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Does Dolph Need All This?

My own personal opinion on it i don't think he needs aj or big e langston i feel dolph has proved that he is capable of standing out on his own but how do you feel about it?

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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

don't like the guy, but I feel he needs time alone. If he fail, he fails.

But this is better than being stuck with Vickie. Outside of the first week this stable formed, I noticed that its mostly about Ziggler with AJ Lee being pure valet and Langston being bodyguard, from Smackdown (his match with The Miz) and clips I saw from RAW on youtube (didn't watch the show but checked out his match against Sheamus and the ending clip where AJ only had two sentences and Dolph spoke the whole time).
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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

It gives him an extra dimension if he "rolls with a crew" where as he'd be a bit more 2 dimensional if he was by himself. His gimmick of being a show-off doesn't really make sense. He openly calls himself the show-off, whilst his slogan is "it's not showing off if you back it up." So seeing as he's the show-off, he must be admitting that he can't back it up, strange.



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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

I've never been the biggest Ziggler fan but he's way to good to be in a storyline with a career killer like AJ and a new comer Big E Langston.. I don't know where this storyline will lead but Ziggler needs to become World Champion ASAP.

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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

I don't think he needs them but I think if done right him and AJ could make a very good heel couple so I'm happy for him to do it.

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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

I feel Dolph needs to go it alone for once. He just needs to be given that chance imo, if he fails, he fails. And I agree JY57, that he's better now then when he was with Vickie, but after years of being with Vickie he needs to prove he can go it alone, instead of sticking him with AJ just to keep her relevant. I don't mind Big E as a bodyguard if it will make him more credible of a talent at a main-event level, but he could really do without AJ.
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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

He is definitely better now than when he was with Vickie, he doesn't look like some add-on. But pairing him with Big E. makes him look better in my opinion. I actually find when wrestlers are just solo they can be more boring. Sometimes, not all the times.

Plus, Big E. is an add on to him, not really a "he's not good enough by himself" type of thing. I think his current situation is great, but it's about to go to hell once the Rock and Lesnar return.
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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

i think it's not about what dolph needs but is about what

he was getting over as a face and they are not ready for that at the moment probably, so they keep stucking him with other heels to draw some heat

i really don't know if ziggler doesn't really have a clue about how a heel should act or if the material is that bad, probably both are true, ziggler thinks that being cocky is enough to be hated and wwe keeps using him as a fair and square kinda guy working to clim the ladder, victim of hypocrite faces

they even gave him the superkick, how am i supposed to not mark out to that

so to answer the question, ziggler is talented enough to get over with the crowd, but for a reason or another right now he needs an hand to get the heat expected from a top heel and the wwe instead of working out on his character and his booking, decided that a heat magnet was the way to go, which is fine if they are planning of turning him soon, but if they are planning to keep him heel this angle won't do any good to him

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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

I don't mind him with a bodyguard or being with AJ, but I wish it was someone else other than AJ. If Michelle was still around I would pair those two up.

He does need to be alone though to prove if he can do it himself. I can't even think of a time when he was by himself.

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Re: Does Dolph Need All This?

Cm punk, Daniel Bryan and Ziggler are the three best workers in WWE. Zigglers ,matches are a rare high spot, he oversells but that is part of his gimmick.

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