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My Take on RTWM

hear me out, not predicting this will happen, but what i hope happens being realistic

punk/rock fight for a good 25min, we great the match, then at the end lesnar attacks rock and punk wins

cena appears to have the upper hand in the rumble, taker comes out late around 25ish, and they end up having a stare down of sorts, they get more focused on eachother, and end of going over at the same time allowing someone else to win, that someone else could be possibly ziggler who gets both shots at title, or someone that will challenge ziggler who will cash in his MITB sometime soon, maybe a ambrose vs ziggler pure wrestling match to appease the pure wrestling fans at mania

punk meanwhile wants to continue challenging the system, saying he beat the modern day record, he beat the great one at rumble, he turns his sights on the "system" he hates, enter hhh, hhh becomes like the new "vince"
this way they can have there storyline that could of been during the summer of punk, back then nash entered and the whole thing went south fast, this way punk/hhh can have a solid build to mania for the title

at chamber they can keep things going, maybe hhh forcing punk to defend his title at that ppv, lesnar could have some sort of "warm up" match at chamber

so at mania......

brock vs rock
not a big fan of this match but it would bring in older fans who now watch mma, who know brock from mma, and rock from attitude era, plus this could be a fun match, throw it on mid show

punk vs hhh title match
punk goes over clean in a terrific 25-30 min match, hhh when on can produce a great match and this should be no different with punk

cena vs undertaker
save this for last, now there are 2 ways to go
either have taker win clean and cena attack after, or cena win by turning heel, i believe this is the only way to turn cena heel, taker is beloved by all
then hhh could enter and help, forming some sort of new coperation stable

hhh reasons is to rid punk of the title, and cena is the chosen one, he has the look of the champ he wants, they could recruit a few other members for protection

imagine the storylines, punk coming out in a pepsi truck spraying hhh/cena

i mean hhh even has that short hair look of a douchebag boss, cena even looks like the cookie cutter douchebag

wm29 vs taker is perfect, taker has his 20 wins now, cena needs something shocking to turn and that would be it, plus its in new york area where fans hate him anyways, it could be rival BATB 96
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Playing Backstage Politics
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Their clearly saving rock/Brock and cena/taker for wrestlemania 30.

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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Re: My Take on RTWM

I'm okay with Rock/Brock and Undertaker/Cena but Triple H needs to go away forever, not be involved the World title picture.

In regards to WWE, we are not in the PG Era. We are in the Watered Down Era!

"Triple H fans will say that everything is true if it has to do with making him look good. And if it's a bad rumor, it's not true because "it's from the dirtsheets"."

Triple H fans are the worst!
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Re: My Take on RTWM

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Their clearly saving rock/Brock and cena/taker for wrestlemania 30.
i don't like that at all
mania is huge every year, packed stadiums
to save everything for "next year" is wrong imo

the big names will be there next year to, they can have 3 big matches this year, and for all we know takers body might not hold up and he could retire, and if austin returns he will want the spotlight to himself

so if cena/taker happens i think this is the time to do it, especially at a hostile new york crowd
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Re: My Take on RTWM

Yeah, saving stuff for "next year" seems like a bad idea, it made a really long, bland build up, for Cena vs Rock, and the match just didn't deliver based off of the wait.

I'm really hoping this is Undertaker's last year, probably won't be, I'm sure they are paying him a LOT of money, but they need to use this spot for the younger talent at this point. I'm not sure they'd do Taker vs Cena, you can tell backstage that they *really* want Cena over, and that won't happen with the Undertaker, whether he wins or loses (and let's face it, he'll lose).

Rock vs Brock makes sense to me too, the whole Brock interference thing seems pretty obvious at this point, it's either going to him or the Shield doing the run in.
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Wheelman for James Ellsworth
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Re: My Take on RTWM

remember wm19, great card
imagine if they pulled 2 or 3 great matches from that card for "next year", it would of sucked, cards like wm17 and wm19 are still talked about today because they put there best foot forward and gave us great matches

"well rock/austin should be saved for wm 18 because this card is already good"
bad mentality

they can give us 3 big main events with fresh stuff
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Re: My Take on RTWM

I just cannot picture HHH with his new haircut in his wrestling attire.
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