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Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
Swagger was a shitty World Champion, so I doubt he could save any title.

So? Us title isn't the world title.

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Re: Cesaro/Jack Swagger fued?

If they do this correctly, the feud could actually bring prestige back to the title. The stars are aligned for a Swagger vs Cesaro feud, that I feel WWE wont do it. If Swagger doesn't appear at RAW on the 20th anniversary to challenge Cesaro, he'll enter the Rumble match and probably feud for the IC title..
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Re: Cesaro/Jack Swagger fued?

Face Swagger will come back and reclaim HIS United States Championship because he's The All-American American.

... Well that would be kinda cool. I'm not a big Swagger mark or Cesaro mark, but it might make for some interesting TV.

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Re: Cesaro/Jack Swagger fued?

I think it would be cool to see swagger come back as long as he is better on the mic, I mean the man went from defeating big show and Orton to loosing to the Cobra.

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Re: Cesaro/Jack Swagger fued?

I'm confused as to what "saving" the US belt needs at the moment?

Cesaro is doing a fine job as champion, thus far. For WWE booking they haven't made him a particularly bitchy heel and he has wrestled consistently good matches week in and week out. Having the belt go from Cesaro to a returning, momentumless Swagger would be a huge downgrade, and would ultimately just hurt a title that's being built back up nicely instead of "saving it."

I'd much prefer they explore the possible Cesaro/Miz feud. As much hate as he gets around here, I've always enjoyed Miz, (including this current baby face run.) It will probably end up being a pretty nice feud.
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Re: Cesaro/Jack Swagger fued?

I personally hope he makes a comeback at the Rumble, and eliminates Cesaro or something to set up a feud.. Culminating at WM where Swagger finally wins the belt.

Dunno why so many people hate Swagger. I don't care THAT much about him, but I enjoy his ring work and I liked having him around.

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Re: Cesaro/Jack Swagger fued?

I think they need to rebuild Swagger as a heel due to Miz and Del Rio's turns. The face side already has Cena, Sheamus, Ryback, Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, and Team Hell No. The heel side has CM Punk, Ziggler, Big Show, Wade Barrett (I didn't count the Shield because they aren't ready for high profile singles feuds). That's why all the lower main event heels are stuck fighting 3MB in jobber matchs to kill time, because there aren't enough upper level heels to feud with. If Swagger turns, then the face side will be bogged down even more, and midcard faces like Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, Zack Ryder, and Derrick Bateman will never have a chance to move up.

Swagger should get his push back as a heel. Maybe have him feud with Derrick Bateman over "who the real American Hero is".

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