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Re: Canned heat on Raw

It's the WWE... they don't give a damn about the real fans anymore. They've proven it time and time again. And really, they detest the fans for not cheering who Vince proclaims as god and they don't boo who he proclaims as the devil. You can tell he has become petty over the fact the fans don't like his shit.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Canned heat on Raw

I still remember a SmackDown after WrestleMania when Daniel Bryan was coming out and they cut to the crowd who were obviously exploding with "YES!" chants, and you can tell they were chanting Yes because they were also doing the hand gesture. Yet, during the show they dubbed the whole crowd with booing.

I never felt my intelligence so insulted before.

This of course was during the beginning of Bryan-YESmania and WWE didn't want us to cheer for Bryan so they barely showcased him during Raw.
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Re: Canned heat on Raw

honestly i fucken hate it when they do that, the audiences real reactions is part of my viewing pleasure if they have that shit piped it ruins the experience, just the knowing part is enough to be a downer for me.
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I just keep hoping they won't develop a technology capable of overdubbing live crowd audiences.



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Re: Canned heat on Raw

Originally Posted by Perfect.Insanity View Post
It's so painfully obvious where they add their touch.

It's funny and pathetic in the same time.
It really is extremely obvious
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Re: Canned heat on Raw

What's really funny is how they edit in loud pops and then show the audience just sitting there half-dead. It's hilarious. Not to mention the fact they use the same pop everytime just shows that they're lazy.

Originally Posted by Daemon_Rising View Post
Yes I know you are right really and that they are adhering to kayfabe.. but at the same time kayfabe should be an open fourth wall and not a closed one.

I don't really have a problem with it, unless it were to become permanent. Because then the crowd reactions would have very little meaning, and I love hearing true crowds, and hearing developments in crowd dynamics.
I do too, but at least we don't have to worry about it on Raw and PPVs. They can't dub over live crowds whether they like it or not. Raw only gets taped when they're overseas or it's around the holidays when they give the wrestlers a small vacation. You'll be able to enjoy organic crowd reactions a large majority of the time.

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Re: Canned heat on Raw

I agree that sometimes is sounds/looks bad when they can the cheers in but when the camera cuts to the crowd, it's blatand that no one is cheering at all, etc. But I can understand why they do it too. It's about presentation. It looks pretty stupid if they bill someone up as a big star and they come out to zero reaction. I'm no sound engineer, but I do wonder if they could make it more subtle though. As that way you could find a happy medium between having obvious fake sound effects and leaving crappy fan reactions as they are which makes WWE look bad.

As for the whole Ziggler being cheered and you feeling lied to, well that's just silly. The whole cheering of heels and booing of faces in general annoys me (although I can understand why fans might boo a babyface that they take particular exception too, although that gets lost when crowds boo every face like some Smarky crowds have done before). It's the whole thing of the wrestling fans that don't get it and trying to play the heels themselves. If as a fan, you really like Ziggler and want him to become a star, then you should boo him out of the building. Heels are meant to get heat, not cheers. That's why CM Punk is a much better performer than Ziggler. He knows how to get heat, whereas Zigglers takes silly bumps and sells like a babyface.
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Re: Canned heat on Raw

I don't really even notice. I'm usually talking to someone or something when I'm watching so it's not really picking up. But it really doesn't bother me.

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Re: Canned heat on Raw

They've only done it for the taped episodes the past two weeks because of the shows & the sucky crowd. Doesn't bother me. *shrugs*

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Re: Canned heat on Raw

Originally Posted by LeaderOfM.D.R.S. View Post
They've only done it for the taped episodes the past two weeks because of the shows & the sucky crowd. Doesn't bother me. *shrugs*
cuz of the "sucky crowd"? maybe it's the show that's sucky and not the crowd. give them a reason to cheer and they will.
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