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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

this is a disgrace..

no not the fact the miz is using the figure 4 but in flair's own words, "good luck with it i was never able to beat anyone with it"


...has Ric Flair ever beaten anyone with the figure4?! and then to see it on smackdown make someone submit when the miz used it for the 1st time

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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

I do agree that Flair should be paired with Ziggler, not Miz.

The people bitching and moaning about The Miz having the figure four make me laugh, it was never exclusive to Flair. You cannot win with some people; they'll bitch and moan saying 'The Miz can't wrestle', then when he tries to expand his move-set for more interesting matches they'll bitch and moan that he's doing the wrong moves.

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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

Oh christ almighty, of all the people for Flair to endorse. Miz is a perfectly fine midcarder at best, but we saw how horribly out of place he was in the main event.

If WWE wants to properly deploy Flair as legend and current insane person ready to give a rub to someone, it should be given to a guy with actual main event potential. The Miz is not that guy.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

Its not that the Miz uses the figure four leglock, its that he did it in the ring with Flairs "blessing".

Your opinions don't matter. I am right and everyone one not agreeing with me is a troll, or an idiot.

(Typical poster thought process)
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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

WWE are so out of touch! That segment absolutely sucked fucking balls, so they're going to keep doing it? WHY???!!!
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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

In my opinion it shows how poor the business is right now when both TNA and WWE try to use Ric Flair to put over someone more.

Miz is not the guy. We saw how horribly out of place he was when Rock first came back and started going at it with Cena. Miz didn't look like the champion then, he looked like the third wheel. Now they want to try and put him over as a top babyface? Come on...

Miz using the figure four leg lock doesn't bother me, but them thinking Flair putting over an average midcarder could be the answer to their problems is laughable.
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WWE.COM: Stylin' And Profilin' With The Miz

Stylin' and profilin' with The Miz

It’s no secret The Miz craves the finer things in life: designer clothes, fast cars, good food and, perhaps most importantly, attention. But on a special edition of “Miz TV” during the historic 20th anniversary of Raw, The Awesome One humbly relinquished his spotlight for the legendary Ric Flair — a ring icon who holds the distinction of being the only Superstar to be inducted twice into the WWE Hall of Fame.

When United States Champion Antonio Cesaro had the audacity to interrupt Miz’s interview with the 16-time World Champion — which included a spirited “Wooo!”-off — the WWE Universe anticipated (and hoped) that a Figure-Four Leglock was in the Swiss Superstar’s immediate future. Surprisingly, it would not be delivered by “The Dirtiest Player in the Game,” though. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

After Miz leveled Cesaro with the Skull-Crushing Finale, Flair invited the former WWE Champion to apply his signature Figure-Four on the prone “Miz TV” invader. As Miz locked in the hold, Cesaro flailed in agony and “Naitch” reacted by enthusiastically bounding off the ropes performing an elbow drop on his own suit jacket. In Flair parlance, that’s a seal of approval.

“That moment was magical for me,” Miz told “I remember doing the strut as a kid, doing the ‘Wooos!’ and for Ric Flair, a legend, to say ‘hey, kid, do my move,’ that just brought back childhood memories, and no child ever grows up thinking it would happen to them.”

From a young age, Miz was drawn to Flair, whose elaborate attire, over-the-top microphone tirades and whatever-it-takes offense — including chest-igniting chops and the aforementioned Figure-Four — made him a cornerstone of the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling throughout the 1970s and 1980s. It wasn’t until 1991 and a rivalry with then–WWE Champion Hulk Hogan that Flair introduced himself to the WWE Universe, which quickly admired the brash competitor despite his tendency to bend the rules.

“Flair looked, talked and acted like a star, from his limousines to his jets to his partying ways,” Miz affirmed, no doubt inspired throughout his career by the “stylin’ and profilin’ ” WWE Hall of Famer. “In the ring, he was someone to be reckoned with and he always found a way to win. He wasn’t the biggest guy, but he was a champion because he knew how to win. And the Figure-Four Leglock got him so many victories.”

Though now synonymous with Flair, the Figure-Four was first made popular by the original “Nature Boy,” the first-ever WWE Champion, Buddy Rogers, in the 1960s. It’s been used by numerous elite competitors throughout wrestling history, from Greg “The Hammer” Valentine to Dusty Rhodes to Bret “Hit Man” Hart. It’s even been applied by Triple H and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels as a fitting tribute to Flair, and its longevity is due in large part to its excruciating effectiveness.

“The Figure-Four destroys your leg,” The Awesome One said with a grin. “It tears your leg apart. Your ankle, your knee, everything.”

With Miz going on to use the Figure-Four to pick up a key win over former WWE Tag Team Champion Primo on SmackDown, it’s clear the calculating Clevelander is considering adding the iconic submission hold to his arsenal for the long-term. (WATCH THE MIZ ON “BACKSTAGE FALLOUT”)

“I’d love to keep using it, as long as it’s OK with Ric Flair,” Miz said. “I think it is [OK], because he’s the one that actually told me to do it. I think of it as an homage to Ric Flair, and to keep his legacy alive, I’ll keep doing it.”

That statement might not bode well for Cesaro, who continues to target The Miz on his quest to demonstrate his superiority over Americans as their United States Champion.

“The best part of America is the people that live in it,” said The Miz, a former United States Champion in his own right. “To put someone Like Antonio Cesaro in the Figure-Four is, in one word, awesome.”
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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

Flair endorsing Miz is like Dr. Strangelove endorsing Little Nicky.
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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

Originally Posted by CharliePrince View Post
this is a disgrace..

no not the fact the miz is using the figure 4 but in flair's own words, "good luck with it i was never able to beat anyone with it"


...has Ric Flair ever beaten anyone with the figure4?! and then to see it on smackdown make someone submit when the miz used it for the 1st time


It actually made me facepalm (though it did make me laugh as well) when Flair said that. Yes, he's actually beaten a LOT of wrestlers with the figure-four. One of the most notable ones was in an "I Quit" match against Terry Funk at Clash of the Champions. So it was really a bit of self-deprecation on Flair's part despite it not being true.

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Re: Backstage News On Flair & Miz

I must be the only one who isnt bothered about this in either way. I dont hate it or do I mind it, its just meh... Not sure why to be honest, if I had to choose anyone to give Flair firefour too as well as his passing of the torch to it would be one of the guys in NXT and then build him through the ranks and into the WWE, I feel all the people actually in the WWE right now are pretty established (most anyway) so to plant flair as a manager and a torch passing it would work better on undeveloped talents right now, but as I said I am not really bothered either way.

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