Post
I'm starting to see this quote thrown around a lot these days, just because they can't handle that some people don't like Ryback. It's a weak cop-out and I can't take the person seriously when they say this.
I'd agree if it wasn't actually the case more often than not. Examples of it can be seen in many threads crying about how much they hated all the strong guys that have been pushed in the past and how Ryback is "Batistwo", "Goldberg clone", "Vince's choice", "just another Mason Ryan", or some other lame ass geek label that can be drummed up to bash him without giving him any props.

Not everyone who dislikes him thinks exactly that way. . .of course not. But a SHITLOAD of them do. It's the common denomenator among people who don't like him. We've talked about this once before. . .and I still haven't seen it change. When it does, I'll be one of the first to comment on it like I did when IWC finally changed it's tune about John Morrison and started giving him the props he deserved.

Originally Posted by Stanford View Post
It's absolutely true. It's no coincidence that Tyson Kidd was voted most underrated in the WO awards and Ryback was voted most Overrated. There's most definitely a stigma against big muscled dudes, and a misconception that Vince loves to push roided up no-talents for no reason. I see it every day.
Yep, exactly.
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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

How can you Rybotches responed when we can clear,y see Ryback is a robot who has to sub 3 weeks work to make a decent robot promo...
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Re: How can anyone hate Ryback?

I just don't care for him or most of the people that his character is similar to. I never liked Goldberg either.

As for the most underrated/overrated argument from WO, I think it's because most people know Kidd is good wrestler getting little TV time and Ryback is a meh wrestler getting lots of TV time.

I'll gladly admit that I was very impressed with Ryback in the six man TLC and fairly impressed in the Punk/Ryback TLC.

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