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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

His strength and size should impress Vince even if his workrate doesn't mean anything to Vince.

His current gimmick is fine. He'll evolve over time as he's pushed higher up the card. Kurt Angle's debut gimmick would probably be considered "limited" today as well, and yet he never really had to change it so much as just expand his character as he became more and more prominent. Same case here.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

He needs a mouthpiece talking for him and his in-ring skills
are good but the best,your overlooking DZ,DB,WB,RO,and Punk.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
It's hilarious this thread even exists. Guy has been here less than a year and you people think you know how his career is gonna go. I should red rep all of you for being so naive.
I don't know he'll be on top of the company, I know he'll be really good. The dude's great on the mic. Remember when Angle showed up, talking about the 3 I's? Condescending to the crowd about diet and physical fitness? The promos themselves weren't amazing, but the delivery was great, his portrayal of that ridiculous, cartoony character was great and entertaining, which is how you knew that with improvement (which is inevitable) he would be great on the mic. Its just like Damien Sandow. Nobody thinks Damien Sandow will be the WWE Champion and the "intellectual savior of the masses," asking the audience three questions like its a f'n game show. His entertaining portrayal of that ridiculous, simple gimmick, however, shows us how great he is on the mic, which is why we know he'll be great someday.

Wrestlers improve. Gimmicks change. As it is, he's very entertaining. Same goes for Sandow, in my opinion.

Mic skills are rarer than everyone realizes. I've said this before on this thread, I'll say it again: Cesaro's mic skills are only behind 10 members of the roster today, and I'm being generous (I think, still just my opinion): Punk, Big Show, Sheamus, John Cena, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Miz, and Randy Orton. I think those 10 guys are the only guys who are better on the microphone than Cesaro, a WWE rookie. All of those guys improved with time, and most are continuing to improve, that's how the mental part of wrestling works. If anyone thinks another wrestler is better on the mic, please tell me.

That list of wrestlers with real mic skills should put Cesaro's talent in context. He's very good at what he does, and he'll only improve with time.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

The guy has it all. Even Stevie Wonder could see that.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

From day one his my favourite with Sandow of this generation. The 'best'? I think its too early to say this. But IMO he will became a decorated champion + part of good feuds in future. He has what it takes to be 'credible' top heel in either of brands. Excellent in ring, improving on the mic, has charisma,character & humour of his own. You can call it bandwagoner or other shit but I enjoy his work & think that potential to be something great in this buzziness.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

I def agree the Caesaro is a talent. Watching him and I cant help but compare him with the Rock, atleast in terms of physique. They are both tall, strong and athletic. He still has a long way to go though, esp with charisma.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

I don't see how Cesaro lacks charisma. He has a very main-event, charismatic presence. It's his mic skills that aren't spectacular, although they're not bad.

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Talent/charisma draws. Not size.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

Slightly green but looking better every week, I would like to see him paired with Paul Heyman and or CM Punk for a while. A future feud with Daniel Bryan should be amazing.

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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

Has the look, great in the ring, very strong a well.

He's really cookie cutter on the mic though. Nothing new at all.
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Re: Antonio Cesaro is going to be "the best"

before he even gets close to the likes of Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, he needs to develop his mic skills, charisma and personality ALOT. You can't just throw the next good wrestler, give him a push and expect him to become a legend. Legends take much more than that to be made.

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