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Re: Ryback winning the wwe title is bad for business.

Originally Posted by KingJohn View Post
Doubt he'll be WWE Champion anytime soon, but it's almost a guarantee he'll be WHC by the end of the year. From what everybody that's see him live has said, he's one of the most over guys in the company and has a real strong presence live. Would much rather have Ryback as WHC than Sheamus or Big Show, he's actually one of the few reasons Raw is worth watching and would help out Smack Down a lot if he was a regular on their as WHC.
i agree over shameus but big show is doing a great job as heel the title means more with big show as champion imo
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Re: Ryback winning the wwe title is bad for business.

Ryback got almost as over as Bryan in a lot less time. I like Bryan more, but that definitely says a lot about Ryback.

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It is bad but this is the same company that had Miz win a Wrestlemania main event. Two years later that looks like an even worse choice then it did then. Ryback will be a World Champion against their better judgment. Him looking for the table the whole time Shield was power bombing him by the way was hilarious. He is so awful.

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Re: Ryback winning the WWE Title is bad for business.

Ryback is nowhere near ready for the main event picture but WWE has just pushed him into it and he's really gotten over the fans. He's had about 4 title shots and lost all, so how do we keep credibility going? We want to keep the momentum going by not having him in the title picture but we don't want to send him back to the squashing jobbers days. Wow, they've fucked themselves over with this one.

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Re: Ryback winning the wwe title is bad for business.

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
Ryback got almost as over as Bryan in a lot less time. I like Bryan more, but that definitely says a lot about Ryback.
Not nearly. I was just watching Survivor Series and everything DB did got a reaction, they missed the boat by not letting him come out to his own theme song because that crowd, as most crowds do these days, love fuckin Daniel Bryan. Ryback on the other hand...got nada as he entered, he's growing on people and they like to chant "Feed Me More" but he's not really all that over, he's not "championship" over.

On the topic of whether to make Ry champ. My answer is an unequivocal NO. Here's my reasons:
1) His character is 1 dimensional and has tunnel vision: He's been chasing the title since October, this is the ONLY storyline he's ever been apart of. The ONLY ONE. If you gave him the title...then what? Also, he failed to eliminate the Shield as a group, it was the perfect time to force single matches against each guy, instead they kept using Ry as main event fodder to get his experience together...which leads to....

2) He's inexperienced:He's trying, and he's working with Punk which is I'm sure an education but he will have to work 20 minute matches at some point and he's not ready for that yet. His cardio is shit and his offense is rudimentary.

3) See my short response to the quote....he's simply not that over. He's was getting positive responses because people wanted to see Punk lose, not really because they wanted Ryback to win...there's a difference.

4) He's a "monster" face: let's not be too confused between this and my first reason. They are similar but not the same. Ryback can't take pinfalls, he can barely handle losing. Monster faces are too hard to maintain and with the amount of TV they do it wil get excruciatingly boring. He's lost all his main events....but only been pinned once and that's because there was no way around it, he had to be pinned. Monster faces...like monster heels can't be pinned or made to look foolish or they lose mystique...especially when they don't have the ability to get themselves back over after losing.

5) His promos are terrible: They just suck, he doesn't have it verbally and his mannerisms (huffing & puffing) don't help. This is why his character is one dimensional. He can't tap into anything else...only intense...that's it. The character has no depth.

They all blend together in some way but these are truths. Some of it can be covered by making him the WHC on SD, which if they insist on making him a world champion I suppose that'll do. I personally would rather he feud with Cesaro over the U.S. Title. Its significant, it gives him a goal, an opponent he can learn from, a pool of opponents to work with afterwards, more exposure and he can hold it and be dominant until he grows.
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Re: Ryback winning the WWE Title is bad for business.

The kid's seem to love him. He's being primed as Cena's replacement. A superhero type face that has a character which children can easily latch on to. Feed me more. Feed me more. That's easy for even a 4 year old to repeat. So yeah, he's good for business.

Personally I find he's still a bit green, but he's gone through a million tables and put some people through them also so I guess I can't complain too much. It is what it is. Ryback's not going to give you a mat classic, but he'll give you an awkward brawl!



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Re: Ryback winning the WWE Title is bad for business.

He's more tolerable to me then Cena thats for damn sure, but him the champion would have me tuning out quick.


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Re: Ryback winning the wwe title is bad for business.

An exciting wrestler who the crowd cheers tremendously for isn't bad for business. Talk about hyperbole. What you like personally and what your opinion is isn't shared by every WWE fan. Don't claim it's bad for business just because you wouldn't like it. Is there any proof he would be? Oh, maybe his storyline segments rated poorly? Nope, they all gained a lot of viewers. Maybe the PPVs he got bad buyrates? Oh wait, those were good too.

Anyway, Ryback isn't going to win the WWE title any time soon. WWE has been dead set with this CM Punk thing.

At best, Ryback may get a shot at the WHC and potentially be a Smackdown star before going back to Raw. But I doubt that title shot will come any sooner than Summerslam. WWE seems to have no significant plans for Ryback right now.

Originally Posted by RDClip View Post
No he doesn't have what it takes, but that's hasn't stopped WWE putting World Titles on guys like Miz, Swagger, Sheamus, and Del Rio (and thats just in the last few years) They'll put a World Title on him and push him to the moon even if attendance and rating suffer because Vince can never be wrong.
You forgot to include CM Punk on that list. He's Vince's choice just like everyone else.
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Re: Ryback winning the wwe title is bad for business.

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
Ask again after he hurts someone...which will probably be very soon.

That's one of the most ridiculous things I've read in a while. You could say the same thing about every single WWE superstar "wait until he hurts someone" LMFAO. Just think before you post for Christ's sake.
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Re: Ryback winning the WWE Title is bad for business.

He can't work, he can't talk & he has lost every big match he's ever been in. What does he bring to the table at all? Even the fans in attendance see right through him, as a rip-off, that's why they chant Goldberg at him. Of course WWE should not strap him.

Granted his losses were all because of shenanigans but still.
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