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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

Originally Posted by phreddie spaghetti View Post
You guys have to be teenagers or just haven't matured yet. Punk is in his mid 30's and acts like the kids that shop at Hottopic. There's all this talk of how "We can connect with Punk because he's just an ordinary guy". Punk looks lazy and unmotivated to accomplish anything. If you don't want to dedicate yourself to be healthy and fit and keep a positive mental attitude that's fine. Not everyone can do it and clearly Punk can't do it. Punk needs someone to motivate him to get rid of his generic, non-athletic ordinary guy look. Being straight edge isn't the only recipe for success. He's not the only person on the planet that is drug free. I don't drink I don't smoke, but that doesn't make me better than anyone.

You want inspiration, listen to Warrior

very mature username you have there m8
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

Normally he inspires me to change the channel when I hear his music but he is feuding with The Rock so I'm giving him another try,

I'll get back to you on the whole inspiration thing once the feud is over.
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

Originally Posted by zkorejo View Post
I think i have been this way all my life, but yea seeing CM Punks character only makes me feel its a good quality. Being brutally honest is actually good for you and others around you in a long term, even if others think you are an asshole.
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

I don't know... I love Cm Punk to death cause he's like a inspiration for me but it's not like he's the fucking Dalai Lama and shit

Don't smoke, don't drink, don't fuck around is a cool kind of lifestyle and i respect him for that one his whole vegan thing is not my kind of stuff and Dude make a name for himself without kissing ass

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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

thats cool dude, Y2J has definetely inspired me in some circles, but its hard to apply his heel tactics to real life, ya know? Like someone said in this thread which I forgot to quote but will get a rep, CM Punk truly is more of a human than just a wrestler, thats why he inpsires me more. but I gotta ask, you didnt punch one of your enemies wives in the mouth did you?

and my situation hasnt really escalated, but its only been a few weeks. ive been talking shit to my ex and her dude apparently wants to kick my ass, my latest quote I told her was there is one thing hes better at than I am, and thats kissing her moms ass. Cuz her mom hates me, and then I said Id like to think your relationship live would be better once your mom is dead! I am causing a shitstorm dude![/QUOTE]

Haha well you nailed with some contextual Cm Punk lines which I can appreciate. Maybe try telling him their relationship will be like Hanson said, "mmm bop it's gone" I'm glad we can have a real conversation over this forum in this thread despite most people dropping in to drop some negativity off and then leaving again. Maybe it sounds pathetic or strange to some, but it is as valid to derive inspiration and passion from a wrestler as from an actor, musician etc. Jericho and Punk both taught me it's okay to say you are the best in the world at what you do, and it's even more okay to believe it.
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

What he does in-ring yes but other than that, meh

Marking for the shield, daniel bryan, dolph ziggler, cody rhodes, sami zayn, wyatt family.

Not removing until:

Wyatt Family Hold Tag or single titles

Sami Zayn Debuts

Dolph Ziggler Main Events a PPV

Cody Rhodes gets pushed proper

Liverpool fan!
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

big fan but doesn't inspire me, the only inspirations i have are bruce lee, muhammed ali, ronaldo and messi

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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

CM Punk speaks for the common people.
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

CM Punk speaks for the common nerd.
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

Inspire me.... To be an asshole, over sour grapes and jealousy of "not being a big enough star" when I'm already a multi-time World Champion? No, he doesn't.

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