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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

I've been straight edge for all the 35 years of my life and dont need to show myself off as an asshole, no he doesn't inspire me.
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

lol. Acting like CM Punk will get you fired, thrown out of stores, lose friends, and get your ass beat.

Though, the more I think about that, the more I hope Punk fans do act like him. Enjoy the fallout. Acting like that irl will make nearly everyone around you dislike you.

The straight edge thing is the only thing good about Punk, and you shouldn't need Punk to inspire you to be straight edge. You just need to have the balls to not be peer pressured into it by geeks or otherwise have no outstanding social traits.
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Re: Does CM Punk inpsire you?

Originally Posted by Eclairal View Post
Why should he be my inspiration ? My inspiration are Chris Benoit,Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley. Guys who loved everything and same if they didn't have when they debuts, thanks to the hard work, they could realise their dreams
Does no one see the irony in this statement? Its insulting to all ppl with mental illnesses to absolve Benoit of moral responsibility for what he did.

CM Punk does inspire me. He seemingly had no shot at the WWE, and made it to the top of the roster. He's the most unique character in a long time. Ppl like to call him an indy guy, but his childhood dream was to make it to the WWE, and he accomplished it. Good for him.

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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

the only good thing to inspire from punk is the don't drink and don't do drugs. Everything is nothing to be inspired from him.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

Me and Punk are quite similar in our beliefs and ideas based off listening to a few of his interviews. I had no idea what straight edge was before he started his whole shtick with the SES, but I didn't/don't drink/smoke or do drugs, mainly for health issues rather than proving a point/bad past experiences. I think he shows people and kids that you can be relatively successful without having to give into peer pressure and such.

That's as far as i'd go to consider Punk an inspiration. As far as the OP's situation goes, hire a dude to low blow him and hope you're not locked in a cage.

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
you guys are losers, i cant believe you actually watch wrestling

i just sit at home and watch the tickets being sold off the ticketmaster website to see whos drawing

sometimes if the show is in town, i feel extra daring and go to the arena and watch them sell tickets IN PERSON

other day i started jerking off in the ticket both at all that DRAWING and had to be escorted out of the arena
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Re: Does CM Punk inpsire you?

Originally Posted by Hawksea View Post
He only inspires me to grab a pillow and take short nap when ever he's on the screen.
Best me to it lol
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
Being like Punk in real life will probably get you a lot more people who hate you and want to beat the hell out of you. He's not exactly the best role model and he admits it himself.
That's true, but for a long time I would always suck up to people and let people walk over me JUST for the sake of being nice and wanting to have this personality where everyone thinks im a nice dude, because it comes in handy plus its cool when people think you're a a nice guy when deep down inside you're someone completely different. But Punk has inspired me to just speak my mind and show the world how I really am and be a major asshole, if I take a few ass beatings in the future idc its not like I havent before.

Originally Posted by UltimateOppitunist View Post
Not really

And LMFAO at implying wrestling feuds to real life situations. 3 random guys in body armor aren't gonna save you if he starts beating your ass in the middle of the street OP,damn.
lol yeah dude ive always done stuff like this obviously not as extreme as hoping shit like that would happen, but nonetheless ive done it. one time im middle school I joined this little gang to fight another gang just because Randy Orton was doing it against Triple H! lmao this was when I was a mark though and like 13 haha

Originally Posted by obby View Post
not really

Also OP, like my avatar?
no Christian sucks ass

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
OP should have just asked 'what pro wrestlers inspire you.' You're just asking for a Punk bash thread with that title.
You're right, that woulda been a way better title.

Originally Posted by Ovidswaggle View Post
I get you OP. I would say yes but I feel that, for me personally, it was Jericho's WCW and WWE heels that inspired me. But for many of the same reasons. I'm sure many on here will decry your statement and now mine but it is true, I used my allegiance and appreciation for Jericho, his character, and his strength in that role, as inspiration for myself. It was almost as if I siphoned off vicarious confidence through him. How did it turn out? Pretty damn well I have a sexy wife, a great daughter, a decent job and a nice house. To be honest I think I phoned my confidence in for years after seeing Jericho have it, and eventually it jut became real. I am curious about how your situation wound up? Did you nail him with anyzingers?
thats cool dude, Y2J has definetely inspired me in some circles, but its hard to apply his heel tactics to real life, ya know? Like someone said in this thread which I forgot to quote but will get a rep, CM Punk truly is more of a human than just a wrestler, thats why he inpsires me more. but I gotta ask, you didnt punch one of your enemies wives in the mouth did you?

and my situation hasnt really escalated, but its only been a few weeks. ive been talking shit to my ex and her dude apparently wants to kick my ass, my latest quote I told her was there is one thing hes better at than I am, and thats kissing her moms ass. Cuz her mom hates me, and then I said Id like to think your relationship live would be better once your mom is dead! I am causing a shitstorm dude!

Top three favorite wrestlers of ALL TIME
1.Triple H
2.Chris Jericho
3.Randy Orton
(Have had a change of heart, last updated 07-25-14)
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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

wait .......... what ??

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Re: Does CM Punk inspire you?

Do I wish I was him? Hell no. Does he inspire me Hell yes.

Doesn't take shit.
Dedication for years and years of hard work that has finally paid of with him being at the top of the company.
A loyal friend who bailed out the likes of Joe Mercury.
Stand up to the bigger man and looks out for the little man.
Speaks the truth.

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