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Re: Next week's RAW

Last year The Undertaker returned on the 30th of January. Will he return on this raw!?

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Re: Next week's RAW

I think Punk will lose to Rock and his promo in Vegas (if there is one) will be thus:

"I don't care that I lost the title, because I'm the longest reigning Champ in the modern era and the greatest of all time! You can forget Stone Cold and you can forget Dwayne! I'm the best in the world! The WWE title is below me now. I have to do something that no-one has ever managed. To prove that I am the best wrestler the world has ever seen, I will...

*ominous pause*

DEFEAT THE STREAK! *pop* Taker, I'm comin' for you .....!"

Or along those lines.

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Re: Next week's RAW

Assuming Rock wins the title:

Cena will come out having both not won the Royal Rumble but also having had the living piss beat out of him for 90% of the time; announce that he somehow deserves a title shot even though he doesnt. Call the Rock the greatest of all time then call Punk a girls bra.

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Re: Next week's RAW

No no no.
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Re: Next week's RAW

Cena, who then will be the Royal Rumble winner. Will stand on the ramp looking all serious. telling everyone who he will choose to face at Wrestlemania. And he will choose the rock who will then be wwe champion, and he will ultimately go off on the rock and the company (not like punk). then he will go off on the fans and then go off on vince for making him look so stupid for years then he will say he is leaving wrestlemania with the wwe championship...oh wait
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Re: Next week's RAW

I know some people find it hokey, but I enjoy Raw Roulette. I highly doubt we'll see anything as important as Punk's speech from the last installment, but that doesn't mean it won't be good.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: Next week's RAW

Originally Posted by LucasTheMenace View Post
It's interesting to note that in Punk's shoot promo (the 1st one), he mentioned Paul Heyman, The Rock, and Brock Lesnar (who could possibly come to his aid and help him retain the title vs rocky on Sunday), and how he believes he is the best in the world. 1 year in half later, we have witnessed all of this to be set out to be true. And with Heyman and Lesnar on his side, he can celebrate with those 2 as he said in his shoot that everything he said in his shoot promo was the 100 % truth and he proved it by beating The Rock at the royal rumble, the final mission he needed to accomplish. So would all of this all be answered by next week, the long journey of Punk to the top? I mean think about it...he's claimed he's beaten the system, beat Vince, beat us, beat Cena,etc.

I think he'll cut a classic promo to remember.

Either that will happen, or another bitch-fest if he isn't champ.
Also mentioned John Laurantitus I think and look what happened there.

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Re: Next week's RAW

I can see Punk bringing up that fact and pretending he'll do another one of those speeches, but then decides not to, since that is what the people want, and he doesn't do what the people want him to do.

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Re: Next week's RAW

Originally Posted by LucasTheMenace View Post
Next week's RAW will be in Las Vegas, Nevada and it will be themed as RAW Roulette. The last time RAW did RAW Roulette in Las Vegas, CM Punk sat in front of the stage with an open microphone in hand and tore down the company verbally. Will we witness something similar go down next week? This surely is gonna be interesting.
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Re: Next week's RAW

Sure, that's what we need - it's not bad enough that the WWE only give us certain match types on PPVs of the same name, we should also start assigning certain types of promos to certain cities.

Whenever they're in Las Vegas doing Raw Roulette Punk can pull another worked shoot.

And let's not stop there. Next time they're at the Ocean Center - Hulk Hogan can show up and join the nWo. And whenever they're in the Pepsi Center they can bring Austin out to douse everyone in beer.
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