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Re: ADR is over.

If it's so easy to get cheered how come Sheamus is less popular now (this after feuding with Big Show) than he was at the start of last year when he feuded with Daniel Bryan? How come nobody outside of Orton, Punk, Cena, Sheamus, and Big Show elicits even a decent reaction from the crowd as a face? When Christian turned face, he didn't get anything close to the reactions that Del Rio currently is getting. How about The Miz? He probably got bigger pops as a heel. What about Kofi Kingston? It's mild at best.

It's not easy to get cheered (or booed for that matter) in today's age of children in the audience. Now if this were the 80's and early 90's, I could see your point because the crowds were HEAVILY into every character unlike today despite them sharing roughly the same demographics. Tons of children and parents back then, but they also cared about other wrestlers other than Hogan. Today's kids only care about Cena (and Mysterio to a lesser extent).

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Much prefer him as face....however the whole throwing paper on big show thing was too lame for me

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Re: ADR is over.

I liked the vignettes and the first 4 to 6 months of ADR. I just kept telling myself...

"People are gonna see how good this guy is and starting booing him and appreciating him. Any day now."

It didn't happen. WWE forced the issue with all of these accolades and the more ADR won, the quieter the crowds were.

All they needed was a face turn. So obvious that somebody who was a face his entire career and then gets a "destiny" storyline should have a year or so build to a title win that the crowd can mark out for when he wins. ADR is over because the crowd wanted to mark for ADR as a babyface underdog fulfilling his destiny for about 2 years now.
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I'm excited to see where he can go as a face.

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Re: ADR is over.

He's likably charismatic and has a charm that makes him appeal greatly as a face. Glad to see something has worked out very well for him. And his compassion and love for Ricardo is kind of sweet, in a weird way. Just more to like, in a non homosexual way.

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Re: ADR is over.

Del Rio is awesome but I'll say it again:

where are his CARS?!?? WHAT HAPPENED???
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Re: ADR is over.

The IWC gets way too excited over face/heel turns in the very beginning. You guys were saying the same thing about Sheamus when he first turned face and in a couple months, most of you started hating him (I'm not a Sheamus hater, just saying). Del Rio's character now is a lot better than it was (probably because his heel run was growing very stale), but he still bores me to death. Great athlete, decent on the mic, but just too boring and uninteresting for me. And trust me, you guys will probably end up turning your backs on him too just as you did with Sheamus in a couple months. Barrett should be the one holding the WHC and Del Rio should be in the midcard. Not the other way around, WWE -__-

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Re: ADR is over.

I don't know, he comes off as more of a natural heel than face to me. Maybe it's 'cause I'm used to seeing him as a heel and he was so great at it. As a face, he seems corny, giving the fans fives and shit. Maybe it was the turn for me. It seemed so sudden. I don't like sudden face turns and if they are going to be sudden, I don't like the change in a characters behavior to be. That's why I liked the Miz's turn. It felt more natural and his mannerism and behavior didn't change overnight. He eased into his face turn. Even though I will admit he does some corny shit as a face. Anyway back to ADR, it's funny because the first time I seen him in action, he was a face. It was in a hardcore match between him and Heath Slater in FCW (GREAT match BTW. One of the best FCW matches I've ever seen). So after seeing that match, I know he can pull off the face thing. I just think it's going to take some getting use to for me.
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Re: ADR is over.

Originally Posted by DiBiase View Post
Del Rio is awesome but I'll say it again:

where are his CARS?!?? WHAT HAPPENED???
Babyfaces don't flaunt their wealth in peoples faces.

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Re: ADR is over.

the guy is natural face (dating back to his career in Mexico). they should have debuted him as one.
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