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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
The show opened strong and that's almost certainly to do with the fact that WWE left everybody on a cliffhanger last week and a lot of people were expecting something big to kick things off. It was advertised that it would be MizTV w/Heyman to open the show but instead we got a CM Punk promo. Was Punk the initial reason so many people decided to watch at the beginning of the show? No. Was he the reason that they stayed regardless of that? Yes. Score one for Punk. His match with Jericho gaining in a random quarter equals score two for Punk. Hey, guess what? Maybe the Rock feud is working and all the people exposed to Punk for the past month like what they see and now want to start watching him? Just a thought for the hater parade.

MizTV doing the highest of the night isn't surprising. It was a great segment and of course BORK was there along with Heyman. Brock is more than likely the reason for the overall higher viewership of the show because his storyline with Vince was the hook from last week. People obviously tuned in again to see what would happen. Here's the thing though and it's to do with that is said below...

Like BANKSY has said, last week there was a great hook to get people to tune in again this week. But there wasn't really any hook or big reason promoted to watch the show next week. Notching really advanced or furthered. The good thing is that it's the go home for Elimination Chamber so maybe they can expect a boost from that and will be bale to maintain this level of viewership.

I have to say though, it's rather strange to be talking about 3.8 quarter hours when just a month ago they couldn't even hit 3.2 quarter hours lol. DAT RAWK, DAT BORK, DAT RTWM.
Good post

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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by Hawksea View Post
You spelled Brock Lesnar wrong.

The crowd was obviously expecting a Rocky interruption in the opening seg as they are still technically feuding.

Brock, Cena, Rock (in person and in spirit) and Vince had been the ones carrying the post-Rumble viewership boom.

And with Undertaker and HHH's impending returns, this could sky rocket into weekly 4.5's.............
Exactly, these CM Punk fanboys make me laugh. I like the guy, but do they honestly think casual fans look at dirtsheets and find out that rock isn't gonna turn up?
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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by Strongside View Post
Hopefully that big viewership dip will teach WWE a lesson: fans are sick and tired of seeing repetitive matches between the same two guys week after week, often with the same damn outcome every time!

Honestly I don't think they care.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Rock as champion+Lesnar coming back certainly helped things more than I thought they would. I knew Raw last week, being the fallout from the Rumble, would do a great number but it did even better than I thought. This week though, even with Lesnar returning and the hook they had, I thought they'd struggle to get around a 3.3, let alone a 3.5whateveritwas. Impressive that they've kept some great numbers up and look to be continuing with that. I mean really by logic, once Taker and HHH return, coupled with Rock and Lesnar being there, they should be getting more segments in the high 3.0's and maybe even 4.0. 3.7's-4.0's should become a normal thing in theory based on these last two weeks. However who knows? Could be that only those guys get high ratings but the rest of the show bombs terribly, moreso than usual, and that brings the average down.

Next week they should be fine. We know they'll have Rock. Lesnar should be there as well. I wouldn't be surprised if HHH makes an appearance as well... though they'll probably save him for EC or the Raw after EC. Maybe Stephanie will make an appearance and announce HHH will make a statement regarding Lesnar at the EC PPV to help out buys, or for Raw the next week. But Lesnar and Rock alone should (once again in theory) be enough to keep ratings in the 3.5 range at least, even with the lack of a hook and promotion. If what Rock marks say is true and that fans tuned in expecting Rock to show up as champion, that should apply for next week as well, right? So all should be good. Put Cena/Ryback/Sheamus/Shield in the opening, 9PM should go to Punk or Rock, 10PM goes to Lesnar/Heyman again, and overrun goes to both Punk and Rock. Have a Punk match, Cena match, Ryback match, and Sheamus match spread out throughout. Hell, they could put make singles matches between Cena, Sheamus, Ryback, and The Shield. Have say, Cena vs. Reins, Rollins vs. Ryback, and Ambrose vs. Sheamus. Have Ambrose beat Sheamus due to Shield interference, have Ryback end up beating Rollins, and then have Cena/Reins end in a no-contest with a big brawl between all the men involved in the 6-man tag, leaking backstage and into the parking lot, where The Shield make their escape and/or come up with something clever to knock out Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus and end up on top.

Plus have Jericho/Ziggler doing some stuff, maybe have some stuff go down for the World Title #1 contendership EC, maybe some final announcements, Del Rio/Show, keep bullshit like Tensai/Clay off the show, and ratings should be good.

Oh, and don't do Barrett/Orton again.

