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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

because Khali is a sexy beast
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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

Kids like to dance to his song

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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

Originally Posted by Raizel View Post
I second this, Drew's hometown is a 20 minute drive from where I live, and I cringe every time I see him. He's terrible.

I remember someone posting a while ago from India saying they didn't give a toss about Khali.
Because one poster from India on this board is equal to their 1.2 billion strong population.

Vince doesn't make Khali wrestle because he is indian and therefore popular with the indian demographic, Vince makes Khali wrestle because Khali was HUGE with the indian population BEFORE he came to the WWE, he was signed to get the indian viewership to tune in because they are the second most populated country in the world. They attempted to replace him with Jinder Mahal but it failed horribly so Khali ended up coming back.

It's like Mysterio being pushed for so long solely because he was popular with the hispanic demographic, it's the position ADR will be in for awhile as well. Every country needs their hero.

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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

Vince is a good man, he knows everyone needs piss breaks, or a few minutes to get/make a snack.

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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

You don't 'make' a 7+ feet tall, 400-pound man do anything he doesn't want to.
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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

vince always loved his huge wrestlers
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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

Khali was well known in India when he was just a police officer, due to his gargantuan height. He is very much an A-list celebrity in India, One of the largest populations on the planet as well as one of the fastest growing Economies.

Having an Indian star like Khali is only good for the show. Breaking the WWE into India and China is clearly a massive goal for Vince, and any performer who can help with this is going to get tv time.

I'm fine with it.

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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

after a terrible Kahli match we cut to Vince Backstage....

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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

As has been stated, Khali is still around because of his status in India. They tried to build Jinder Mahal up but no one gave a crap about him (hence why he is in the jobber group now), so they had to get Khali back and probably wont go anywhere until they can find a guy to represent India that people actually care about.

To be honest, Khali doesn't bother me anymore. It is not like he is getting a monster push like he once did.

Originally Posted by lorex View Post
The reason Khali has a job and the reason no tallent, steroid using hacks like Ryback have work is that it part of Vince McMahon theory that wrestlers have to be larger than life characters. Given his past success with Hogan and Andre the Giant I suppost it is hard for him to think of anying else as having the potential for big success. Given the dominance of WWE this has become the accepted norm in North American pro wrestling.
Steroid using. lol. You don't have to be using steroids to look like that. Both guys are totally different anyway. Ryback actually has some wrestling talent (muscled up or not) while Khali only has his height going for him.
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Re: Why Does Vince Make Khali Wrestle?

In all honesty, it was more of character build, but I thought heel Khali>face Ryback tbh. Both are horrible though.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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