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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

OP is probably a Punk hater. You know it will become a Punk bash thread. Cena is gonna be the guy until they are forced to remove him. The worst top star we've ever had, but whatever.
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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
No they don't. When people think WWE, they think of several others before Cena, even Bret Hart is more known to WWE than Cena overall, thanks to being a big star from so many years. I can name at least ten Superstars who are. If you just mean right now, still even guys like Austin, Rock, HHH or Taker are still more known by WWE than Cena. He's the least relevant top star this company has ever had.
I'm pretty sure John Cena is more popular today than Bret Hart was in his day. I think we just grew up during Hart's time, so our generation heard about Bret Hart a lot in school. Hence, when we're around friends, we're more likely to be around ppl who heard about Bret Hart in school, but I know for damn sure that adults today never had the chance to hear about John Cena. The next generation will be filled with Cena fans, however. Nostalgia and missing a guy add soooo much to star power; think of the massive push guys get when they return from injury, its like being deified by absence.

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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

Originally Posted by nwoattitude View Post
I would argue that Punk is not a bigger draw than Orton. Orton drew big during his heel days 2007-2010. Punk drew pretty big in Summer 2011 but thats about it. Since then he has draw either OK, or slightly above average. Remember ppv were up in 2012 from 2011, and Cena mainevented most of them and even the few that Punk did ME like NOC Cena was in the mainevent. Apart from that, Punk is the number 2 guy. He is the star of the show ATM but Cena is THE MAN. Simple.
That argument doesn't hold any water in 2013. Ortons height of popularity may be up there with CM Punks (although Punk probably still has him beat but it's far too much of a hassle to compare all numbers from Ortons career over the year to Punks to validate that) but today Punk is clearly the Nr.2 guy, Orton has went down from Nr.2 to just a Top 5 guy in the last two years. It's not about overall starpower throughout the wrestlers career, it's about actual starpower at the moment.

As for the other posters discussing what a Mainevent is, if your match belongs to the top of the card but doesn't close the show it's labelled as a Co-Main Event. Those exists in MMA and other sports cards aswell so it's not a made up term by the IWC and beeing in a match with The Undertaker automatically gives you that card description if you wrestle him at WM, or more if he's the one closing the show. Honestly it baffles me that anyone would call Taker a midcarder, especially at Wrestlemania, where one of the main attractions is The Streak. Cena himself doesn't mainevent WM all the time if we go by that description (WM 25 for example).
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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

Cena is most definitely still the #1 guy. Punk has been pushed hard in the last year and a half with very little clean defeats but has still been booked to be of lower significance than Cena. Look at Raw 1000 when Punk was still face, their match still made Punk to look inferior.

Punk will never be #1 guy in my opinion. I'm a big fan of the guy but he just doesn't have the look nor the pull factor about him. He's a great worker though and very over for today's WWE standards, does his job well for his aimed demographic.

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
you guys are losers, i cant believe you actually watch wrestling

i just sit at home and watch the tickets being sold off the ticketmaster website to see whos drawing

sometimes if the show is in town, i feel extra daring and go to the arena and watch them sell tickets IN PERSON

other day i started jerking off in the ticket both at all that DRAWING and had to be escorted out of the arena
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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

CM Punk has been WWE champion for 400+ days so yes he is the number 1 guy
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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

Oh're so silly.

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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

not yet but Punk has done THE smartest thing of his career by turning heel while he was still over. that way he is essentially co 1# guy as the heel. with this dynamic he can outshine Cena without actually trying to out babyface him. Cena's popularity continues to waver as you see less and less Cena shirts in the crowd and less people elicit any sort of reaction for him. He is letting people get tired of Cena organically instead of providing people with an alternative.

I said it at the beginning of Punk's heel turn...its the smartest thing he has ever done. He could quite easily assume top guy status if Cena continues to grow dull and dis-interesting to both adults and children.

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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

Nope. No matter where Punk is on the card, no matter where Cena is on the card. It's clear as day that Cena will be the top guy, it's nearly impossible to just knock off a guy that WWE has invested ALL of their time into. Unless Cena leaves Punk will be the top guy but i dont see that happening anytime soon.

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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

NO, he's the guy that works the with big stars and the number one guy, but he will never be THE guy regardless is if Cena is in the company or not.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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Re: Is it safe to say that Punk is finally the #1 guy?

If he is it's only since he's started feuding with Rock.

Right now? At this very second then yes. The WWE is all about Punk and Rock. The bigger question isn't whether he is now... but will he still be after this feud with Rock?

But in reality it's about the feuds and the matches and this feud with Rock has been probably his best feud since winning the title. It's takes two to make a decent feud and with Rock playing his side really well you shouldn't discount how much he's helped Punk in recent weeks.

Issue is that anyone can be the #1 guy on a given night but what really counts is how often and how long that person stays in the lime light. Brock or Taker or Rock or Punk might close the odd PPV or RAW here or there but the fact still remains that time and time again they go back to Cena. The majority of Punks reign so far has had him play second fiddle to Cena. For every weeks Punk closes RAW you'll have Cena close it 5 times. For every PPV that goes off air with Punk holding his title you'll have two more with Cena in non title feuds with the likes of Ziggler or Laurenitis.

Regardless of what happens down the road I'm still really happy with the last few weeks and the coming weeks and months I'm hoping we're going to see the best of Punk and WWE are going to let him get some more "moments" that he desperately needs to make this title reign memorable. It's been too long a tile reign to end in one match.
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