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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Ryback was never that over in the first place. If it doesn't have to do with shield or punk he gets nada.

Orton is still very over despite losing occasionally and sheamus hasn't fallen at all, he was just replaced with ADR. He had a long run with the WHC and it was time for him to move on.
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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Orton.. Just because he hasn't gotten that big push in awhile and now he is losing to guys like Barrett who isn't really doing much either.

Ryback and Sheamus only just ended feuds. So it is too early to say that they have "fallen".

..but yes, I can only hope that Sheamus turns back heel. Then again, maybe he shouldn't because I don't think I can handle another long ADR vs. Sheamus feud again.
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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Reactions aside, it's Orton. He's been in limbo since his feud ended with Christian. Hell, his feud with Henry wasn't even that great. His best work since then was his match at Extreme Rules with Kane and that was 9 months ago. He tapped to Del Rio and at that point Del Rio was practically directionless. He also just lost to Barrett clean and Barrett's been stuck in mid card hell with Kofi for months. At least Ryback and Sheamus have been involved in the world title scene and have been made to long strong. I mean it took two Big Show ko punches and a huge ass chair to beat Sheamus and shenanigans to beat Ryback. Though, it seems like Randy doesn't even give a shit anyways and it's not like he hasn't accomplished everything there is to accomplish.

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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Randy Orton. Sheamus is still pretty significant on both brands, Ryback has fallen a little since getting the title push against Punk but Orton went from being heel of a brand, to being face of a brand to...losing clean to the IC champion and not really having any storyline, feud or purpose at the moment. Of course that might turn around on the road to Wrestlemania as they like to showcase their most well known stars and like it or not, Orton's still one of them. He still get's the great crowd reactions and should be in a better position right now in my opinion.

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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Randy Orton

And no, I don't believe Orton doesn't need to turn heel. He needs to be booked in a real storyline for once. His last real feud was with Cody Rhodes and that was more than a year ago. There's so many heels he can work with and have good matches, but obviously the WWE has no idea how to use their talent.
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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Orton. Ryback is due for a push for the World Title in 2013 and Sheamus is the top face of Smackdown at the moment (even without the title).

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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

If they're making Orton a heel, then none of them have fallen off. Orton's getting losses cuz they're going to 'reboot him' as a cheating heel anyway, and none of them have stories cuz the Royal Rumble is coming up. Sortof being angry at each other is the only story to tell going into the Royal Rumble. You can't sell rivalries for them. Shield will probably interfere in the Rumble, and this is leading into that.

Orton can be fired any day now, he's had at least one steroid violation before the two strikes. So he's not going to be the main character or sold as actually the best. Between that and Orton being much better as a bad guy, he's turning heel.

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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Really? Goes without saying that it's Orton. Guy hasn't done anything relevant for a very long time. Quite obvious the company isn't high on him.

Sheamus' just recovering from a title loss. The momentum is still there. Well, kinda.

Ryback on the other hand is just being Ryback. Back to squash matches. He's fell off more than Sheamus though. Will be interesting to see what they do with him at the Rumble.
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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Ryback has not fallen yet he is still climbing the mountain, though I wish he would fall off.
I have not noticed Sheamus dropping off, he gets a good reaction, is in the world title mix.
Orton has dropped off big time. as others have said a few years ago he was right there with Cena at the top of the WWE and he has been in decline ever since.
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Re: Who Has Fallen Off More Ryback, Orton, Or Sheamus?

Before Monday night I would've said Orton, now the answer has to be Sheamus. Ryback and Orton haven't been within 20 meters of AJ, therefore they are automatically disqualified. Sheamus had the displeasure of having her interrupt his match. And seeing as that woman ruins any male wrestler that she breathes on, look for him to spiral even further into the great abyss.

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