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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

If I wasn't aware of this site, wrestling terms, and Kermit confirming him as a face, I'd have no idea he was not a good guy. He still acts like a heel, talks exactly the same and sounds the same. It makes no sense.

He was obnoxious as a heel and it worked. If he wants to be face he can't keep being obnoxious and not expect me to want to boo him. Horrible face turn currently; somehow ADR's is so much better. It's a boring turn, but it's a legit turn.
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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

When John Cena is gone, The Miz will take over.


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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

Originally Posted by YoungGun_UK View Post
This man disagree's

He barely turned face, why are you judging and criticizing already?

Your tears of pain became tears of joy. Thank you for everything, Greatest Of All Time.

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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

Miz is flat out awful and he's been awful since day one.

Everytime the guy talks I could do nothing but cringe over how obnoxious the guy seems,He seems like one of those guys who thinks he's hot shit but in reality is nothing but a little jackass who loves hearing himself talk and whine.His mic work is overrated by many too not to mention most of his jokes are extremely cheesy everytime the guy would talk I'd wish for somebody to just shut the guy up.Though enough about his annoying mic work,Miz is flat out garbage in the ring too and is overrated in the ring too thats what I think atleast.

In all,I'm strictly against his face turn because you can't make a guy as annoying as the Miz a face,Expecting me to cheer this fish faced little fucktard is just insulting for my dignity.He seemed more realistic as a heel,I enjoyed booing him and watching him act like a chicken shit bitch who would get his ass handed to him.It is unfortunate he's face now,It just doesn't suit guys like Miz to be face.

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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

The best face in the company

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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

Hardly. His move to face was a good move. He actually comes off more as a tweener. However is face mic work reminds me of Edge.
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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

I disagree. Just because you are too old and mature to like a good guy doesn't mean he is bad. Actually Miz is one of the best faces in the company,just wait when he will actually be involved in a feud.

Fav 10: Cm Punk,Miz,Jeff Hardy,John Morrison,Zack Ryder,Cody Rhodes,A-Ry,Dolph Ziggler,Justin Gabriel,Seth Rollins.
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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

Miz is very over as a face...considering he didn't change his character at all, except he's being a jerk to heels and being cheered for it. That's the kind of turn you want honestly. He's going to do fine as a face, I lobbied for a Miz face turn because I know he can do it...he's proving me right so far.

Considering 90% of this forum hates ALL faces, most criticism of him is taken with a grain of salt.
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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

With the likes of Khali and Kofi on the roster? no way! Miz is great on his midcarder role.

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
Probably Bray would slap you for saying that, fans this days have no fucking respect for the Undertaker.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
As they shouldn't, he hasn't earned it. He took a dump on the face of the best talent on the roster and said "fuck you, I don't have to do SHIT but show up and pin you after you carry the entire program". Disrespect begets disrespect. Undertaker is a selfish, arrogant, broken down old has been who can't give it up, who doesn't give one shit about the next generation of stars and helping the company that made him thrive. It's always all about him.
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Re: Lets settle this. Is Miz the worst babyface ever?

Cant take him seriously at all his facial expressions are painful to watch most of the time,that horrible duck face he does is terrible but ill give him credit the guy can talk and can get a crowd involved when he tries as for the worst babyface? no not even close specially when you got idiots like Kofi and Ryder as part of your roster and Cena as the face of the company


Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post

No problem bro, just thought it can be used a lot, especially now when The GOAT is coming back to be the Shark of greatness in the middle of a sea of mediocrity :Rock
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