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Natalya being with Khali

Ok what the hell is the point of it? I mean for one Khali is ugly as sin, and can't speak for shit so the idea that any diva could fall for him is ridiculous as hell. Besides all of that What the hell good is it doing Natalya besides making her look dumb? I mean now with Eve gone the division is very very thin so why wwe is wasting one of the most talented Diva's on the roster with that pile of shit Khali is beyond me. I mean surely Natalya must be thinking in her head everytime she comes out with him "Why the fuck do i stay?". She should just fucking go to TNA, i know the pay would be alot less but at least they treat their females wrestlers with some respect.

I mean damn what did Natalya do, did she piss someone off backstage? Its like Vince has a checklist titled "List of ways to humiliate Natalya" Sorry i just don't get it, i really don't.

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Re: Natalya being with Khali

I never imagined I'd ever be jealous of the Great Khali...and yet, here we are.

I love professional-wrestling.
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Re: Natalya being with Khali

if she had any dignity left she would quit.

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Re: Natalya being with Khali

she's good friends with Khali in real..

lol tyson kidd, out for a year and now have to watch his gf making out with a YETIIII
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Re: Natalya being with Khali

I can't understand pairing the two as well. Utter disgrace to Natalya. She's far more than getting paired with Khali and even worse considering the lack of depth in the divas division when you have a talented wrestler hanging out with a talentless hog. Since when was Khali relevant?
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Re: Natalya being with Khali

It's supposed to be funny, sadly nobody cares enough to tell Vince otherwise. It's a shame because the Diva's division actually has some potential with Natalya, Tamina, Layla and AJ Lee.

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Re: Natalya being with Khali

Too sad at thread to reply.

Your opinions don't matter. I am right and everyone one not agreeing with me is a troll, or an idiot.

(Typical poster thought process)
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Re: Natalya being with Khali

It really sucks that they treat her like such an idiot. First the farting gimmick and now this.
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Re: Natalya being with Khali

Vince hates the Harts.

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Re: Natalya being with Khali

They want her to quit. She's probably getting paid more than the other divas based on her lineage and she's not worth the price anymore but the wwe doesn't want to fire a Hart either.

I mean to go from a farting gimmick, to being paired with Khali and Hornswoggle on screen? I assume she comes up pregnant soon and the angle will be who's the daddy - Khali or Hornswoggle...
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