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Re: Am I the only one who liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

Originally Posted by Azuran View Post
OMG! A heel GM change the rules on the fly! Pro wrestling will never be the same ever again!
What are you smoking son?

If they're going to have Vickie screw Ziggler like that then they should've done it straight away in some random backstage segment instead of wasting time with Beat The Clock bullshit. I mean what was the point of the whole thing? Ziggler couldn't even get to pick the number he wanted.

The should've done rumble qualifying matches instead of this garbage.

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Re: Who else liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

I hated it just took the Beat the Clock challenge matches and tossed them in the garbage can. I was like "Well, all that was pointless".

If they wanted to punish Dolph for cheating, they should have DQ'd Dolph from the challenge and give the reward to Sheamus since he would have won had it not been for Ziggler. At least that way the prize would have still come into play.

And then at the Rumble, Dolph draws 1 and the crowd can laugh at him when he comes out.


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Re: Who else liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

I think it was just to emphasize that those two are absolutely split apart and Ziggler will not be using any pull with Vickie Guerrero anymore. So, in a dumb (wasteful) way, it was good. Ziggler doesn't have anyone to run and cry to anymore.

and I assume we're supposed to assume she wouldn't have done it if someone else would have won. Her clandestine way of saying Fuck You to AJ.

And we get Ziggler for the whole fucking rumble! Score!
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Re: Who else liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

A heel GM that has the power to do heelish stuff only to....heels !!! When she tries anything else the good old man vince is there to put her in her place . Dreadful....
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Re: Who else liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

SO when two heels, like Vickie and Heyman try to embarrass each other, and play power games, its OK, but doing it to a wrestler who she was in a previous relationship which ended badly, its wrong?

Look its more realistic, rather than Vickie not caring. She puts him in the worst possible spot for the rumble - and gets him attention. And it highlights her power.

And more heel vs heel interaction can only promote more interest rather than the straight face vs heel feud.

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Re: Am I the only one who liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

Originally Posted by Mr.Cricket View Post
It was fucking stupid. What was the point of Beat The Clock challenge if Vickie can just change the rule like that?
Exactly. The whole concept over the matces this Raw were the beat the clock challenge and in the end it meant shit...

Its like the winner of RR dont get to choose wwe or whc title, just the us and ic championships...
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Re: Who else liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

It was a really clever move actually, I remember we were all wondering why the winner would get to pick the entrance number (when the obvious choice would be 30) so when all came down it was really fun to see that swerve. I certainly laughed, how great is Vickie?

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Re: Am I the only one who liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

It seems like the complaints from page 1 have spread this far despite the fact that there's really no merit to them. Here's some posts from page 1 that sums it up quite well. It wasn't a matter of making it a waste of time for everyone. Vickie just decided at the last minute to stick it to Dolph (not for cheating, but merely BECAUSE he won). It shouldn't take 6 pages to realize this.

Originally Posted by RAWImpact View Post
I can't understand why everyone seems to keep going on about the "lack of logic" in Vickie saying that the Beat the Clock Challenge was for the first or second spot. It seems pretty obvious to me that Vickie only did that because it was Ziggler that won. I think if it had been anyone else, they probably really would have had their pick of the whole field, but because Ziggler won and Vickie really wanted to stick it to him, she called an audible and screwed him over.

In the end, it just doesn't seem to me that the entire Beat the Clock challenge was a waste for everyone, including Orton, Cesaro, Miz, Sheamus and Barrett, but rather just a waste for Ziggler. Seems kind of backwards since he's supposed to be the heel, but perhaps he perseveres and makes it all the way to the end, anyway.
Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
umm...it was A heel manager Vickie Guerrero's idea, and the whole point was to screw over Dolph, so it makes sense. I don't know what you're on about.

And to the OP, i agree, they can continue like this because it's been 3 years now, and their break up hasn't even created a decent storyline. Ziggler should eventually turn face and then have the storyline where Vickie tries everything to take the title from him, it would make Smackdown interesting.

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Re: Am I the only one who liked that Vickie screwed Dolph?

Ziggler also had to put up his case against Jericho. In fact, this is all just Ziggler in peril for....months now.
Originally Posted by jonoaries View Post
Where in this has he had an advantage? This isn't making it equal, its giving Cena another advantage.
If we're going to play the logic game, you can't go flipping your brain off so quickly. This is me agreeing with aries. Ziggler is the face with the deck stacked against him. Oh, in case you Smarks still don't get it. Cena IS OUR HEEL. I would boo him, but he still gets too much reaction.
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
And we get Ziggler for the whole fucking rumble! Score!
YFW when Cena is #2 and Seamus is #5.

WWE is filled with 'Good Ol' Boys' in power positions. It is just how it is, and I will keep calling WWE, Pro Wrestling in USA, as well as some of it's fans out on this because it is bollox. I do notice an apparent effort being made to mitigate this somewhat, but time will ultimately tell.

Originally Posted by max314 View Post
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