Hell, fuck it, I'll even make a basic outline for the show:

8-8:15- Cena starts off, followed by Sheamus and Ryback to cut promos. Shield comes out and they go back and fourth a bit on the mic (Shield will within the crowd). Then have Vickie or someone make the announcement of the matches I stated above, with Ambrose/Sheamus starting now.
8:15-8:30- Ambrose vs. Sheamus, with Ambrose beating Sheamus due to The Shield interfering.
8:30-8:45- Have a moderate level match here. Maybe do Henry vs. Bryan since I believe they're both in the chamber and they interacted last week.
8:45-9:00- Have a Sandow segment and/or Sandow/Orton match, Orton wins
9:00-9:15- Have Rock advertised to appear here and talk about Punk, and call out Punk. It gets revealed Punk isn't at the arena yet or something like that, and he'll call Punk out later. Doesn't have to be exactly like that.
9:15-9:30- Ryback vs. Rollins with Ryback beating Rollins to even up the score. At one point The rest of The Shield will try to interfere, but Cena/Sheamus will cut them off and they'll back down.
9:30-9:45- Do something with Jericho/Ziggler. Either a promo between the two or Jericho vs. Rhodes with Jericho going over, followed by Jericho getting laid out by Ziggler
9:45-10:00- Have another match between chamber participants if possible, or make final announcements for the chamber match if all 6 spots aren't filled (not sure if they've been yet or not)
10:00-10:15- Brock Lesnar/Heyman/Stephanie McMahon. Maybe announce HHH for EC as I mentioned above and if they want to go a step further, have Lesnar F-5 Stephanie.
10:15-10:30- Del Rio against Barrett. It's a fresh match-up, and can be promoted well as a champion vs. champion match. Have Show cost Del Rio the match, which helps out Barrett and the IC Title, as well as furthers the Show/Del Rio feud. (Which I know is very wishful thinking since it's Barrett, but oh well).
10:30-10:45- Cena/Reins with the scenario I posted above.
10:45-11:00- After video packages/HOF announcement and commercials, put something in here to bring us to around 10:55 or as close to 11:00 as possible and advertise Rock calling out Punk.
10:55-Overrun end- Rock's entrance, but Punk assaults Rock from behind on the ramp and beats the crap out of him with a chair/lead pipe/something, attacking the ribs and trying to re-injure them to give him an advantage going into WM. This goes into the ring with Punk just pounding on the mid-section of Rock. This lasts for a few minutes until referees pull Punk off. The show ends with Punk on the ramp smirking, maybe even taking the WWE Title belt to hold up, and a stretcher comes out, but Rock refuses the medical attention and while hanging on the second rope trying to balance himself stares down Punk to end the show.

Commercials will have to be put in matches/empty spots in those time slots, like I'm sure Henry/Bryan won't go the full 15 minutes, and same with Del Rio/Barrett.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

The huge first quarter was a result of two things, Rock's buzz as WWE Champion with the exposure he's giving the product in the media, and the end of RAW last week with Lesnar's return. Punk and Booker were just there. No other reason. These two reasons were also the reason for the big rating, next week is where the problem begins because 1. They didn't announce Rock after he wasn't on the show this week. And 2. Lesnar's segment didn't do anything to keep anticipation for next week unlike the Vince angle. The company ruined any chance they had of keeping this audience on this week's show IMO. Also, it's safe to say now that the 10pm segment is becoming the strongest timeslot on the show because it's just before they're starting to lose viewers due to the 3 hours concept.
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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Seriously, only indie marks care about Punk.....also the gain was for Jericho, it wasnt a huge gain anyway....
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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by Nimbus View Post
Seriously, only indie marks care about Punk.....also the gain was for Jericho, it wasnt a huge gain anyway....
You really think there are only indy Punk marks after what 7 years in WWE? Add 2 more years and you could talk about indy Cena marks.
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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Interesting breakdown. Great opening. We were advertised Miz TV and Brock. Also, last weeks hook of Brock returning made a big impact. Not to mention Rock being the WWE Champion also drew in people expecting him. We got Punk to open instead, however he can be credited for keeping viewers during this time and gaining during his random quarter with Jericho. This could be a positive sign for Punk due to the current massive exposure while feuding with The Rock. Miz TV being the top of the show is obvious. Brock fucking shit up with a segment that has had big stars on it in the past is bound to do well. A poor over-run is the odd thing. Especially with the names there and how the idea of Cena calling out the Shield and other teasers were in the show with it. Still, Cena's consistency pulls through. Next week will be interesting to see.

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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

I'll go out on a limb and say that the Punk/Jericho match gained a) because of the Raw Active aspect, people wanted to know who the opponent would be and b) because it was a great match.
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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

^ Not to mention "DID YOU GET THE WWE APP YET FOLKS?" plugs every few minutes.

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I call dibs on GTS, Pepsi Plunge and running knee in corner. I am sure Sheamus will take the rest.
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