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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

These days I only really pay serious attention to what the WWE is doing during Mania season, which effectively is about now till about two weeks after Mania. I then start paying attention again seriously for Money in the Bank (one of my favorite matches) through Summerslam. Then Football starts and I honestly couldn't tell you what was going on. I was seeing someone talk about Big Show as the World Heavyweight Champion. Before reading that if you would have asked I would've told you Sheamus was the champ.

With Mania 29 on the horizon and MNF over I'll be watching RAW, however, not going to lie I won't be able to tell you every detail of those three hour shows. Those of you who have been sitting through those? I can't even imagine the pain! haha.

Here's to a great build to Mania 29!

You know how pissed I am I finally had to remove my "Think WWE sucks, Where were you in 1995?" sig picture. God damn ratings decline.
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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

I think most of us watch out of hope. pretty simple but that's it even when according to our own individual standards it's "bad" we continue out of loyalty and hope. I don't know of any other audience that will continue and be so loyal to a program/product than professional wrestling fans.

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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

It's addicting and hard to let go. Like crack.

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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

i havent watched in 2 months bro.

why am i gonna start watching it again now? the rock.

if anyone has any links to any boris alexiev (santino marrella in OVW) matches send me a pm!
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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

Same complaints appear here week in week out, yet the same people who complain are the same who watch every week. I take everything said on here with a pinch of salt because of that. Obviously the product isn't doing THAT bad if it's biggest critics (IWC) are still tuning in.

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
you guys are losers, i cant believe you actually watch wrestling

i just sit at home and watch the tickets being sold off the ticketmaster website to see whos drawing

sometimes if the show is in town, i feel extra daring and go to the arena and watch them sell tickets IN PERSON

other day i started jerking off in the ticket both at all that DRAWING and had to be escorted out of the arena
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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

I watch in hopes of TNA getting a major investor and going to the next level and to see The Rock come back once a year.
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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

Force of habit
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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

Well iv not watched in a few weeks and it's sounded shit, and I am a diehard wrestling fan I just can't handle the 3 hours off utter garbage we have been giving. ill be watching this Monday as The great one is returning however.
Fact is we all watch the show, and then complain on this forum, if it's that boring and lacks the creativity you don't want simply don't watch it's not hard.

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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

Who knows why we stil watch we should all boycott WWE and send a message to Vince saying we are not watching til something is done about the shitty product
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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

I personally watch because it entertains me and I enjoy a lot of the promos they do, yes AJ storyline included lol.

I do wish the booking would be a bit better and make more sense which is also a reason I watch because I'm waiting for it to be consistently good-great every week, but all in all it's been good to me, no complaints. And a reason they don't listen to us is because we sound like annoying, whining dweebs who think we know more then them & hate almost 80% of their roster.


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